Status Update

Hello guys, next post tally is officially up, although this is more of a status update. Find out more about your awaited translation projects and the translation spree! Although for those awaiting chapters these next few days, the news isn’t too good.


I am currently sick so there will probably be no translations coming out besides the teasers 😦 and some features. I will try to get a bit of To Our Youth That is Fading Away out, and maybe some of Les Interpretes.


Going on hiatus~

Les Interpretes Translation Spree!

Ongoing preparation is going on from me, Queen, and Jeslyn. We are still unsure of when it will take place, especially since I would think schoolwork is keeping us all busy 😦 A tentative date is August 28, but if it has to pushed back later, I think September 5 would work…I’ll still be updating you guys.


11 thoughts on “Status Update”

    1. Thank you mhryu! I feel like recovery is going well!
      I would like to ask you a random question about Just One Alluring Smile (heehee). Who is KO? Because I found out that the actor playing KO is one of my faves, Zhang Bin Bin 😛

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        1. In the novel he ended up with Mo Zha Ta 😉 but I don’t think it will be the same in the drama 😉 I find Yang Yang very good looking 😍😍😍😍


        2. Same!! I’ve been fangirling all over Yang Yang ever since the news for this new drama came out!! Never realized he was so cool before this since I never watched him before in a drama 😉 😍😍

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