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Song of Phoenix: Trailer and Characters

Wow that was fast before my next feature (heehee) I did find a subbed trailer by the way- Song of Phoenix is a historical drama starring a lot of great actors that draw me in 😀 I mean who can miss Jackson Yi (TF Boys), Ma Ke (Journey of Flower), or Viann Zhang, probably the best female wuxia actor of all time??

The synopsis is so touching with so much angst and yet such a powerful love story that is so resolute~

Drama Synopsis: Warring states period, warlords contend against each other. The famous genius, and taleng Qu Yuan (Ma Ke/Jackson Yi), falls in love with a slave girl, Mo Chou Nu (Viann Zhang). Thus, in the Chu country that has been torn apart by conflict internally and externally, the two begin to fall in love, but cannot stay together forever. In order to break the shackles of fate, the two defy the family status that binds them, and cherish the love between them. In the struggle against enemies and elites for the palace, the country goes into chaos. At this point, Qu Yuan is burdened with a new mission, as he goes step by step to save his country, with a resolute spirit. He is determined to save his country, but returns, powerless. Qu Yuan finally despairs and submerges himself deeply in the Miluo River; Mo Chou Nu then takes a boat to go faraway, where she never again steps into the pugilistic world.

Ma Ke as Qu Yuan

About Qu Yuan: Qu Yuan was born a genius in the aristocracy, with a persistent personality and noble sentiments. In the late Warring period, many conflicts ensue in this historical background. He strives to turn the tide to achieve his ambitions and refuses to regret his fighting fate. Qu Yuan has many unique qualities of strength and character. One can sense fullness from his life until the legendary “jump remembered through all the ages” (that references his submerging into the Miluo River)

Qiao Zheng Yu as the King of Chu

About the Chu King: A great power, and a brave romantic, and yet his indecisive decision creates a huge defeat; love and hate mix to create a legendary sad color and appearance.The righteous monarch, his companion and his goals, disintegrate . After he surrenders his country, the country faces unyielding pain; in his later years, he dies in a Qin prison.

Viann Zhang as Mo Chou Nu

About Mo Chou Nu: A woman of Chu country, there is no doubt of her beauty or her talent; she is shy, lovely and determined. Her temperament is stubborn, unruly, and unwilling to admit defeat. She has a stubborn personality in her own way-she dares to love and she dares to hate. She is descended from a line of witches, and changes from a slave girl to a witch, but her love tragedy is widespread. Mo Chou Nu and the “Mountain Ghost” from the “Nine Songs of Chu” have strange origins.

Jackson Yi as the young Qu Yuan…boy is he looking good! He looks uber mature and looks great as Qu Yuan!

And the trailer:

All info was found here


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