So Young | 致我们终将逝去的青春

To Our Youth That is Fading Away Chapter 25 Summary

Ok guys…this chapter is 9 pages. A whole 9 pages…thus I will try to just give you guys the gist of what happens. A lot of things do happen, from a job fair to ZW finally meeting CXZ’s mom–guess how that goes?

It’s senior year already! Unfortunately, the two didn’t make it into the same university. CXZ tries to comfort her by saying that as long as they make it into the same company, it’ll be okay. They’re at the job fair ZW just decides to go take a look with CXZ and CXZ and ZW stand together. They tell CXZ that they can wait for their official announcement on who’s got the job. ZW tells them that they’ve got good taste. The company agrees, while CXZ coughs softly 😛

ZW tries to convince them to accept both of them, since it will really motivate them both to work harder. Well she persuades them some more, and the company representative says that he will keep both of their resumes. ZW is happy and victorious.

Later, comes the two week break (I think this includes the May 1st outing that Zheng Wei asked for) but ZW asks if she can go with CXZ to his house to visit his parents. Since she’s reckless, she just follows him into his train immediately o-o

Anyways…they’re at his house and she’s so surprised when CXZ whispers, “That’s my dad’s plate setting.” She’s like…ummm didn’t your dad die? But she keeps her cool lol

The important part though, is that she keeps trying to help CXZ’s mom, but she keeps making Zheng Wei go back to being a guest. It’s dinner time and there’s a “chopstick scene” where Zheng Wei just “forgets” how to use chopsticks for some reason (I think it’s because she’s not used to the simple food)

Then, after dinner she goes to wash the dishes, but is shooed out by CXZ’s mom. (Ok I just cannot believe it! Hmph. She’s really trying to help out but CXZ’s mom keeps being so pushy ugh)

They even get Zheng Wei a new bed and blanket. OMG (O-O)

Anyways, CXZ visits Zheng Wei in the middle of the night and she’s so happy. He tries to tell her that his mom doesn’t mean anything bad by what she does, and she’s like ok. Before morning comes, he goes back to the sofa since he tells ZW that if his mom saw him here it wouldn’t be too good.

The next day, CXZ’s mom says that she took off work for two days so that she could take care of the guest and her son. When ZW tries to help her again today, she keeps trying to get ZW away from the “danger” and just can’t stop worrying -_-.

ZW finally gets a chance to help out, but she cuts herself >_<. She cries after CXZ’s mom leaves and apologizes to CXZ and says, “I’m sorry that I can’t do anything right.” 😦

CXZ feels like the knife that she cut herself with is stabbing him in the heart. #emotional_pain


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