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Just One Smile is Very Alluring Feature: The Movie

Which pair of leads do you like better? Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang or Angelababy and Boran Jing?

Just One Smile is Very Alluring (微微一笑很倾城) by Gu Man is also being turned into a movie which will be coming out ! While I don’t usually like the way movies seem to shrink all the content and totally twist the plot line I do watch them, especially if I don’t have time to watch the complete drama~~

Movie Synopsis (Baidu):

What makes a guy fall in love with a girl at first glance: appearance, temperament, net worth, NO, it’s the flying nimble fingertips. When the school king and top player Xiao Nai classmate (Boran Jing) first sees the beautiful maiden Bei Wei Wei (Angelababy), he doesn’t love her for her stunning colors but for her flying fingertips on the keyboard of her delicate hands and calm momentum. And it is also the top player Bei Wei Wei who fights a perfect battle on the Internet, not knowing that Cupid is nearby. Afterwards, the basketball, swimming, skilled in all aspects and boss of a gaming development company, Xiao Nai, begins to pursue this beauty’s heart whether on the Internet or off of it. Thus, a scene of love, quietly sprouts in the time that it takes a flower to bloom.

Angelababy as Bei Wei Wei

Boran Jing as Xiao Nai

All of Angelababy’s dormmates–

 photo Just 49.jpg

Here’s everyone!!

Boran is looking good…

The trailer…


6 thoughts on “Just One Smile is Very Alluring Feature: The Movie”

  1. I recently finished the drama and I read the book some months ago. I really enjoyed the drama. I’m yet to see the movie, but from the trailer I really can’t say compare both of them.


    1. Ah I was totally opposite, watching the movie first. I have yet to find time for the drama😕 oh how I wish I could find time! The movie was short and sweet, with Boran and Angelababy who both did a great job with their roles. I really liked the movie (even if it did change minor things of storyline) xiao nai and Wei wei were going strong all the way! Some of the characters were either changed or taken out to allow Wei wei and xiao nai to shine which was especially nice 😘😘


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