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Just One Smile is Very Alluring Feature: The Drama

Just One Smile is Very Alluring- the drama (微微一笑很倾城) by Gu Man will be out on August 22!!! There will be a movie and a drama version coming out! Really looking forward to this, especially with Yang Yang. And Gu Man always delivers whether it be her books or the adaptations~~

Look out for my next feature which will be on the movie version of A Smile is Beautiful which stars Angelababy and Boran Jing!! Raws and english translations will be available on the Features page under: Just One Smile is Very Alluring (drama).

Drama Synopsis (Baike): 

The beautiful maiden, student Bei Wei Wei (Zheng Shuang), becomes the game engineer, with online name “Lu Wei Wei Wei”, and a top player on the internet. To win a particular challenge, Wei Wei agreed to ally with the “Xiao Nai” alliance for the competition.

The two people have empathy all along the way, but Wei Wei could have never thought that she was actually partnered with the hottest, most popular guy in school, classmate Xiao Nai (Yang Yang). But no matter if it’s on the internet or not, Xiao Nai is always has an outstanding ability everywhere, dubbed “Great God”. The more coincidental thing is that he is actually in charge of game development and testing. On the internet they are team members, and off the internet they are coworkers, their destiny is so unbelievable. When Wei Wei figures out this truth, the two people naturally get together.

Zheng Shuang as Bei Wei Wei (A sophomore in the computing department at A University, her online name is “Lu Wei Wei Wei”)

Yang Yang as Xiao Nai (In the computing department at A University, most handsome guy at the school, his online name is “Yi Xiao Nai He” or “Smile nonetheless”)

I think we can all agree that he’s looking pretty good!!!!

In the picture above (from left to right, excluding Yang Yang):
Zheng Ye Chen as Hao Mei
Niu Jun Feng as Yu Ban Shan
Ciu Hang as Qiu Yong Hou
Bai Yu as Cao Guang

And the rest of Bei Wei Wei’s dormmates…

 photo Smile 62.jpg

From left to right:
Mao Xiao Tong as Er Xi
Song Xin Jia Yi as Si Si
Zheng Shuang
Qin Yu as Xiao Ling- female

Since I’m totally loving Mao Xiao Tong’s cuteness, etc. bonus picture…

Since there is no trailer currently out (to my knowledge) we’ll just have to settle for a few clips. Also I know that “Da Shen” or 大神 has been translated differently in many different books and clips. Above, I referred to this as Great God, but in the below clip they refer to it as “Superhero”


3 thoughts on “Just One Smile is Very Alluring Feature: The Drama”

  1. Good morning (it is morning where I am). I screamed at the sight of this post this morning, giving my lovely colleague who was kind heart, to give me a lift to work this morning. So excited for both the drama and movie (although I would be more excited about the drama only because I think that movie would be too short). Any idea when and which TV station would be releasing these?


    1. Jiangsu Television Network (JSTV)
      2016-08-22 to 2016-11-24
      I am sooo excited for the drama too!! And I do agree that the movie would be too short esp. for Gu Man type adaptations.


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