So Young | 致我们终将逝去的青春

To Our Youth That Is Fading Away Chapter 9 Part 1

The one on the right is Chen Xiao Zheng and the one on the left is Zheng Wei. They don’t exactly butt heads in this scene but this really makes the anger so much more real lol

Also, I have officially decided to change Leader Zhang’s name translation to Lao Zhang because that’s what he’s called throughout the book and it’s kinda a nickname. “Lao” can be translated into many things from “old” to “Boss” to “Leader” but Chinese people do often call people “Lao” (old) or “Xiao” (small) followed by their last name. For example, Lao Zhang, or Xiao Hong; Zhang and Hong being two different last names. I also feel it fits the translation better since Zhang is called Lao Zhang throughout the whole book it acts like an actual name. I won’t change it in previous translations but just so you guys know Leader Zhang = Lao Zhang.

“Why do I care if you’re positive or crooked, you, apologize immediately!” After Zheng Wei yelled this sentence, she seemed to hear a loud laugh, but she wasn’t sure if this came from this extremely evil man’s mouth, because after he gave his big name, he kept his back to her, concentrating on adjusting the model on the table.

Ignoring her. This was an even bigger insult than cursing or shoving, it was like a challenge to Zheng Wei’s anger. She went to that person’s side: “Say it, why did you push me like that, you are a waste of a boy, you actually pushed a strengthless, weak woman, outrageous, if this isn’t attitude then what is, you’re mute, don’t think that if you pretend to be stupid it’ll be okay!” Zheng Wei saw that her spittle almost splashed onto his face, but he still acted as if she didn’t exist, so she couldn’t help but shove him.

He finally looked at her, word by word he said: “I pushed you because you didn’t only break my stuff, but you even blocked my path to save it. Let me tell you, I don’t care who in this dormitory brought you over, but be a little more careful, I don’t like it when people touch my stuff, and I hate it even more when people point at my nose.”

“You……” Zheng Wei was just about to give another outburst when Lao Zhang who had hurried back over dragged her to one side, “What are you doing, I didn’t leave for long, but how did it become this chaotic, Wei Wei, if you have things to say, say them well, don’t be mad, don’t be mad.”

“If I’m not mad I’m not a person! Lao Zhang, what kind of a monster do you have living in your dormitory, that specializes in bullying girls.” Zheng Wei watched Lao Zhang, and her anger wouldn’t come out properly.

Lao Zhang had a face of confusion, he looked at the guy opposite Zheng Wei, “A Zheng (A Zheng is a nickname) what happened?”

That guy glanced at Zheng Wei, “Whatever, I don’t want to talk about it, Lao Zhang, since you brought her over, I will consider this in the past, but there better not be a second time, and you have to tell her, she can’t touch anything she wants to.”

He obviously looked at her, but asked Lao Zhang to relay his words, he obviously couldn’t be bothered to talk to her, “What are you talking about, even if I made a move first, you were also wrong, but for that rubbish plaything you could actually push me onto the ground, what great thing is that? And you even don’t even feel the least bit impolite?”

Lao Zhang got a little clued in on what they were talking about, busily he said, “It was a misunderstanding, pure misunderstanding, everyone let’s calm down. Wei Wei, I’ll send you back to your dormitory first.

“No, I must get an apology first.” Zheng Wei glared at that guy with a tough manner.

Lao Zhang looked at that guy with a conflicted glance, that guy coldly laughed, mocking Zheng Wei, “Why should I apologize? Even though this thing may be worthless, it has a lot more worth than you.”

The moment she finished speaking, Lao Zhang used the strength of nine cows and two tigers, and pulled Zheng Wei away, risking his life, “Are you saying human words? Lao Zhang let me go, I am going to kill him!” Zheng Wei had already been angered to the point that she had no time to care about her feminine image, but only wanted to rip up the person in front of her into small pieces

“Two forefathers, please say a sentence less……Wei Wei, let’s go, I’ll apologize on his behalf, okay? Don’t bother about him, listen to me, I’ll send you home……A Zheng, shut up!” Lao Zhang pulled Zheng Wei away from that dangerous place.

Only after they went downstairs was Zheng Wei able to fling Lao Zhang up, “Usually I do say things nicely, but at the crucial point, you not only not help me, but you even help that evil person bully me.”

Lao Zhang saw that she was angry but had no intent of rushing back. He was relieved, and could not help but feel wronged, “How could I have helped you, but his temper is always so stinky. That model is also what he made for his real estate company, so of course he’ll be so panicked. Two obstinacies just had to get opposite each other, it’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have left you alone there, calm down. Just take it that you’ve been bitten once by the dog, do you still want to bite back at him? Big brother will treat you to ice cream.”

“I won’t eat.” Zheng Wei was already at the front, “Of course I won’t bite a dog after he bites me, I am going to eat his dog meat! Chen Xiao Zheng, he’s called Chen Xiao Zheng, right? I’ll remember this, we’ll see what happens later.”

The nighttime wind blew on her body, her mind was more than awake now, now she rejoiced when remembering that Lao Zhang had pulled her away when her anger had peaked, if it hadn’t been like this she didn’t know how carried away she would have been by her anger? Rush up and hit his head? From his evil appearance, someone who could push girls, she estimated that he wouldn’t allow her to win in a fight, if she couldn’t win what would she do? Or if she somehow succeeded in hitting him on the head, would she be sent to prison? No, no, she couldn’t seek temporary calming (Temporary calming from her anger by hitting his head) and ruin her perfectly bright future (since she would probably be put in jail). Valiant heroes didn’t eat the mistakes in front of their eyes, but had a long-term perspective. Even though she hadn’t thought of her next steps yet, her name and her appearance would be seared in her heart, and she would definitely not let him off like this.

When they got to her own dormitory, Lao Zhang was still trying to persuade her, at this moment, she patted Lao Zhang’s shoulders instead and said, “Sorry, Lao Zhang, you were right about this issue, just now, the anger got into my head, I blamed you wrongly, I’ll say sorry, you can return now, I’m fine.” Zheng Wei had always been proud of the way she could accept her wrongs and change.

“Are you really okay?” Lao Zhang had a bit of a late reaction, it had always been said that a needle hid in girls’ hearts, but as for this girl, it was more like her needle was hid in a deep sea tunnel, making people feel like she was very elusive, she could change her face with the circumstnaces. But, he understood Zheng Wei’s temper, even though this child had been a little more rushed, she wasn’t someone who didn’t understand practicalities, so since she said this, he estimated that the problem was not big anymore.

“I’m really fine, you return to your things and he returns to his things, I’m going up now, bye bye.” Zheng Wei waved her hand at him, and ran up the stairs. Lao Zhang had only walked a few steps and when he heard her on the second floor yelling, “Lao Zhang, tomorrow, don’t forget to give me those discs.”

That night Ruan Ruan had just finished a sweet conversation QQ with her boyfriend, when she saw Zheng Wei walking back from Lao Zhang’s place, her two eyes full of flames, her two hands fisted tightly, that demeanor was just like she had just finished fighting with a cock (rooster, I felt cock was more fitting because I haven’t heard of rooster fights, but they’ve heard of cock-fights)

In the middle of the night, Zheng Wei rolled around on her bed, her whole mind thinking about how to take revenge, she thought about that look of disdain he gave her before she left, and hatefully banged a few pillows around, if she didn’t take revenge she wasn’t a man, not to mention the vindicative Jade Small Flying Dragon. All the romance on that Valentine’s day had been wiped clean, and there was only a strong smoky taste in Zheng Wei’s heart (The contrast from Valentines day to smoke indicates the transformation that she is going through) 

On the morning of the next day, Zhu Xiao Bei who had dark circles under her eyes said: “What did you dream of yesterday, you said a lot of things.”

“What did I say?” Zheng Wei was at a loss

“I also heard it.” Li Wei Juan said, “It seems that you talked about a Zheng, and you even hit and killed……”

Zheng Wei tousled her hair around…… “I think I had a nightmare.”

Note: Whenever I talk like (this) those are my own personal comments to increase the quality of translation. Thanks!


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