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Princess Weiyoung Coming Out Soon! (With New Eng Subbed Trailer! :))

Princess Weiyoung is coming out soon and will feature leads Tiffany Tang Yan and Luo Jing. I’ll be looking out for Mao Xiao Tong as well since she’s so great!

If you’re interested, the English Translation can be found here. The raw book can be found here.

Book Summary:

Daughter to one of numerous concubines from the mansion. Working hard  for eight years, to finally become the empress, a phoenix descending over the world.

You never know, her husband actually loved her sister at first sight, and forced her son to death!

In the cold palace [1], she gritted her teeth, and drank the poisoned wine!

She swore to God that if there was an afterlife, she would never be good to people, she would absolutely not enter the palace, and she would refuse to become the empress!

The prime minister’s mansion, a Shu female reborn, the evil lady returns:

A vicious stepmother? She’ll send you to hell!

An elder sister born from the first wife’s hypocrisy? She’ll mercilessly peel your beautiful skin apart!

Younger Shu sister framed? Directly throw her out to the mass graves!

Because you did not let me live my life happily, no one can talk!

I plan to stay as far away from the scourge of those luminous bodies. The father away the better.

Who knows a man’s heart, unexplainable, unable to gain everything, unable to guess thoroughly.

The man that she vowed to stay away from actually helped her for her death and life

Her death in her last lifetime represents the crush her sworn enemy had for her for many years.

It was also unfortunate that she could be entangled with the world’s most handsomest and most unreliable guy.

In her next life she only wanted a low-key life, but these people can not wait to pull her to accept the thousands of citizens/people of worship.

It looks like, this lifetime’s peaceful life– is still far away……

[1] Cold Palace: A place where concubines/women that belonged to the emperor were sent if they did a great wrong.

This female lead is soooo badass. Transformed almost seamlessly from a caring girl to a woman that is full of hate. There are soo many twists too.




1 thought on “Princess Weiyoung Coming Out Soon! (With New Eng Subbed Trailer! :))”

  1. Princess Weiyoung is better that what I expected. I’m watched this drama. It’s a mixture of romance, action, and humor. If you watch this, you will be hooked up since you laugh at the same time will be fascinated with the action scenes. There’s a bit of political struggle too but all in all you will really enjoy this series.

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