Help Wanted for Les Interpretes!

Hey guys,

As you can see, I do need a bit of help with Les Interpretes. Because school will be starting again on August 15, I would really like to finish this project by then.

Even if you cannot read Chinese, that is totally fine! I offer several positions as shown below:

Translator- (MUST BE ABLE TO READ CHINESE)Preferably this person would translate at least once a week. However if you can translate more than once a week I would be so grateful! As you can see, I am currently posting once per day to satisfy all of these obsessions ^_^ Please send a sample of your translations when you email me. If no editors are available to edit your posts, I will step up.

Editor- (MUST BE FLUENT IN ENGLISH). However, your help will only be upon request. Thus, this job may be considered one of the jobs that require the least dedication. Please provide proof that your English is good enough for editing when you email me. (I do not want people who are currently learning English, etc. editing the Les Interpretes chapters)

Picture Collector- (NO SKILLS REQUIRED) As long as you read the chapter that is translated and choose an appropriate featured picture, as well as (maybe) some little pictures throughout, I would be eternally grateful! I hope to have a few drama scenes scattered throughout so please do help! This is the easiest job, so there is something for everyone.

If you are interested, please let me know at (there is an extra ‘z’ at the end of tranzgeek) and I will send you a list of the terms and guidelines.

Thank you for reading all of my Les Interpretes updates and also thanks for the support. However, if no one applies, I will drop the project by the time school rolls around (August 15). Meanwhile, I will continue translating so please do not be alarmed.


4 thoughts on “Help Wanted for Les Interpretes!”

  1. I cant read chinese so im happy to help you with collecting the pictures =). I will send you an email , when i get home from work .


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