Les Interpretes | 亲爱的翻译官

Les Interprètes Chapter 16

Cheng Jia Yang

Speaking of rain, it rained harder, we couldn’t run back, and next to us was a small pavilion for pedestrians to rest and we could only stay there to hide from the rain.

Fei said: “How long will we have to wait for?” Her hand leaned on the railing and her body leaned out, “I’m sleepy.”

Her little cotton skirt was wet with rain, and stuck to her body, her shoulder strap slid down. I walked over and reached out my hand to help her readjust it, my hand staying on top.

My mind heated up.

I hugged her from behind.

“I want you.” I said, her skin was very good, it was thin and slippery. I kissed her shoulder, “Fei, give it to me, all right?”

“Right now? You’re not afraid that people who come over and sea?” She turned to speak, and we hugged very tightly, she grazed my body.

She looked at me, our foreheads stuck together. I loved her eyes the best. As of now, it became rather foggy, and I stuck out my tongue to lick her lips: “Now.”

She didn’t resist. Slowly, her bracelet came up my neck in response to my kiss. I took the zipper behind her skirt and opened it, stroking her, cold and wet.

“Are you cold?” I asked.

She shook her head, with unsure eyes.

My hand slid down her waist and took off her panties. I wanted to touch her, and let her prepare herself. Her arm on my shoulder stiffened.

“Are you scared?”


My finger entered her body, touching, kneading her body’s secret center. That place heated, moistened, and she gasped, then her whole body leaned on me, I probed in with my index finger, and exited, then I used my entire palm to care for her center and save that place’s warmth.

She lay on me, her hand grasping my arms tightly, her legs spreading gradually. Sometimes she was kiss my mouth, and sometimes I would look at her on my hand.

“Jia Yang.”

“What?” I licked her ear.”

“Jia Yang.”

I already couldn’t talk, and I had made Fei muddled, I took out my ***.

Her hand covered me and touched me.

I grabbed her hand back and put it on my shoulder.

“Listen to me,” I straightened her face and faced her eyes, “I want us to both be happy.”

Then I slowly entered.

She was very tight, I almost couldn’t enter.

I knew her pain, she wanted to stand up, I supported her hip and kissed her sweat, in her ear I said: “It’s okay, Fei, we will go slowly.”

I sat on the floor and she sat on my body. I slowly entered until I couldn’t enter anymore and even though I could not continue in, her warm creamy parcel already gave me a  lot of pleasure. This was young, full of elasticity like the tropical plants in the dark, stubborn and exotic.

Her unit suddenly convulsed and I let out a sound.

My god. I hugged her tightly in one instant and attached my head to her chest.

Under her care, my body was already no longer controlled by my own consciousness. I pressed her and and thrust into her one by one. I felt her body’s cascading folds, and her slippery corrider. Our legs intertwined and I heard the sound of her bodily fluids.

Fei suddenly lifted her head and stuck to my chest, she wanted to yell something but she only opened her mouth and continued to look at me creased with two pairs of eyebrows.

“Who am I?” I asked her, gasping.

“Jia Yang.”

“Say it, call me, call my name, Fei.”

“Jia Yang.”

High tide xdx made her body tremble, I was suddenly twisted by her, and this was also the moment I burst. We held each other, *** horizontal stream.

Wild and diplomatic pressure to make the sex more like an adventure, we tie the two adventurers, panting rest, salute each other.

“Did it hurt?” I continued to caress her center.

“At first it hurt a lot. Later,”

“How did you feel later?” I was still a little curious.

“I can’t describe it well. You went in, and I hurt, when you exited I was cold. The hot blood seemed to flow in only one place and then everything went blank. Fiery radiance.”

“I don’t want to let you hurt. But pain will rewarded.”

She laughed and kissed my mouth, forehead, and flattered my face: “You said that well. You only live happily, and you won’t hurt.”

“I will also hurt.” I said, “Sometimes I hurt very much.”

“Oh?” She looked at me.

I put my hand on my little brother (his part): “Sometimes when I think of you, this place will hurt.”

“Rogue.” When she touched it, it hardened again.

“Big sister, call me little dog all right?”

I forgot how we got back to the hotel, the rain never stopped.

The second day we brought the group to the polar region zoo and then to the forest region zoo. The foreigners suddenly found that my mysterious companion was the next shift’s guide, Fei could thus rest, when she gave me water she said: “Not bad, you aren’t tired.”

“Don’t underestimate an interpreter’s strength.” I said.

When we passed by the Cross Harbour Tunnel, divers were feeding the sharks, everyone watched happily, but who knew this person was also a lecher, according to the sea, he shook off sunflower seeds on Fei, and with both hands gesturing a heart shape. Fei was very happy, and gestured “thank you.” I was calm and collected. After they exited this section of the tunnel, I went back, waving to the divers. When he swam over, I rose my middle finger, with a gesture to say “You bastard.”

“How are you so lenient everywhere?” I asked her on the return flight.

“Who are you talking about?” She looked at me.

“You spoke with the lobby manager for so long today.”

“Wasn’t I waiting for the luggage cart?”

“The moment you came in, he kept watching you. And there were also divers on that day, how come he didn’t tease others and only teased you? Plus, he made some fingers, I’ll beat up that bastard.”

“Ai ya, Cheng Jia Yang, you’re still saying dirty things.” Fei closed her magazine, “I don’t mention it but you always say something about me. You know your two flowery eyes, wherever you go you entice people right? Some French ladies have been lured by you to the point of no return.”

“When did I say something?”

“Look. You don’t even know, you’re already accustomed to it. You’re so accustomed to it that it’s become natural.”

I bit her index finger that was pointed at me.

Fei felt pain: “Ai ya, let go, prosperous wealthy man.” She laughed and rolled into my arms.

I hugged her, and lightly said, “When we go back, live with me.”

Her hand pressed my elbow, in pain, I let go of her.

Fei gritted her teeth and said, “You smug person.”

At the end of this trip to Dalian, Qiao Fei and I also had seven days of break. We lived at my house near the big mansion near Dalian and Lushun port.

This was sold to me by a friend who anxiously wanted to use money, and I had never lived in it before.

It was a simple house of two bedrooms, and one kitchen, with very comfortable decorations.

The days were endless.

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4 thoughts on “Les Interprètes Chapter 16”

  1. they just get together like natural, just like “i like you you like me”, “i can’t without you so do i”. this is how the mature and adult world work i suppose. not like some teenage world ” il ke you, will you be my girl/boyfriend?”


  2. Sometimes when I read this book I am lost I don’t know if it’s because I watched the TV show 1st but out, it so different, I mean CJY is so prim in the series but here he like horny teenager. On the other hand thanks so much for the effort you put in. God bless


    1. Yeah CJY just wants to “do it” like literally all the time but the drama has shaped most of my perceptions of him. 😉 If there is anything I can do to make my translations better please let me know!


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