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So Young 2: Never Gone Eng Subbed Trailer~


The so called sequel to So Young is coming out on July 8, and they released their trailer just recently. The movie will feature leads Liu Yi Fei and Wu Yi Fan. I have been waiting for this movie for a long time now, especially because the book was so good. The book is called So You are Still Here (原来你还在这里)and can be found here. The English Translation can be found here. I believe this may be one of Xin Yi Wu’s only happy ending book….but the main characters do go through a lot of struggle to overcome their immaturity and find true love.

Here is the summary of the book as seen on the ebook:

Su Yun Jin: Over the past few years, I didn’t really think of him much, this city is not that big, but I have never happened upon him. If there is a day we meet again, my only wish is–I hope he will not be happy.

Cheng Zheng: I have never thought of regret after breaking up with you. However, no matter how far I walk I believe that one day I will find you and bring you back.

Su Yun Jin fell in love with high school classmate Cheng Zheng. Cheng Zheng also deeply loved her in return. But coming from different households, the differences in life will tear them apart. After their separation, Su Yun Jin found out she was pregnant with Cheng Zheng’s child. But being strong, she didn’t tell anyone. Years later, when Yun Jin has created a successful career for herself Cheng Zheng reappears in her life. Will their love blossom and find an end result?

And the newly (subbed) released trailer:

Along with a special clip…



8 thoughts on “So Young 2: Never Gone Eng Subbed Trailer~”

  1. the trailer really playful i got the feeling this like romantic comedy movie. compared to the book, the book give us this frustrated feeling. i don’t know how to describe properly. but i like the book, it’s just both of the the main characters in the novel really made me frustrated


    1. Ikr, the main characters in the book were a little disagreeable because their personalities were so different but personally I think that Su Yun Jin is relatable.


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