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Les Interprètes Chapter 14

Cheng Jia Yang

I saw Fei leave and my heart fell.

PG 13 [I also didn’t know why it would be like this. I didn’t want her to hurt so I could not continue to enter. Even though, in the end, I vividly xdx high tide, but I also didn’t really like her to xx for me as if she were paying something back to me. This was essentially a pure sensual experience that still made me feel alone.

I am most afraid of being alone.

I didn’t even let her xdx high tide, but she left herself by way of a taxi without my escorting, the reason being that she was not willing to have anyone see.]

Afterwards, I didn’t call her for a good few days. On one hand, I had too much work and too much translation work as there was a government in Africa who had to reconstruct the airport, so there were a lot of files that needed to be prepared. On the other hand, I had to admit that her words, when she said that she didn’t want anyone else to see us, had slightly injured my self esteem. This attitude showed that she was unwilling to acknowledge the intimacy between us.

Of course she didn’t call me.

On the weekend I got off work and made an appointment with Xu Dong to drink. He brought Wu Jia Yi, who wore a rosy small veiled dress, exposing her snow white neck and arm, with less strong makeup. Looking at her like this,  she was prettier than last time.

Wu wore a large diamond ring on her finger, that glittered, she gave me some polite greetings and chatted with me. Sometimes I would see that golden ring then kiss Xu Dong. We sat by the bar table and chatted, she constantly adjusted her posture, this habit of the female occupation, would always set her perfect face in the public.

Xu Dong enjoyed it a lot and his expression clearly expressed this.

I felt that I would be a little bored today, since he was being like this, he shouldn’t have come to see me.

When Wu Jia Yi went to wash her hands, I said to Xu Dong, “You are too typical, why would you bring your girlfriend when we’ve already made an appointment to drink? Is this not awkward?”

He laughed, “Are you jealous?”

I wanted to give him a flying kick.

“Don’t be mad, don’t be mad.” Xu Dong said, watching me, “Do you need anything?”


“But you have recently been most unusual.” Xu Dong said, “Mr.Liu told me that he watched you at at the disco, and you were very intoxicated, not even willing to talk much. He said that he saw a woman by your side who later disappeared.”

Within this community there were no secrets.

I drank a mouthful of whiskey.

“Have you fell in love?” Xu Dong asked.

“Ho,” I said at last, “This is not the problem.”

“Yo,” Xu Dong looked at me, interested, “So it was real?” He was very happy, “When you bring her over, let your big brother look her over.”

What should I say?

Should I say, actually you also know her, she was the girl at the college entrance who gave you the middle finger? I said, isn’t this so coincidental? She was the one who you found to spend time with me and have sex?

So here I ran into some problems and there I had a great desire to talk. But I wasn’t willing to say these things, and had no way to tell Xu Dong any of the specifics clearly. Just beating around the bush was not very harmonious either.

“Were you unable to enter?” Xu Dong said to me, bluntly.


“It wasn’t the first time right?”

“No. The first time was pretty good. But later, it was not okay. She was extremely hurt and started sweating, and couldnt’ stand it. Plus,” I said.


A small commotion began by the bar. It just just so happened that Wu Jia Yi had been found out by the reporters and had accepted a short interview. This was all a few small entertainment gossips.

“Jia Yi,  did you come out by yourself?”

“Yep,” Wu said, “I just finished filming my new movie, and was just chilling so I came out to relax a bit.”

“Jia Yi I heard that you and the big company’s young master fell in love, is it like this?”

“No,” when a woman lied, her eyes never wavered, “I am still young, so I just want to focus on my work.”

I looked at Xu dong, and he looked at me. As people who were usually snobby and rich, we were currently facing a woman denying the existence of the respective male.

“Jia Yi, the ring on your finger is very pretty.”

“Thanks, a very good friend sent me this.” her voice was very soft and angry.

I said: “A good friend?”

Xu Dong drank some wine. With a very casual face he said, “This is a sense of security, when a woman does not see a rabbit, they will not spread around like an eagle. Haha. You don’t need to laugh at me, your problem is probably the same.”

Xu Dong and Wu Jia Yi followed each other out of the bar. I drove my car and cruised around for a long time.

Monday, French Chancellor of the University came to represent French Education  and he met with the Chinese State Councilor, I acted as the translator. After the French side and the Ministry of Education met, there were some talks and, they agreed to expand bilateral cooperation in education and scientific research fields.

The conference ended. On the second day I accompanied the French representatives to Peking University and to the outer courts to meet with college and academic students.

Before they went to the outer court, the representatives rested in the slanted hall. Students who passed by were from the French Department and I saw Fei, who wore a blue Western dress, with her laughing expression, leading the visitors in.

I walked over, “I am thirsty.”

She watched me, “I prepared you a drink at your seat.”

“I don’t want to drink pure water, I want coke.”

“Then I’ll go try to find it for you,” she said as she exited the living room.

I had had a crazy thought in my mind, I wanted to make her anxious. I followed her out.

One had to pass the desk to go to the restroom and when she wasn’t looking I pulled her in. We leaned on the door,  and I picked her up, “Why didn’t you call me?”

She pressed my shoulder, “Wasn’t I afraid that you would be too busy?”

“I missed you.”

“Me too.”

“One kiss.”


When I kissed her mouth and hugged her hip, she laughed and hugged my neck and said breathlessly, “Being like this, how can you be a translator? Quickly go back.”

“There is still the translation for the Department of Education.” I said, “Next week, at/on eleven. How will you live?”

“I have to take care of the tourist group. Wu Xiao Ping called me yesterday.”


“I have to bring a French tourist group to Da Lian for two to three days.” She pushed me, “All right, you have way too many guts. We both still have things to do.”

Right when she pushed the door to exit, I hugged her from behind again, “When I look at you, I am no longer myself.”

She turned and kissed me.

In the student conference, the French scholars’ speeches came first, followed by a stage of interaction on stage. The students asked questions, the academic students replied. The warm atmosphere was rich in content. I was not ambiguous and, I translated it all perfectly.

Qiao Fei

The eleventh, the school had a 10 day break. I had to bring the tourists to Da Lian and I had already talked to Cheng Jia Yang and agreed that the moment I came back I would go find him.

I got on the airplane and made sure the foreigners were okay. I put my luggage away and sat down to look for the water. The airplane was about to set off when the phone rang. I answered and it was Wu Xiao Ping. “You haven’t flown yet?”

“I haven’t set off yet.” I continued to look for the mineral water in my bag. “What do you want?”

“Another person joined your group. Do you know of this?”

Currently the person who sat on the other side gave me a bottle of water, “Do you want this person or not?”

Cheng Jia Yang.

“I know now.”

I looked at him and he looked at me, “You haven’t been scared badly right?”

“This is too great,” I said, “I don’t know much of the aquarium’s vocabulary so I’ll just ask you to say all of them.

(Please note: All xdx and xx are in the actual translation. Thank you)

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