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Princess of Lan Ling Feature


Have been looking forward to this for soo long! It’s now established that it will be coming out on September 27! *fangirls* I have included an eng sub NEW trailer as well as a variety of links that you can access to learn more (since I have no time!) lol.


Yuan Qing Suo lost her memory so she’s really not sure who she is. In any case, she is the last heir to this martial arts Sect that has a secret treasure that will allow one of the ruling monarchs of the world at that time to victoriously succeed. Caught between two men, the handsome Lan Ling Wang aka Gao Chang Gong and the pitiful Yu Wen Yong, who will she choose? And what if it goes against her heart?

Andy Chen as Gao Chang Gong aka Lan Ling Wang

 photo PLL45.jpg


Kristy Zhang Han Yun as Yuan Qing Suo


Peng Guan Ying as Yu Wen Yong

Image result for lan ling princess


More links for you to find more info:

Baidu, A Virtual Voyage



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