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Memory Lost New Teaser Features Playful Interactions between our OTP!


This week must be my subbing week…Memory Lost is coming out in October! A new teaser has just come out, showing Johnny Bai Yu chasing the lovely Yang Rong and maybe even… pursuing her… The drama will be produced by Yumama. Just from that…I think we can all tell that the storyline won’t be up to par right lol? Everything else is great though- from the actors to the characters and the teaser looks amazing! I’m pretty sure we won’t be disappointed~

Just a few more stills I found while snooping around…lol


Tranz: Overall, a few discrepancies from the book….but looks good! Loving Johnny and Yang Rong!


11 thoughts on “Memory Lost New Teaser Features Playful Interactions between our OTP!”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing the information about this drama and the release date. Another drama that I shall be looking forward to and eagerly anticipating the release…. Bai Yu looks so much better here….. He looks better without his glasses…. 🙂


      1. That makes him a good actor as he is able to do well acting as a geek (in Love O2O) and now becoming a cool male lead in Memory Lost…. I have not read the book though. Have you? I am not sure if I should read the book first before the drama or should I just watch the drama and then decide if I want to read the book.


        1. He is a pretty good actor! I managed to catch up on the book by binge reading it until midnight lol. It’s another great book by Ding Mo that is about two arrogant leads who meet. Both are missing their memories and as they solve cases together they manage to warm up to each other while also recovering their memories. I think the book is pretty good as the clashes between the OTP is about to lead to a sweet relationship!! It’s still being translated (only at Chapter 29) so I don’t know if you would miss a lot if you watched the drama first before reading the book. In any case, it’s up to you! I think you can hold off on the book until later since it seems like you’re busy and the book is also not to the point where the OTP’s relationship is not fully established yet… Haha if you are willing to binge read like I have been doing for the last week though, definitely give it a shot!

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        1. I quite agree with you. It can be very frustrating when the novel and drama are different! However, for Memory Lost, from what I’m seeing in the trailer and in the book it doesn’t seem to be super different. In addition, only a small fraction of Memory Lost chapters have currently been translated so there’s not much to compare to, against the drama. I mean the OTP hasn’t even gotten together yet and they’ve only solved one-two cases together soo not really much meat yet! I quite agree with you there on Don’t be So Proud! It was extremely terrible >_<

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