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What’s Trending on Weibo 9.22

This may be a one time post only…in any case I suddenly saw many things that were very hot recently from Sending off Kimi to Yang Yang’s new movie to Jackson Yi’s b-day and fans…Top10 on Weibo! Have you guys ever wondered what actors look like when they were younger? From Li Yi Feng to Huang Xiao Ming, most of the most popular are represented. Plus, the top 50 songs and some of my fave soundtracks alongside Yang Yang’s new movie, I Belonged To You.

#送别乔任梁# Sending Off Kimi Qiao Ren Liang

Qiao Ren Liang’s send off was on September 22 at the Shanghai Longhua funeral home. Many fans and mourners attended, Li Yi Feng,  Boran Jing, Zhao Li Ying, Xue Zhi Qian, Joe Chen Qiao En,  Wu Jun Mei, Bao Bei Er, Wu Jian Fei were all at the scene.

If you haven’t read Chen Qiao En’s send off letter to Kimi, I thought it full of feels and really really sad. It really eclipsed the moment. 😦 Goodbye Kimi

#易烊千玺1128生日快乐# Jackson Yi’s November 28 Birthday

We are the roses forever by your side, you are forever our prince. Always there through the journey, we are also always rhere. The 15 year old Jackson Yi was very cool,  and we believe that the 16 year old Jackson Yi will be even more handsome.

#你偶像童年都长# What did your Idols look like when they were younger?

Li Yi Feng


Chen Xiang


Hu Ge


Huang Xiao Ming


Lu Yi


Han Geng


Chen Xue Dong

What did your idols look like when they were younger? Please take out all of your pictures of your idol as a child and compare,  see whose “Best Idol” is the handsomest in childhood!

Full list of everyone here

#张艺兴1007生日快乐# Happy Birthday to Zhang Yi Xin (Lay) on October 7

Zhang Yi Xin’s birthday is very close. To let fans feel a better atmosphere before the event, Zhang Yi Xin bar (fanbase) has allied with the Korean weibo and began many birthday activiyies. We hope fans can come together to play, and together celebrate Lay’s birthday. Are you ready?”

#歌手李健0923生# The Singer: Li Jian’s September 23 Birthday

We will never forget, and Li’s tall companion 💟 the whole world can hear his friends wishing Brother Jian happy birthday!!

#电影从你的全世界路过# Movie: I Belonged to You

Check out my features here.

Image result for i belonged to you zhang jia jia

The movie “I Belonged to You” is an adaptation from the book with the same time by Zhang Jia Jia who is also the scriptwriter.  Deng Chao, Bai Bai He, Yang Yang, Zhang Tian Ai, Yue Yun Peng, and Du Juan all come together to act on this. The movie will come out September 26!

#亚洲新歌榜#  New Asian Song Rankings

Oooh looks like 7th is the beginning ost from Just One Alluring Smile

And 15th is the ost from I Belonged to You…it’s called “Tacit” I forget if I mentioned it previously…

The annual song festival of the Asian song rankings has officially set sail! 365 days, 12 month championship standings, 55 weeks of championship standings, 100000s of singers who have worked hard to be in the rankings. Now is the time! And there even more songs to pick from!

#今日贴纸打卡# Today’s Sticker Punch

What week is today? What is the date today? What are yiu going to eat for lunch? What did you eat for lunch? Today let is use stickers to mark the day, remembering every day of our life. O(∩_∩)O

#运动就是坚持# Exercise is Perseverance

Exercise is perseverance, bring out your exercise posture and go forth to positive energy.

#0925易烊千玺技能满点大解锁# Jackson Yi fans have unleashed their potential!

September 25 watch the 18 year old talent, Jackson Yi gradually get hotter and hotter (as in more and more famous)

Source: Weibo

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