So Young | 致我们终将逝去的青春

To Our Youth That is Fading Away Part 2 Chapter 2.1


It’s another gala. Remember what happened last time? Agh when will Lin Jing appear???? This chapter focuses mainly on Wei Shao Yi…think of Zheng Wei as the nosy journalist ^^

I am too fatigued to post a full chapter to get us closer to meeting our main characters as soon as possible. *sigh. I will try to update throughout the next week.

A person’s toughness is really a wonderful thing. No matter how bitter the days are, there will come a day when you have become accustomed to it all. After being at the construction site for a time, Zheng Wei felt that living like this wasn’t anything bad. Most of her construction colleagues were upright. Zheng Wei followed along with their yelling in a non-local dialect. When it was the afternoon, she rushed to the canteen to fight for the thickest piece of meat, and she did begin to find it all very fun. Actually, every Architecture and Civil Engineering student graduate, if they hadn’t worked on a construction site before, they absolutely had not mastered any professional skills. In these few days, she had gotten a lot of experience, and had probably learned more meaningful theoretical skills than in university. Another reason that made her love this type of life more was that in the morning she was as tired as an animal. When she went back to the hostel at night, as soon as her head hit the soft pillow, she would basically immediately fall into a sweet dark native land. Even without dreams, she could immediately welcome the next new day.

But right when she felt like she had already adapted to this type of life, their six month internship was drawing to a close. All of the wanderers as well as the college graduates would need to go to back to Headquarters and wait for a new job preparation. According to Zhong Jian’s regulations, after the internship was completed, they would hold a night party for all their graduates. All the representatives of the functional departments would come and the managers of the headquarters would come to watch the performance. There were rumors that there were a lot of new people who were picked through this performance, so everyone regarded the stage as their personal performance stage. Everyone mustered the strength to prepare for the performance as the day loomed nearer.

The overall performance only had 2 female actors, and about 70 male actors for the gala. She could wonderfully imagine the talent they had, the premise of the show organized before the performance. Zheng Wei and Wei Shao Yi basically had to attend every single event. In Zheng Wei’s words, she had a solo, a small duet, and two dances. The rehearsals were extremely busy. But how could this complicate things for the Small Flying Dragon who had been a literary vanguard from a young age. In accordance with the rehearsal the teacher’s advice, she should have served as an important duty of the hostess, since with her enunciate, crisp raw sweet little Mandarin and appearance, that position would be a pleasing sight. However, Zheng Wei repeatedly refused. She said that hosts were much more dignified and in her memories, if she affected the mood of the show, she would definitely have committed a great sin. All the guys that were familiar with her said that Zheng Wei was very eye catching. If she did become the host it would be a great opportunity for them to express themselves. Zheng Wei thought about it. In the end, she still felt that anything was fine with her. She was fine with any division in the company. It wasn’t as if she would be unemployed after graduation.

Before the performance, they continued to rehearse until the nighttime. After it ended, Zheng Wei and a few other guys who played a little better accompanied her to go eat supper. They were all people who were a little younger. Some of their companions had a background of graduating from prestigious engineering schools in China, which made it a little more natural for them to get along. Zheng Wei was a dazzling girl in university. As of now, she had sank to only become single, comparable to a nun. So she became an even more sought after delicacy. The boys who were together with her in training, and internship, and even the young engineers in the Ministry, all overtly or covertly flirted with her. Even if her heart was clear on what was happening, she pretended to act confused, and happily laughed.

After she returned to her single life in the hostel, she hummed a song as she went up the stairs. She accidentally saw a couple, a guy and a girl, in the stairway, who were tugging back and forth. The guy was a stranger, but if the girl wasn’t Wei Shao Yi, then who else would it be?

Zheng Wei slowed down her steps. When she passed by them, she deliberately made a loud whistle, saying without words, ‘I am invisible, I am invisible…..’ Her eyes never left Wei Shao Yi’s embarrassed expression. Her heart felt very cool. So it turns out you also have a day like today.

When she was trying to find the keys to open the door, Wei Shao Yi had already gotten rid of that boy’s struggling. She fiercely pushed the other person, making him almost roll down the stairs. Then, Wei Shao Yi didn’t only have no panic or mercy, but pointed at the other person and said, word by word, “I hope this is the last time you come to find me!”

After she entered her room, Zheng Wei heard her slam the door heavily. Then, came another knocking sound from the eager boy. Zheng Wei was very curious, and secretly opened her own room door. She reached out her head to look at her surroundings. Wei Shao Yi’s room door was closed tightly. The big door was knocked violently, still immobile, followed by the boy’s crying sounds that drifted in, “Shao Yi, what I am saying is all true. Will you not even give me a chance to explain myself?”

In hear heart, Zheng Wei muttered: “Are you filming a movie?”

The sound at the door continued for 20 more minutes before it finally stopped to silence. She estimated that the dumb person outside had finally left, frustrated. Throughout the process, Wei Shao Yi’s door didn’t move at all, Zheng Wei went in front of her door, listening. It was silent inside.

Zheng Wei was amazed at her closed door. This rascal could actually be so cold and fierce. From her appearance, that boy was definitely someone she had an affair with before. No matter what the other person had done, his attitude becoming so low, and banging on the door for 20 minutes, resulting in a crippled hand, she was so indifferent. Such a hard hearted woman was the best of the best.

The next day was the day of the show. If she would have gone according to her habits, Wei Shao Yi usually woke up 30 minutes earlier than Zheng Wei, and cleaned up everything, leaving very early. Today, she basically left at the same time that Zheng Wei opened her room door. Zheng Wei quickly grabbed the opportunity and rushed to the bathroom in front of her, proudly seeing her slightly gaunt face, both eyes were swollen too like a wasp sting.

Backstage, when they were waiting for the performance to begin, the general manager of the company said a brief speech on  stage. Zheng Wei participated in the first dancing event. When she was mentally preparing herself, the guy next to her lightly touched her with his hand, lowly saying, “Oh, Zheng Wei did you hear, Wei Shao Yi and her boyfriend broke up.”

Zheng Wei looked at the face behind her putting on makeup that was beyond recognition, “Wow, who are you, you are very well informed.”

That boy pretended to faint, “I am XX. After a bit of lipstick, you don’t recognize me?! How could I not know. Wei Shao Yi and her boyfriend are from our school, they’ve been together for two years. That boy was so good to her, and their love was pretty good. But because that boy ate together with a girl to whom he was a ltitle interested in, tricking her into saying that she was single, the truth was uncovered. I heard that actually, they only ate one meal together. Wei Shao Yi also knew this, but she broke up just like that. She didn’t even have any sensibility, and her boyfriend was so regretful that he wanted to hit a wall (commit suicide…?)

Zheng Wei touched her own chin, looking at that boy. With some interest she asked, “Do you have anyone surnamed ‘Li’ in your family?”

That boy was bewildered, “I don’t have anyone surnamed ‘Li’ in my family, but many people do say I look like Li Ming.” (even though Li Ming’s surname is “Lai”, the correct pinyin is Li)

Zheng Wei didn’t laugh, which was very rare of her. She looked, cunningly at the Wei Shao Yi at the back, and thought, Such a staunch person could actually be seen by all. It’s like she is an extreme perfectionist. She remembered Wei Shao Yi’s red eyes. Someone like that was being hard on herself, but were her feelings bitter? But, now she knew, how could she understand the feelings of other people?


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