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Gui Zhong Mei Ren Feature

I wasn’t planning on featuring this except for the fact that after I watched the trailer I just fell in love. Plus, the male lead’s voice is dubbed by Wang Kai! I don’t usually like palace politics dramas but this one is mixed with the supernatural…and a ton of love connections. A lot of popular ppl star in this like Chen Yao, Hu Bing Qing and Vic Zhou. Also my fave supporting characters, Han Dong and Chen Ruo Xuan!! Trailer has been officially subbed alongside some BTS clips.


My self made synopsis from what I translated before and from the trailer…thus it may be a bit messy and accuracy is questionable lol I may have…erm confused some parts of the drama with some parts of the book synopsis that I saw online…so accuracy is even more questionable. But the gist of it is basically right.

Huang Qing Feng (Hu Bing Qing) and Hu Fei Luan (Chen Yao) are sent from the fox clan to go to the imperial palace to assassinate the emperor because he keeps hunting down the foxes of the Li Mountain. They get a pellet/seed that is from the Nine Tailed Fox and split it between them, receiving beauty and grace and the ability to shapeshift into a human form. The previous emperor somehow dies and Huang Qing Feng falls in love with Li Han (the current emperor) (Vic Zhou) for his generosity and for risking his life to save her and Hu Fei Luan even though they are foxes. Li Han is trying to reform the Tang Dynasty and rid China of all demons (which as you can imagine can kinda…get in the way of other things). One other thing that I got was that Li Han was in love with Hu Fei Luan because she swallowed the “sweeter part” of the pellet (so she has seduction powers) while Qing Feng got the “sour” part of the pellet so she isn’t as pretty or eloquent.


Hu Bing Qing as Huang Qing Feng

She is a spirit sent from the Fox Clan to represent the foxes, into the imperial palace. She has a mission to assassinate the emperor, but she ends up falling in love with him because he saves her, and it is thus that she struggles between her own heart and her mission of merit. She and the emperor end up becoming very close but the emperor only considers her as a friend. But it is her, who helps the emperor through all his trials and discover who he really is.

Sebrina Chen Yao as Hu Fei Luan

Hu Fei Luan is sent to the Imperial Palace along with Huang Qing Feng. The emperor falls in love with her but she loves someone else, namely Li Yu Xi.

Vic Zhou as Li Han

A very generous ruler who risked his life for the demons/spirits above. He is putting through many reforms for China and trying to also rid China of demons since it has been a problem in the past.

Han Dong as Hua Wu Huan

His tragic childhood caused him to get initiated in the palace as a eunuch. Qiu Fei saved him at that time so he has feelings for her, but he must keep himself from loving her. He is trying to help Qiu Fei’s son get on the throne.

Chen Ruo Xuan as Li Yu Xi

A common scholar who rose to become a governmental official. He loves Fei Luan but they cannot be together.

Zuo Xiao Qing as Qiu Fei

She was a concubine of the former ruler and hopes for her son to become the next emperor.

Wang Yi Lin as Li Cou aka Prince Zhang

He is Qiu Fei’s son.

Song Nan Xi as Cui Huang

She is the highest skilled disciple of the fox clan and is in charge of taking care of Qing Feng and Fei Luan. Very ambitious and haughty.

Liang Jing Xin as Quan Zhen Ying

Beneath her ruthless interior, actually she loves Li Yu Xi and will sacrifice everything for him.

Li Yu as Wang Shou Cheng

A crafty eunuch who is trying to avenge his family that has been exterminated. He is very close to the emperor.


Aww Chen Yao has the best expressions. SO Cute ❤

“What can I say?”

“It’s not a bird or an airplane…it’s Superman!”

Love at first sight.

I can’t believe it. Cheating?!


Flying magically

Ahh I don’t understand why Han Dong got a eunuch role…he doesn’t even look like a eunuch. More of like a prince or the nobility. Well with that fierce expression, at least a warrior…cummon

More stills can be found on A Virtual Voyage or here



It’s a play list so if you click on the top left hand corner with the three horizontal lines, you will notice that you can see all the videos in the playlist.



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