Les Interpretes | 亲爱的翻译官

Les Interprètes Chapter 38.1

Happy birthday…Xiao Hua

Translator: Tranzgeek

Cheng Jia Yang

Xiao Hua was a Virgo (constellation under which she was born). At the beginning of September, when the weather was cool, she made an appointment with a few friends to go to Shanghai for her birthday. Most of them were unfamiliar faces, Xiao Hua introduced me to them saying: “This is Jia Yang, my boyfriend.”

We shook hands, greeted each other, drank wine, joked around, and fished. I dutifully accompanied her to socialize.

Most of them were from the news circle, while conversing, they would also bring up news from their jobs. Who had their own personal circles, and whose photograph was reported to the Foreign Ministry because they had faked it, and who was planning to go to the Gulf interview.

Xiao Hua said: “What did you say? Lao Zhou is going to go to the Gulf?”

The insider said: “It’s already not on the news, how did you not know? You retired recently, and can’t keep up with the news. Lao Zhou is always on the organized team. What, you’re interested? Xiao Hua.”

“What are you talking about?” Xiao Hua poured herself a glass of champagne, and gracefully sipped, “Life is precious.”

I also poured a cup of alcohol, and only felt that her words were still in my ear. She had said, she liked to go to the most dangerous, the trickiest places to interview, and do things that other people couldn’t.

“But, Lao Zhou doing this, I am also unsurprised,” Xiao Hua said, “He divorced, his child was given to his ex-wife, unencumbered. Come, let’s drink to him.”

My fishing rod rang, and I went to go get the string.

There was actually an octopus on my fishing line, the round head had been caught on the fishhook, and its legs kept twisting around and around. This was a pallid life that was unable to struggle.

I took it off of the fishing line and threw it back into the ocean, and put the fool back onto its destiny.

When the sky darkened, I drove back on the boat.

The night’s sea breeze was light and cool, Xiao Hua hugged me from behind.

“Wait a moment, and let them go first, so it’s just us two.” A woman’s voice was soft and sweet.

I patted her hand on my waist: “If you’re like this, I can’t drive the boat.”

“Then go find a rock and crash into it. Then we won’t need to come back, and can live on that rock, becoming the Robinson couple, all right? Jia Yang.”

I laughed: “Are you evil or not? What about your friends?”

“They are all great swimmers, let them swim back.”

We returned to the Gang Kou, and separated with our friends. I brought Xiao Hua to eat favorite Guangdong seafood.

We ordered some meals, and I said to the waitor: “I also want to plate of potato braised with eggplant, do you know of it? It’s a Dongbei dish, and it has chives sprinkled on it.”

“How do you eat that?”

“It’s delicious. Just wait and taste it.”

The dishes came over, and Xiao Hua ate a small bite of each dish. When she ate that Dongbei dish, she ate two bites, then she said she was full, and told me that the dish that I ordered was actually pretty good.

I was very hungry. I ate that dish up with my rice.

I sent Xiao Hua home, but also stayed back because of her.

We talked for a while, drink some wine, and she lay on my chest warmly. This moment, I should do something, her hand hooked onto me and I grabbed onto her.

This was our first time, I experienced a high tide xdx in her body, and in the middle, there were some regular motions and movements. Touching, sucking, entering, clamping. Then she bathed in her bathroom, and I went to open the television in the kitchen.

The movie currently on was “Red Rose White Rose”. It was an old film that had been aired before, I felt it was too theatrical, too petty, but today I was attracted to one episode, the woman ate the peanut butter and said to the man: “I am an uneducated, unsophisticated person from the countryside, I like eating simple foods.” Joan Chen played the woman, and had an amorous body, when her head was as simple as a child. She would laugh suddenly sometimes.

This was actually what the woman in my heart was like.

But guys loved red roses to the bone, but in the end, they would always leave her.

I heard the loud water in the bathroom, and relaxed, crying.

[1] “Red Rose White Rose”- Chronicles the love life of a man, Zhenbao. He has a steamy fling with the wife of a friend, the saucy and exciting Red Rose. Even though he feels happy with her, he knows he will not end up with her. To maintain his reputation, he marries an antiseptic, frigid but classy lady of a prim and proper background (White rose). Dissonance abound when he finds his bride irritating.

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  1. aish, no good. when they will reunited again? this CJY although i hate what he have done, i understand. there’s a woman who willing gave herself to him as a metropolitan men he just can’t denied her. but i don’t like the way he surrender to his lust

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