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“i belonged to you yang yang”的图片搜索结果

Is anyone else looking for more Yang Yang now that Just One Alluring Smile is raging? I sure am! I Belonged To You is a movie coming out September 29 that features three different love stories. Yang Yang is a messy geek (the total genius that looks like the total idiot) that gets into trouble with the police constantly. Very different from Xiao Nai eh? Excited for the part! The movie also features Bai Bai He, Deng Chao, Zhang Tian Ai, and more- I’m only afraid there won’t be enough screentime for me to gush over Yang Yang’s face lol

This time, I decided to try scaling down all the photos to see if all of them would load correctly, since in the past, a lot of photos have just not appeared. I will make a separate post for all other photos because there wasn’t enough space for everything 😉


Chen Mo (Deng Chao), is known as the cheapest person in the whole city. Everyday he will battle against DJ Xiao Rong (Du Juan). No one knows where their hate comes from. Chen Mo’s two little brothers, whether it is the silliest Zhu Tou (Yue Yun Peng) or the city’s most innocent Mo Shi Ba (Yang Yang), the three people all go on rampages daily, thinking that they can all live freely, but the result is that they all hit the greatest turning point of their lives. Chen Mo meets the mysterious Yao Yi (Zhang Tian Ai), Zhu Tou creates the worst sedding of all time, Mo Shi Ba experiences the saddest parting. These people’s lives reveal things little by little. Dreams, love, friendship all go far away. They have already lost their own paths, until they hear a voice from around the world.


Deng Chao as Chen Mo

Radio DJ, known as the cheapest person in the whole city. Everyday he will go against DJ Xiao Rong in a battle until he meets the mysterious Yao Ji. Chen Mo does not know that Yao Ji is someone with a purpose who enters his life. He even moreso doesn’t know that his life and his job will change dramatically because of Yao Ji.

Zhang Tian Ai as Yao Ji

Chen Mo’s internship partner at the radio station as a DJ. They depend on each other in work and in life, creating deeper feelings. At the same time, this also changes both of their life trajectories. A mistake makes “Passing by your whole world” this old program, reignite, and the reason why she comes here to intern remains embedded deeply in her heart.

Yang Yang as Mao Shi Ba

Chen Mo’s younger cousin. He likes to shift through electric stuff and technology. In Chen Mo’s eyes, he is an inventor without any dreams. Mo Shi Ba always gets into trouble while inventing new things. This continues to attract the notice of a female police officer. While the two chase each other, they also fall in love. He uses his lifetime IQ to love her, wanting to give his girlfriend the best life. Later, he successfully proposes.

Bai Bai He as Li Zhi

Policewoman, filled with a sense of security and justice. Mo Shi Ba who likes to invent but always creates a ruckus attracts her attention and she often chases after him through the big streets. Li Zhi falls in love with Mo Shi Ba, which follows with a bold pursuit of affection. This adds a lot of joy to the pair of quarrelsome lovers’ lives.

Yue Yun Peng as Zhu Tou (literally means Pig Head)

Chen Mo’s close childhood friend, university student, a vagrant known as “The Silliest in the Whole City” by Chen Mo. To make money to buy a house, he tutors, drives an unlicensed taxi, works at a restaurant- he’ll do anything to make money. He saves money like his life depends on it to give his girlfriend, Yan Zi, the best life. In his heart, nothing is more important than Yan Zi.

Liu Yan as Yan Zi

Chen Mo and Zhu Tou’s prettiest maiden in university. Zhu Tou began to have a crush on her ever since junior year. Yan Zi has an accident that involves a theft from someone in the same dorm. She is criticized by the school. No one believes her except for Zhu Tou. Zhu Tou falls in love with her in college, and after the sweet years of university, they are separated.

Du Juan as Xiao Rong

An excellent radio DJ, a bold urban woman. She knows what she wants, and no matter if it is work or love, she will make her own choice.


In order to bring out Chen Mo’s character, someone who depends on music and performances as a DJ, Deng Chao not only went to a radio station to intern, but he also consulted a professional teacher.


“i belonged to you yang yang”的图片搜索结果“i belonged to you yang yang”的图片搜索结果

I am really loving that messy look on Yang Yang~ but why when I try messing up my hair, I just look bad? Boohoo lol




Yang Guo at 4:25 refers to the flowerboy protagonist of Romance of the Condor Heroes who attracted many admirers and followers wherever he went.



Deng Chao is still looking pretty on point there…let’s not deny it

Translated via Baidu


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