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Sweet Sixteen starring Kris Wu

Kris Wu, Lu Shan, Han Geng, and Joo Won will be starring in the movie Sweet Sixteen (夏有乔木 雅望天堂) which will be coming out August 5.

Movie Synopsis: The handsome Xia Mu (Kris Wu), lost his mother at a young age, witnessing many horrors, after both parents died one by one, Xia Mu went through tremendous changes, and from then on, he only lived in his own world. Until the pure and lovely Shu Ya Wang (Lu Shan) appeared. His life was forever changed from black and white to colorful. But Shu Ya Wang had a childhood sweetheart by her side, Tang Xiao Tian (Han Geng), and thus, between the three of them there began a love pursuit.

We have Kris as Xia Mu.

Lu Shan as Shu Ya Wang

Han Geng as Tang Xiao Tian

Joo Won as Qu Wei Ran



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