Sweet Sixteen Feature

If there are any errors please forgive me as it’s very late. The excerpt will give you an idea of what is to happen in the movie and Joo Won’s character is mentioned in the excerpt as well.

The movie based off of book Sweet Sixteen (夏有乔木 雅望天堂) by Zi Yue will be coming out on August 5. Han Geng plays the second male lead (again), with Kris Wu as main lead. Raws can be found here. The Eng Translation is available here.

Book Synopsis:

The south has trees, and cannot rest
When I write these words, I miss you the most
You say that may name has the best wishes
But you do not know, my lightest memories
But I looked up to the heavens with you
The places where you are, is heaven
Can you hear the song I sing for you
One person packs up his things
The lights dim, like falling stars
That is my sadness that I leave behind
I think, in our next lifetime we will definitely meet again
At that moment, I will definitely wait for you
At that moment, if you do not come, I will not age
At that moment, you must not abandon me again


Night time 11:40, Shu Ya Wang was still at the moneybox with a bunch of people singing karaoke. On the topic of karaoke, in truth, Shu Ya Wang was also only a listener, the whole night she hadn’t sang anything, but it wasn’t because she couldn’t sing, but that there were too many microphone hoggers.

Summary before you read the next excerpt: She’s at the karaoke place because of work. Director Cheng keeps ordering songs and is pretty drunk so all the employees are there to serve him. Food, songs, drinking, you name it. 

“Ok, cheers.”  Everyone in the compartment stood up to raise their wine cups, draining their cups in one gulp.

Director Cheng happily put his wine cup down and grabbed the microphone calling: “Lao Lin, help me order a My Old Classmate

Manager Li nodded, put a smile on his face and quickly tried to find the song, the priority, Director Cheng began to sing drunkenly, when Director Cheng was done, the box attendant told them that their time was up.

Shu Ya Wang glanced at Manager Li and Zhang Ru Yun’s bored expressions and smiled in spite of herself.

The intern beside her looked at her disbelieving.

“What?” Shu Ya Wang grabbed her bag and turned to see the intern, Lin Yu Chen staring at her.

Shu Ya Wang froze for a second, she was somewhat surprised that he had come to the company for three months already, and this was the first time he had seen her smile?”

“That can’t be, I remember that I laugh often.”

“No, no, that feeling is definitely not the same, I just felt that your smile just now was very cute.”

Summary before you read the next excerpt: Shu Ya Wang basically walks around with Lin Yu Chen buttttt we can just skip that part to go to the more important part~

It seemed that, a man who wasn’t so much a stranger drove down in a silver Jaguar XF, he looked towards her, with her familiar smile.

She pushed Lin Yu Chen away, and backed away with a step, he was still the same as before, handsome facial features, an elegant smile, a gentle look, but his eyes now had an unspeakable contempt.

“Ya Wang, ah.” He lightly called her name.

He always added an ‘ah’ after her name.

When they married, he said: Ya Wang, ah, can you give me a house? Our house.

When they divorced, he said: Ya Wang, ah, I can’t give you happiness, you can’t give me happiness either.

Shu Ya Wang habitually clenched her hands in her pocket, looking at him, silent and a little numb, feeling as if it had been a thing in a past. It had been a long time, since she had seen him.

He picked at his lips and glanced at Lin Yu Chen, and lightly laughed at Shu Ya Wang: “Ya Wang, ah, you’ve changed demons again? Have you forgotten how old you are?”

She looked at his face that was as handsome as ever, that had never been full of mockery before, she nodded her head and said: “Long time no see.”

Qu Wei Ran extended her hand, and touched her chin, cruelly smiling: “Ya Wang. You’ve become older.”

She picked at her eyebrow, and smoothed her lips, with an indifferent shrug: “There’s no way around it, women do get old quickly.”

He lowered his head and asked: “Xia Mu should be 23 this year, right?” He spread out his hands, and eyed her up and down, he couldn’t stand her appearance, he continued: “You haven’t been fed up with your elderly appearance yet?”

“Hey! You, what are you saying?” Lin Yu Chen frowned, staring at the man in front of him.

Shu Ya Wang gave a long sigh, she didn’t want to argue with him, and turned to leave, but in long strides, he pulled her tight.

He stared wrathfully at Shu Ya Wang: “You’re mad? I only said a few sentences and you’re mad? Hehe.”

“Qu Wei Ran.” Shu Ya Wang lightly called his name, frowning she looked at him: “I am not mad. You’re the one who’s mad.”

“Ah, ah, yes, the mad person is me, it’s always been me.” He hatefully stared at her, his smiling expression disappeared and his deep eyes were full of betrayed anger, as word by word, he asked: “Then, who was the one who bothered me and made me mad. Who ran away with a man who wasn’t even 18 yet, five years ago?”

“Right now, I only want to know whether my curses from five years ago worked.”

“Are you happy with him?”

Shu Ya Wang sighed, raised her eyes and dully looked at him, “Mr. Qu, our marriage was always a joke, I don’t need your consent concerning who I’m with.”

When she finished, she didn’t look at him but nodded to Lin Yu Chen, and said, “I’ll leave first.”

She extended her hand to call down a car, and sat inside, closed the door, and gave her address to him. She didn’t turn around to look at him, but she knew he was staring at her, with his sharpest expression.

Shu Ya Wang leaned her head against the car window and felt exhausted, she didn’t think she would meet him in T City, and suddenly felt that the things that had happened before, almost seemed as if they had happened a lifetime ago.

“Miss, we’ve arrived.”

She threw down the money, asked for the receipt, grabbed her bag, and opened the car door to go out.

She went up to the second floor, just when she had just opened the house door, opened the kitchen lights, threw her bag onto the sofa, she also lay down along with it, and closed her eyes, her entire body like it was falling apart, she had ran around all day, and when she returned home, she didn’t want to move at all.

The door of one of the rooms inside the house was opened, she knew who it was but didn’t open her eyes.

“This late, huh?”


“Don’t sleep in the kitchen, you’ll get a fever.”


“Don’t just stay there, move around a bit.”


Yuan Zhu Yu walked over, and immediately pulled her up from the couch and said indignantly: “You have forced my hand!”

Shu Ya Wang smiled, smoothed her hair, and opened her eyes to watch her, cotton pajamas, disheveled hair, wooden glasses on her nose, which blocked her beautiful eyes.

“Why are you watching me? Go wash up and sleep.” She pushed her again.

Shu Ya Wang sat in the couch, unmoving, and then called her: “Zhu Zi.”


“Today, I encountered my ex-husband.”

“Oh? What happened?” Yuan Zhu Yu’s face was immediately full of desire for gossip.

“Didn’t you always want to know why I divorced?”


“Because my heart still thinks of a…” Shu Ya Wang thought about it, and followed with, “person that it will never forget.”

Today, she wanted to tell her story- a story that she would never forget, a story that would always be unclear no matter how many times oneu told it……


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