Stay With Me Feature

Hey guys,

My next feature will be on Stay With Me (放弃我,抓紧我). The adaptation is coming out in August, and it will be starring Chen Qiao En and Wang Kai. Anyone up for those leads…?

The book is a little weird…? Why do literally none of the names match up? Apparently, according to the summaries of the adaptations that are currently out, the female lead’s name is Li Wei Wei.

If you want to read the actual book (in Chinese), I found it here. All I have to say is that the first chapter is very crazy and the female lead seems even more crazy, badass, but mostly just illegal.

Chapter 1: Challenge

The car radio played soothing love songs, it was Zhang Yu‘s voice, filled with a million vicissitudes of tenderness.

I tightly controlled my facial expression, and continued to focus on driving, tightly chasing the black Bentley in front of me, completely tuning out the music. Rong Cheng as it was, was lively and prosperous. At 7:00, with lanterns, and cars about, it was the perfect occasion for traffic jams.

Thus, I intended to tail others. In Chen Jun’s eyes, the guy who was driving in front of me, he should have seen this as normal crowding.

I clenched my lower lip, feeling the steering wheel palm ooze sweat. There was always the risk of slipping.

The car in front of me finally stopped. At once, I fiercely stamped on the accelerator, not caring about what kinds of turmoil occurred on the road. During the process, I bit my lip until it bled, my feet and my hands did not slacken. With a “bang” I suddenly hit the inflated airbag, my entire body in the throes of dramatic shaking.

A time later, I could not see my car’s situation at all.

My car had went out of control, it continued to shift. Waves of bumping sounds exploded in my ear. I continued to bite my lower lip bloody, trying to remind myself to stay clear-headed, but my vision blurred, and an increasing thick smell of blood reminded me. I had gotten hurt, and maybe, it was not light.

In a trance-like state, I saw Bai Yu Jing’s car basically unharmed. I was angry, but I had not energy to stop my car from crashing into a guardrail.

Subjected to another bump, I completely lost consciousness.

When I woke, I lay on a dense, white ward filled with disinfectant. I had not lost my memory, I remembered what had passed extremely clearly. I was trying to crash into the Bai Yu Jing’s car, but I had not only not succeeded, but I had also made myself into this ghost-like figure, lying in the hospital.

I tried to move my hands, but except for a tingling in the head and a bruised sensation on the back of my hand, there was no other hindrance. I touched my face, feeling a piece of gauze but it was my legs that were hung in heavy plaster. I rang the bell. I must find a doctor or nurse to ask about my situation.

I retracted my hand, feeling like this had taken up quite a bit of my strength, continued to lie down and waited for someone to come.

The silent ward suddenly filled with far and near footstep sounds. It soon creaked, and my door opened. I lifted my eyes. I did not expect that the people that I summoned would not be white coated doctors, but rather, a policeman wearing his starched uniform.

He slowly walked closer to me, very young, but sullenly spoke to me officiously, “Ms. Zhou, I am sorry to disturb your recuperation but I must investigate thoroughly. That car accident, was it premeditated or an accident?”

“An accident,” I replied, struggling to sit up. In the end, I had to use my unique, soft, feminine look towards him, “Police comrade, will you help me move the bedside a bit?”

He was probably feeling worried now. His cold face moved towards me, supporting me, helping me move the bed.

I managed to see his expression clearly, and I said a few programmed lies, “I do not recognize the car owner in front of me, can you ask him over to confront me? Plus, I have a temporary mental illness. The moment when I stamped on the accelerator, I had fallen ill.”

The police sat in front of me, and sized me up, “If you are ill, you shouldn’t drive.”

I found my purse from the bedside cabinet, and found William’s driver license, opening it for him to see. “You know what, I am sick, my spouse cannot hold me back. Can I ask my spouse to see me right now, and ask him to explain my case to you?”

“Call then.” The police probably saw my miserable situation. He sighed, and after he finished talking, he stood up to leave.

I called William, briefing him on the basics of what had happened. After the police left, the doctors and nurses immediately executed from start to finish a complete diagnosis, talking about it as they went. I listened casually to their overflow of information. I only knew that besides a serious leg injury, the other injuries could all be ignored.

The doctor let me put down my bed to a flat level and rest but I decided to stick to a half sitting position because I expected Bai Yu Jing would come. The police would believe the diagnosis that William brought over, but Bai Yu Jing would only believe his own eyes.

It was of no surprise when the quiet ward was suddenly filled with footsteps again.。

I stared at the ward. The grand reception allowed me to meet the enemy I had hated for five years, Bai Yu Jing.

He who approached me, was dressed and placid. I was very frustrated- I had tried to kill him, but it only resulted in me lying on the bed, while he was safe and sound, and even his clothes had not been wrinkled. But my expression was a bit of fear and dread, and I stared a little blankly at him.

His breath was coming closer and closer like an invisible net that suffocated me.

“Who are you?” His voice and his appearance were equally cold.

It took a lot of my strength to reply, “Zhou Miao Miao.” I held my breath, my hands grabbed my blankets, and tension mixed with hatred.

His eyes were full of aggressiveness, and he glanced over my whole body, I thought he had something to say. As a result, he took me to the peak of my tension but instead, he hung back and walked away.

My frayed nerves suddenly relaxed, and I looked at my sweaty hand. I laughed and laughed.




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