Where to lay *Siege* to next?

Just joking… Come in peace, okay?

There’s a saying in Chinese, ‘There never was a feast but the guests had to depart’.
Due to some changes, translations of Siege in Fog will be moved to my blog on 26th July 2017, i.e. next Wednesday. Details about the changes will probably be announced at some point so please wait for that post.

If it weren’t for Meraki, I wouldn’t have known about this novel nor had the chance to translate it. I’m very grateful to Tranzgeek for giving me that chance and for introducing me to the beautiful concept of meraki. It’s definitely something I’ll keep aspiring to with every translation. Thank you so much for your warm hospitality, Tranzgeek! 💞 It’s been enriching to feast on wonderful stories with all of you and I’ll still be lurking and following the stories here. 😁

Next, my heartfelt thanks to regular readers for your warm support every week. I enjoy reading all your comments on every chapter and very much hope you’ll also continue to react to, enjoy and support the translation at its new home, hiding in plain sight.

Before I end, just a note: Chapter 14 will be renamed Chapter 16 on my blog. My welcome post goes into more detail about the old and new chapter numbering.

Hope to see you all again next Wednesday for Chapter 16.4!

Some highlights of Ch. 16.4:

Qin Sang was, in fact, feeling poorly.
covered in blood… the prognosis… pregnancy complications…

Unfortunately, the assassin… just as quick and with another shot…
‘I have something to tell her.’
His hand was also cold…
Yet he was smiling as he said to her, ‘You’ve got exactly what you wanted…’
… she said, ‘How can you still smile?’

his expression changing unexpectedly as he demanded: ‘What did you say?’

(Quoted in random order)


It’s a date.


8 thoughts on “Where to lay *Siege* to next?”

  1. Thanks 12 for the hardwork and working on this novel. Huge kudos to Tranzgeek as well, if it weren’t for both of you and also the other translators and editors who have worked on this, I would probably forget about Siege in Fog already. Really a huge thanks to all of you and I’m glad that you’re finally moving this story to your blog.

    Thank you all for your hardwork and I certainly can’t wait for the next chapter!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Still chugging along… 🚂
      Why not? If you have time and are inclined… 😉
      It’ll be a shame if the drama doesn’t air. It really does look like a good production all round for this type of story.


      1. Haha have always liked languages and done well with them but boy is Chinese going to be a tough one. Need lots of motivation. Really hoping the drama will air soon just hoping they won’t glorify abusive relationships enough of that from other countries lol. Great to know the novel is still being translated. It is a lot of work so you translators are appreciated. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for your hard work 12 and Tranzgeek if it was not your combined hard work and great idea about translating this novel ! Let’s move to another house but it doesnt matter because Meraki has a lot of great novels

    Liked by 1 person

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