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Author: Ding Mo


Translated by Tranzgeek, Mel, Shl, Midasz

Edited by Mel, Tranzgeek

Proofread by Kim, Meiflower, Liane, Libramuse

Synopsis:  In this world, there is a beautiful love when two people understand each other, when one can read the other person’s mind.

One day, while talking about work, he suddenly changes the subject: “I’ve pursued you for a long time, how do you feel?”

Xu Xu is surprised: “You’re pursuing me?”

He patiently lights a cigarette, his black eyes gazing at her intently: “I exercise with you every morning, I teach you how to shoot, everyone in the police force calls you sister-in-law …… what do you think I’ve been doing?”

Xu Xu is silent for a moment: “Um …… you don’t have to pursue me anymore.”

His heart drops in disappointment, his voice becoming cold: “What are you saying?”

“I also like you, so you don’t have to pursue me.”


She likes him.  Although he appears arrogant and has a poisonous tongue, he is actually sweet and childish.

Raws available here


Chapters 1-40 (aka Parts 1-54)- Read from Tiffybook

Chapter 41.1-Xu Xu Silently Thought: So Manly, Really Very Manly

Chapter 41.2-Xu Xu Silently Thought: So Manly, Really Very Manly

Chapter 42.1- His Every Footstep, Treaded in her Heart

Chapter 42.2- His Every Footstep, Treaded in her Heart

Chapter 43-

Chapter 44-

Chapter 45-

Chapter 46-

Chapter 47-

Chapter 48-

Chapter 49-

Chapter 50-

Chapter 51-

Chapter 52-

Chapter 53-

Chapter 54-

Chapter 55-

Chapter 56-

Chapter 57-

Chapter 58-

Chapter 59-

Chapter 60-

Chapter 61-

Chapter 62-

Chapter 63-

Chapter 64-

Chapter 65-

Chapter 66-

Chapter 67-

Side Story 1-

Side Story 2-

Side Story 3-

Side Story 4-

Side Story 5-

Side Story 6-

Side Story 7-

26 thoughts on “When A Snail Falls in Love

  1. Yay! Thank you for picking up from Tiffy. Anyone heard anything from or about Tiffy? Hope she is alright. Will eagerly follow this. Waiting for the next chapter.


  2. Thank you for picking up this novel! I’m so excited to read about what happens to the characters next. (Especially now that the first three episodes of the drama adaptation have been such a disappointment to me…:( )
    I also hope Tiffy is alright!


  3. Thank you for continuing this project. You are truly an awesome person for giving credit that is due. I would like everyone to know that. When a snail fall in love is airing 3 episode every Monday if anyone is interested. I fell in love with the drama and decided to give the novel a try. I am so in love with out OTP (One True Pairing).


  4. Happy Thanksgiving! I am truly grateful for you by continuing this translation project. I am so thankful for all translators that give their time and effort to bring great stories be available to all. I hope tiffy is ok!

    Liked by 1 person

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