2016 Dramas & Movies

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This list is not the complete list of Dramas and Movies airing in 2016 but is the list of dramas and movies that I have featured in the past~

Memory Lost by Ding Mo
Leads: Yang Rong, Bai Yu
Airs: October 2016
[Overview] [Book vs. Drama] [Trailer] [Raws] [Eng Translation]


I Belonged To You by Zhang Jia Jia
Leads: Yang Yang, Bai He He, Deng Chao, Zhang Tian Ai
Airs: September 30
[Overview] [Excerpt] [Raws]

Don’t be So Proud by Sui Hou Zhu
Leads: Vivian Sung, Tong Meng Shi
Airs: September
[Overview] [Trailer] [Raws] [Eng Translation]

Stay With Me
by He Nian Er
Leads: Chen Qiao En, Wang Kai
Airs: Unknown
[Excerpt] [Official Trailer] [Raws] [Drama]

 photo Snail 38.jpg

When A Snail Falls In Love by Ding Mo
Leads: Wang Kai, Wang Zi Wen
Airs: September/October
[Characters/Trailer] [Raws] [Eng Translation]

Just One Smile is Very Alluring (Drama) by Gu Man
Leads: Yang Yang, Zheng Shuang
Airs: August 28
[Characters & Clips] [Raws] [Eng Translation No 1 & No 2] [Drama] [New Trailers and osts]

Just One Smile is Very Alluring (Movie) by Gu Man
Leads: Angelababy, Boran Jing
Airs: August 12
[Trailer] [New Trailers/ost] All other links for the raws and english translation are available above.

Legend of Chusen
by Xiao Ding
Leads: Li Yi Feng, Zhao Li Ying, TF Boys
Airs: August 8
[3 Minute Trailer/Characters] [19 Minute Trailer] [Eng Translation] [Raws] [Drama– Subs are not in yet]

Sweet Sixteen/Passion Heaven/Summer Tears in Paradise
 by Zi Yue
Leads: Kris Wu, Lu Shan, Han Geng
Airs: August 5
[Trailer] [Excerpt] [Eng Translation] [Raws]

Remembering Li Chuan
by Xuan Yin
Leads: Godfrey Gao, Jiao Jun Yan
Airs: July 20/July 31
[Trailer and Book] [Eng Translation No 1 & No 2] [Raws] [Drama]

Ice Fantasy
by Guo Jing Ming
Leads: William Feng, Victoria Song
Airs: July 24
[Trailer] [Excerpt] [Raws] [Drama]

Ten Deadly Sins
by Zhi Zhu
Leads: Zhang Han, Zhang Ya Mei
Airs: July 20
[Trailer] [Excerpt] [Raws] [Drama (no subs)]

Border Town Prodigal
by Gu Long
Leads: Zhu Zi Long, Viann Zhang
Airs: July 18
[Trailer] [Excerpt] [Raws] [Drama(no subs)]

So You Are Still Here
by Xin Yi Wu
Leads: Kris Wu, Crystal Liu
Airs: July 8
[Trailer] [Eng Translation] [Raws] [Full Movie Synopsis]

Les Interprètes
by Miao Juan
Leads: Yang Mi, Huang Xuan
Airs: May 24
[Trailer] [Excerpt] [Translation Project] [Raws] [Drama]