Siege in Fog Chapter 2.2

New chappie out! I would like to thank all the people that applied to edit and translate and I am delighted to introduce two new people to the Siege in Fog team! Dulce is our new editor/proofreader and the below chapter was edited by Dulce! Woohoo! The other person new to the team is William, who will hopefully show up soon! Stay tuned!

Want more chapters? Rate us on NovelUpdates! When we get to a rating of 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0 we’ll release a new chapter for every milestone achieved! If you post a review on the novel over on the platform, that might just get you another update too wink wink. Sponsored chapters will be released within a week.

Mini Status Update:

Now that a I have a mini team for Siege in Fog, I will be making a hardcore schedule, but I’ll have to go over it first with Dulce and William. The second order of matters is to decide how many words are in each chapter, whether we split chapters up, etc. But…we will be striving for weekly chapters and the Schedule page will be updated when we figure out all of these matters.

I personally encourage more people to apply for the position of helping out with Siege in Fog for the sake of faster updates and a bigger community! As long as you know even a little Chinese we would love to have you! Even if you don’t know any Chinese, that’s perfectly fine as well! Email us at to learn more about all the opportunities that await you!

Also, while I’m liking the book and its detail, I do have a question to all of you super excited people out there! Just out of pure curiosity, why do you love the book so much and why is it so appealing (especially the themes of abuse and love)? I do understand why the book is lovable but I suppose I don’t understand where your avid enthusiasm comes from. Lol.

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Siege in Fog Chapter 2.1

I am currently recruiting for Siege in Fog! Editors, Translators, TL Checkers… you don’t have to be fluent in Chinese. As long as you know a little Chinese, I’m sure we can flub through everything together! There’s no hardcore dedication~just translate/edit whenever you can (since I know we are all busy people)! Plus, translation isn’t as hard as it seems! The process is pretty simple! Just send me an email at or contact me via the contact form! With more people on deck, I’ll be able to post bigger chappies and give you guys a bigger dose of happiness! A huge perk is getting to read excerpts before they’re posted~~ :3

No schedule in sight yet! Stay tuned!

Ahhh finally back from break. Chappies are long and as I’m doing this alone, I will be content with just posting ~1000 word parts.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! Thanks to all followers, commenters, likers, and lurkers for all your support!

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Siege in Fog Pilot Chapter 1


Hey guys, like and comment! Since I was like the living dead for the past two weeks from staying up late I’ll have to see if it’s all been worth it. I do so much for you guys!! >_< Lol.

I really have fallen in love with Fei Wo Si Cun’s prose and diction but we’ll have to see how many other people like it too ❤ Still don’t feel like I brought out her beautiful language…which by the way, would anyone like to volunteer for editor if I translate more? Haha, do help out with mistakes as I did this late late at night. Now it’s time to reclaim my sleep!

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