Pristine Darkness | 他来了请闭眼之暗粼

Pristine Darkness Chapter 8


Lmao what a sketchy move…they actually snuck into their house and “pretended” to be lost. There are definitely a lot of dirty secrets behind Yao Yuange’s family (something that you might have noticed from the previous chapters already!)

Here’s your first chapter that you unlocked via the volare special event!  🙂 Congratulations! A second chapter will be coming out sometime this week (hopefully before Saturday, but if not, after Saturday) 🙂

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Pristine Darkness | 他来了请闭眼之暗粼

Pristine Darkness Chapter 7

I love how sweet Jian Yao and Bo Jinyan are now haha! ❤ The case is definitely developing! Bo Jinyan admires Fang Qing over a dog lmao.

Thank you Walter and Trivial King for helping out on this chapter, and many many thanks to Advy for literally going over every single sentence in this chapter haha!

Join us on discord to fangirl about this novel! 🙂

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Pristine Darkness | 他来了请闭眼之暗粼

Pristine Darkness Chapter 6

This week, what new direction will the case progress in? And congrats to togekissed for guessing the hint behind the pronouns 😛

There’s a new event that will allow you to earn more Pristine Darkness chapters! Head over here, and answer some questions and unlock up to three Pristine Darkness chapters! 🙂

Also join us on discord to speculate about the novel teehee~ 😉

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Pristine Darkness | 他来了请闭眼之暗粼

Pristine Darkness Chapter 5.2

Okay guys, we’ll be posting one chapter of Pristine Darkness a week until our stockpile is formed. Then, we’ll post two chapters per week. In addition, Pristine Darkness will be taking part in an upcoming event so keep your eyes peeled! Special thanks to Advy for helping edit this chapter! Join us on discord to chat with us about this exciting novel~ and speculate about who the killer will be haha~

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Pristine Darkness | 他来了请闭眼之暗粼

Pristine Darkness Chapter 5.1


Bo Jinyan is so funny lmao. Still as sharp-tongued as ever! Anyhoo, new developments on the case, thanks to our genius here! Come join us on discord to speculate on the case with us! There’s also a holiday event still going on, for those of you interested in unlocking new chapters!

Also, hint hint: Don’t be fooled by the pronoun usages! 😉

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Pristine Darkness | 他来了请闭眼之暗粼

Pristine Darkness Chapter 4

Okay guizzz! Bo Jinyan is officially in the house, repeat, Bo Jinyan is officially in the house!!!! Now that we’ve wrapped up WASFIL, and we’re starting on this novel, our schedule for this novel will be released next week haha~

Join us on discordddd to fangirl/fanboy about this novel together haha~

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Pristine Darkness | 他来了请闭眼之暗粼

Pristine Darkness Chapter 3

IT’S THE MOMENT YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR PEOPLE! Bo Jinyan is now on the scene! Please welcome clue_96, our new translation checker! She was amazing with helping out with this chapter haha!

Also, who do you think did it? dun dun dun

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Pristine Darkness | 他来了请闭眼之暗粼

Pristine Darkness Chapter 2

Hey guys! Heres your next chapter of Pristine Darkness! Please spread the word about this sequel of Love Me If You Dare! 😉

Bo Jinyan will appear in 1-2 chapters! Hehe! Hang tight! ❤ Thanks for all your support heh!

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Pristine Darkness | 他来了请闭眼之暗粼

Pristine Darkness Chapter 1

Welcome all to the start of another translation project! Chapter 1 contains a lot of context and some PG-13 content, so I have censored those parts. To read the PG-13 content you must highlight the text with your cursor, as explained at this site if you are having trouble. Because I am sure most of you would like to meet the MCs earlier, I’ll just be posting this chapter straight off the bat! Thanks for all your support and let us know what vibes you’re getting from Chapter number one! The beginning of this novel is a bit slow, so please be patient! 🙂

Hope you guys enjoy! Let us know what you think of the novel as of the first chapter~

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Announcements, Pristine Darkness | 他来了请闭眼之暗粼

New Translation Project! Pristine Darkness Overview

Hey guys and welcome to our new translation project! We are so excited to make this happen! As aforementioned in a previous post, our first priority will still be to complete When a Snail Falls in Love first, so hopefully, this quenches some of your thirst while you await the completion of those side stories! 😉

This post has been updated with links to buying some Ding Mo novels and the link to Chapter 1! Please check it out~

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