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Les Interpretes Epilogue (END)

Thank you to everyone who has come along with us on this journey. Let us how you liked the book in the comments below 🙂

It would mean a lot to us if the last post of the whole novel exploded with comments XD. We want to hear from all of you who have experienced this journey with us and we want to share our happiness with everyone!

I know that I lost a lot of motivation as my emotions ebbed with this project, as it was the first project when people were actually coming to my site. With it though, I realized that the journey of growth isn’t always an easy one to write about (or read about), and I sincerely hope, that this unique journey of growth, intertwined with love will stay in your hearts and remind you of what you have yet to become! Keep believing and it will come true 🙂

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Les Interpretés Chapter 68

Hey guys! Now that the novel is wrapping to a close, miumiu and I would like to introduce our new translation project! Here’s a link to the excerpt and more info! (Please be aware that the post will be posted after this chapter is posted so it may not be up yet >_<)

Our next translation project will be called The Daily Record of Secretly Loving the Male Idol (男神暗恋日记). The novel follows the story of a sweet and cute romance that develops during their university years, one of the deepest and pivotal moments of our lives. University is also the time when we are at our bravest and a transitional time that allows for hope, as it beckons towards the future. We hope you’ll like the novel as much as we do, and be sure to check it out when it comes out in Les Interpretes’s slot time.

On another note, I am extremely touched towards everyone who has stuck with our translations and extremely thankful to everyone who has continued to support the whole site. This will become the first translation project that I have completed, and I am extremely grateful to share this moment of pride with all of you. All of you lurkers, commentors, and likers made this journey full of hope and love. Thank you so much to the previous members who worked on Les Interpretes, and thank you to miumiu, the person who has kept us going all this time, as I have gotten a bit detached from the project. To all our supporters, thank you!

The epilogue will come out the following week! I think you all want to stay tuned xD.

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Les Interpretes Chapter 65

Awwww this chapter made me melt inside! You mischievous Jia Yang! blush And there are no PG 13 scenes in this chapter LOL

Whoops I accidentally posted it today…so I guess you’re getting this a day early!

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Les Interpretes Chapter 61

Did he or did he not…marry? Many plot twists from the very unlikeable Wen Xiao Hua. At the same time…she redeems herself after this.

Btw guys did you know Les Interpretes 2 is coming out? It’ll be called The Negotiator and will feature a different love story (with pretty much the same plot) played by Yang Mi as the professional interpreter/negotiator and Huang Zi Tao as the rich guy.

Actually, the sequel to the novel is different. It features the same story but in Cheng Jia Ming’s point of view (gawwwsh if I had known about this I would have translated that story instead because Jia Ming is so much more interesting)

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Les Interpretes Chapter 59.2

Here’s your random update Les Interpretes folks. Note: A majority of the chapter is PG-13 which is censored. If you want to read it refer back to the Les Interpretes page for instructions on how to read PG 13 parts. No idea what’s up with the formatting :/

I’ve decided for the schedule of les Interpretés that it will be ongoing although I will not be posting weekly. You can expect new updates on Saturday. 

The conversation between Cheng Jia Ming and Qiao Fei really shows a lot about her character. Jia Yang on the other hand, has really kept a lot of things bottled up for too long and now is the time to get rid of it all which I have mixed feelings about…

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