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Update: Fleeting Midsummer Chapter 40 & Male God

Hello all!

Fleeting Midsummer is back with another update! Here’s Chapter 40 for all interested~~

It went  on hiatus due to my finals, but now it is back! More surprises in postings await around the corner teehee!

Male God went temporarily on hiatus last week as all of the editors+me were unavailable but it will be back this week~~ Hopefully we can make up for all those missed posting dates, eh? Lol.

Sorry for all the delays! Thank you for your support and for sticking with us even when we get busy!

~With love,


Fleeting Midsummer (Peking University's Weakest Student)| 北大差生

Upcoming! Fleeting Midsummer Surprise & Status Update b( ̄▽ ̄)d

Hello all Fleeting Midsummer fans~~~

First off, if any wonderful individuals would like to volunteer as an editor, that would be great! You’ll have to pass a test, but it shouldn’t be hard 😛 You’ll get a lot of bonus content (that’s for sure) as well as some awesome new friends and experiences haha! Experience is not necessary!

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Announcements, Fleeting Midsummer (Peking University's Weakest Student)| 北大差生

Fleeting Midsummer Status Update and Chapters

Mini Status Update:

For the sake of not confusing NovelUpdates any longer, I will no longer be posting chapters here because NovelUpdates always puts up two chapter links per chapter (one for volarenovels and one for Tranzgeek). However, links should be going towards Volarenovels.

I will continue to update the Table of Contents so if you don’t feel like subscribing to volarenovels, you can just follow along with my Table of Contents. If the reason why you don’t want to subscribe to volarenovels is because there are way too many notifications that come from subscribing to a site with too many novels, you can pick and choose the subscriptions you want. I have provided instructions for this below if you are totally new to volarenovels.

Thusfar, my schedule is every Tuesday at about 6:00pm, at EST time. Also, I will be releasing sponsored chapters once the rating of the novel over at NovelUpdates goes up. There are 1-2 chappies posted when the rating goes up to 3.0 and another 1-2 chappies once the rating goes up to 4.0. Sponsored chapters may take me a week to post.

In the meantime, I will continue to release Status Updates over at this site whenever I change anything about Fleeting Midsummer (like the schedule) that you need to worry about.

Now that we’ve gotten all that outta the way, here’s Chapter 9!

As for volarenovels, if you are concerned about having to receive millions of notifications when updates from books you aren’t reading are released, there is a way for you to only receive notifications from books you specifically select.

Please note: The below instructions are for people that are newbies to volarenovels and have not subscribed yet. If you have already subscribed to volarenovels for a while now and you still do not know how to do this, I cannot help you :/

Step 1:


If you are not a returning subscriber, you can subscribe with your email at the very bottom of the page. In the lower right hand corner it has an area for subscribing under the “Subscribe” heading. Type your email in the box provided and click on the “Subscribe” button underneath.

Step 2:

In the text: “You may manage your subscription options from your profile”, there should be a hyperlink on your profile.

Click on that link and you will be redirected to  your Subscription page where you can check whatever novels you want to be notified on.

Another Method:

Another method you can use if you are certain you are “logged in” to volarenovels is to type the LINK:

This should bring you to your subscription page.

Now, you can check and uncheck the novels you want to follow!

Fleeting Midsummer (Peking University's Weakest Student)| 北大差生

Fleeting Midsummer Chapter 6

Hello guys!

I’m finally “back”. The end of November was a terrible time to come back since finals are coming up. Yay. Lol I was going for a “dramatic evil flair” when I posted this exactly before the end of November.

More info on schedule and posting will come out after the translation spree held by volaretranslations (which I am participating in!).

Even though I didn’t exactly finish everything up as I previously thought I would, it was nice to “catch up” (which I put in quotation marks because I didn’t really finish anything smacks head)

Lin Lin is still adjusting to school, just as she tries her best to combat Ru Ting. Lol. I have to wonder though…is Ru Ting actually vying after Fang Yu Ke?

Here’s your much awaited chapter! Btw I have new editor(s) who will be introduced next time~

Fleeting Midsummer (Peking University's Weakest Student)| 北大差生

Fleeting Midsummer Chapter 5.2

Sorry for the long wait! I’m going to go on hiatus for this book (Fleeting Midsummer ONLY) because I want to get some things cleared up here on my site and complete some translations, begin some others, finish those, before I begin this book again. If some of you guys who were reading this book from the beginning recall, I initially picked up this book as a teaser so there was not really any set schedule or anything. Well after I finish things here, that will change. Plus, I will hopefully be able to post a whole chapter instead of half of it!! Hopefully my hiatus will only be a few weeks to a month… Anyways, I will suggest to later readers now, to not start reading the translation until I start up my set posting schedule. Otherwise… you’re in for a long wait. Sorry to the ppl who stuck with this novel from the beginning >_<

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Fleeting Midsummer (Peking University's Weakest Student)| 北大差生

Fleeting Midsummer Chapter 4.2

The weekly update is out! Hoping to post another chapter this weekend 😉

The long awaited dinner with Xiao Xi is finally here! But Lin Lin is definitely not making him fall heads in heels for her! >_< Lol. Plus the added embarrassing circumstance of…. *****, when Fang Yu Ke gets a chance to save our naive female lead ❤

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