Master Devil Don't Kiss Me! | 恶魔少爷别吻我

Master Devil Don’t Kiss Me, V2, Chapter 17


Chapter 17

Translated by newbienoona

Edited by anks

T/N : Da nainai – great grandma.

Meng Xiaonan took Liu Dongyu’s ridicule to heart.

She glances at him, and then at the fearless An Chuxia, and she feels guilty.

As an only child, like An Chuxia, Meng Xiaonan often got in trouble, and An Chuxia often protected her like a big sister.

The thought made Xiaonan more guilty. “There’s too many of them, Chuxia, and you’re still injured. Go back to your room and lock the door behind you.”

“What do you want to do?” An Chuxia asks, wrinkling her brows. “What do you think they can do to you? You’re in a hospital. They can’t hurt you.”

The crowd that formed catches the nurses’ attention. They call in the doctors, and before they know it, the medical staff surrounds the group.

“Return with us, or else, your meimei suffers with you!” Liu Dongyu states. He’s just a student who doesn’t have much skill. He didn’t want this event to escalate. He just wanted to talk to Xiaonan. Thinking about it, this is the most fun Dongyu has had with a girl in a while.

“If you dare come any closer, I’m calling the police!” An Chuxia threatens, pulling Xiaonan close to her. “Don’t go to them!”

“Hey, who are you?” one of the doctors ask as he steps up.

Liu Dongyu panics. He didn’t think getting to know Xiaonan would get this big!

“Dongyu ge, what should we do?” His brothers also panic. If this escalates any bigger, this won’t end well. It’s bad enough they skipped school. At least, they’ll get a warning for that. But if the doctors send them to the police station, their parents will definitely kill them!

“Listen,” Liu Dongyu says with a groan. “Take her downstairs. The security guards haven’t been notified yet. Go quickly!”

Several men rush to Meng Xiaonan’s side after Dongyu gave them orders. It is during that time steward Han appears after seeing the madame off. He is surprised to see An Chuxia facing him, but was more surprised to see the crowd facing her.

Then, steward Han shouts, “Liu Dongyu, what is your butt doing here when you’re supposed to be in class?”

Upon hearing the familiar voice, Liu Dongyu freezes. His body trembles as he spreads his arms out to protect his brothers from rushing out.

Sure enough, Liu Dongyu isn’t particularly familiar with the voice he heard, but it’s definitely one he won’t forget. Why is steward Han here? Then, he hears him speak with concern to the girl in front of him. “Xiaonainai, why are you up? Where is your IV?”

As soon as Meng Xiaonan hears steward Han’s question, she looks at an Chuxia’s hand. A pool of blood forms from the dripping wound. She must have removed her catheter when she was calling Chuxia.

“Nurse, come over and stop An Chuxia from bleeding!” Meng Xiaonan suddenly panics. She doesn’t care about Liu Dongyu anymore. She wants An Chuxia cared for in the ward.

A few of the nurses are relieved to stand by steward Han. They turn their attention to Liu Dongyu, who’s still frozen on the spot. He doesn’t want anyone to think he’d actually hurt the girl who’s under steward Han’s watch. Even if it would kill him, he wouldn’t dare talk to Meng Xiaonan!

Dongyu feels his pursuing was all in vain. Not only did he fall, but he sprained his ankle. And now, steward Han found out that he skipped school! He sends his friends away since he knows steward Han doesn’t like them.

Steward Han looks at the boys who were leaving. His heart hurts, but An Chuxia’s summon wakes him up from his stupor. “Steward Han, invite the boy in.”

Although steward Han obeys An Chuxia, he hesitates upon hearing the command. Then, he looks at Dongyu coldly before saying, “Follow me.”

These two girls aren’t going to let me go! Liu Dongyu internally sighs and enters the ward. The scent of disinfectant in the room isn’t as concentrated as the scent in the hallways. The floral scent fills the room. Liu Dongyu glimpses at his feet and he sees flowers everywhere.

Immediately, he realizes that the identity of the person currently occupying the room is not normal.

“So your name is Liu Dongyu?” An Chuxia asks as she sits on the bed. The nurse is attending to her wound, and has reattached the IV. Meng Xiaonan stands next to An Chuxia. Her eyes are pinned on him.

“Yeah.” Liu Dongyu nods and looks at steward Han.

“How do you know him, steward Han? I guess this kid doesn’t know what to do with me!” Meng Xiaonan looks reverently at steward Han. She clearly sees Liu Dongyu shrink a little bit smaller. He seems to be afraid of the butler.

Although Meng Xiaonan isn’t too familiar with steward Han, but since she hangs around An Chuxia a lot, they are friendly with each other.

Hearing Xiaonan’s question, steward Han explains his relationship with Liu Dongyu. It turns out, steward Han’s wife used to be married, and Dongyu is his wife’s son with her former spouse.

After steward Han got married, she wasn’t able to get pregnant. Because of this, the couple decided there wasn’t a need to push the matter regarding children.

Steward Han has always been loyal to his wife, Han Jiazong. He never abused her rights. He rarely visited the country with his wife, nor did he force his wife to move her child to A City. When she died, he kept his relationship with the child, albeit a little stiff. Steward Han uses his savings to send Liu Dongyu to school in the city.

However, the Han family doesn’t know of Dongyu’s existence. Because of this, he can’t enter Stein. The butler can only arrange for Dongyu to attend the vocational school near the College.

Since steward Han rarely sees Liu Dongyu, he compensates by depositing money in his account monthly.

Liu Dongyu, being alone, has developed many bad habits. Also, his [school] performance is a mess. He has made a lot of mistakes, but he hasn’t really made any big ones.

Liu Dongyu knows steward Han is actually very good to him. They just don’t communicate well. Steward Han isn’t good at communicating his emotions to his loved ones. But he knows that he loves him. Otherwise, steward Han wouldn’t use his savings to take care of him.

Now that steward Han caught him skipping school, he’s really afraid.

Steward Han’s narrative is extremely brief, but Chuxia and Xiaonan know Dongyu is stuck in a hard place. They’ve experienced lack of attention themselves, so they’ve become sympathetic with him.

“Xiaonan rushed out after visiting the Dragon King Temple, and bumped into Dongyu in front of the Stein gates. Then they decided to come visit me,” An Chuxia says, smiling sweetly while tugging on Xiaonan’s sleeve.

After An Chuxia’s lead, Xiaonan changes her story. “I was hanging out with Dongyu, steward Han. Please don’t be upset with him, okay?”

Meng Xiaonan blinks at Liu Dongyu, and he nods quickly.

But of course, steward Han is smart, and he knows Meng Xiaonan is lying. But since An Chuxia spoke nicely to help Xiaonan, he doesn’t pursue the event. His face softens instead.

“Look, both of you are sweating. Come eat some watermelon. Let me just cut it up. I can’t finish this by myself.” An Chuxia gestures Dongyu to come over and have some fruit.

Liu Dongyu didn’t have anywhere to go, and the spot where he stood is a bit cramped.

“If danainai calls you, go. I’ll call your teacher and tell him you’re not coming in,” steward Han says [to Dongyu] before nodding to Chuxia and walking out.

As soon as steward Han exits the room, Liu Dongyu is much more at ease. He walks to the bed and says to Chuxia, “Thank you. Otherwise, my dad would’ve killed me! I just had to say, I’m sorry.”

“Is that true? I thought you were fearless, Dongyu ge?” Meng Xiaonan deliberately teases him for the remark. His white face blushes from her teasing.

“Okay, no one would mistake you for being dumb!” An Chuxia immediately shuts Meng Xiaonan by shoving the fruit into her mouth. She hands Dongyu a slice of watermelon from her clean hand.

He hasn’t realized how thirsty he’s gotten from running. The watermelon will quench his thirst. Without hesitation, he takes the fruit and says, “Thank you.”

Then, he is puzzled. He tries to piece the relationships between the people in the room as he finishes his fruit.

“My father called you xiaonainai. Aren’t you still in high school?” Stein College is a noble school, this much he knew. Then he realizes An Chuxia is in the hospital. Is she from the Han family and came to the hospital to deliver a baby?

Just in time, the door to the ward opens. An Chuxia was expecting steward Han to enter, only to see Han Qilu emerging.

The temperature outside has risen to 30 degrees. Qilu has sweat wobbling on his forehead. He saw steward Han making a call in the hallway, so he did not expect anyone else to be in the room.

But as he opens the door, he sees three people. He seems to recall Meng Xiaonan, but he doesn’t remember anything about her during those missing months. Of course, he recognizes An Chuxia, but like Xiaonan, he still can’t remember anything about them.

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