Roll that Review: Marietta-hime no Konrei


“In that case, I will gladly refer you to the knights. There might be a wonderful person just waiting for you, no?”

After that, Saphine was dragged away by the princess with a muscle fetish to the practice ground (or, as she secretly called it, the muscle festival), where a fateful encounter with a burly young practicing knight awaited, but that would be a story for another time.

Roll that review is back! I kinda didn’t actually get to fixing stuff and the time is a bit late today. However, a good/bad thing is that I’ve got more time to read more novels and actually put more effort into the reviews. The reason why I say it is good, is that I love anyone who reads it and appreciates it! The bad thing is that I might end up just faffing around a lot more now that I have a load more free time. I might switch around my schedule though since this free time decided to show itself, by that I mean get more time to write Under the Dawn Redwood. Speaking of that, there is a discord role called @🍂Tree Huggers🌳 for fans!

About this novel, it is a mature novel so if you’re under 18 I’d recommend not reading it, to be on the safe side!


Title: Marietta-hime no Konrei ~Danna-sama, Suteki Sugimasu!~

Author: Hazuki Kuroru (葉月クロル)

Series: Standalone

Rating: ★★ (2 1/2 of 10 stars)

The youngest princess of the country of Stellaus, Marietta, was betrothed in a political marriage to the General of the great militant country, Oltaire. General Belvant was often said to be strong, a fierce and terrifying god of a warrior. On the other hand, Marietta was a delicate flower of a princess. Everyone felt pity for poor Marietta’s situation, however, the truth was that Marietta found the General very dreamy… The story of a 30-year old General with a scary face (who was actually quite nice), and the tiny and adorable 18-year old Princess in their times of conflict and of lovey-doveyness.


Marietta Positives


Translation: The translation flows smoothly for the most part, among all 3 sites it’s hosted on. It was just a relief since there were a few novels that weren’t as good on the translation font while I took my break. I just appreciate it and the effort the 3 teams/individuals put in to translate it.

You’ll like muscles too: Muscles! MUSCLES!! MUSCLES!!! You’ll like muscles too. The princess-turn-wife of a general absolutely adores muscles. It’s pretty cute and also a tiny bit tiring but she’s very, very, into muscles. She in fact even has a muscle fetish and the story isn’t shy to say that. The best descriptions are probably honestly about how perfectly muscular the General Balvant is or how cute and petite and super interested Marietta is in the general. Go muscle/war god, go! Yes, there is one. Don’t worry, he’s a good guy and not a creep.

Characters: Other than how awkward it is reading about a character with the same name as my cat, I think the characters are all very cute. Maybe they don’t have perfect personalities but for being a very short series and only 33 chapters long for the main story it’s nicely done. The amount of salt I eat because of how naive Marietta is though is enough to balance out the sweetness of the main couple.

Marietta is a muscle fetishist princess who agrees to a diplomatic marriage with an overly stern General. Turns out he’s just her type because he’s got mega muscles. She lets him get away with anything and with her rose-tinted glasses, she’s not afraid of him for a majority of the book. She’s naive to the point of stupid though.

General Belvant is a stern, anti-social asura general that would probably break every bone in your body if you approach his cute wife. He’s stupid when it comes to women but his purported battle prowess is high enough to be a deterrent to other countries. He… might be dangerous in a different sense if we judge him by today’s standards 😅

Sierra/Adlan: This couple is the loyal maid of Marietta and General Belvant‘s aid/adjutent/whatever. Sierra is so protective and motherly towards Marietta she confronted Adlan about getting assistance in teaching Marietta about the bridal night… which sparked them becoming engaged after some non-descript sex. And Adlan is very into her, though its kind of sudden. Also Sierra is the name of my cat IRL but I didn’t register that until the chapter where Adlan had his way 😅


Short and sweet: Terribly so. There are 7 side chapters, with there only being 3 translated currently, and 33 main chapters. The first chapter describes Marietta finding out about her engagement, the second chapter about her leaving and from there the story truly unfolds. We find out that Belvant really tries to take it seriously but he’s afraid to hurt his soon-to-be wife. Where Marietta is gung-ho to love him from the onset and only falls deeper for him. Much like in Duke with Gynophobia you might puke sugar if you don’t mind the awkward adult scenes that pop up. It’s almost a novel that I would say would be way better without the adult nature because it fits Marietta’s personality but whatever.

A lot of the characters care for the main couple, with the exception of the plot required villains who wish the downfall of Marietta‘s tiny home country.

Their process in falling in love is a little fast, but not horribly rushed as far as I’m concerned. Mostly because you can see that Marietta is 100% pure in her intentions and that easily wins over the lacking in affection general.


Plot: A little cliche but a spin on it as not only is the princess a muscle fetishist, but the male lead is such a doting husband-to-be that he doesn’t particularly mind when his wife is turned into a nekomimi-catgirl… Also, it has a horse that works part-time as a bloodhound. And a muscle/war god that will give fertility up blessings and stamina blessings… because Marietta loves muscles so much and Belvant is such a war god in his own right that the god blesses them on their wedding… and everyone else in the capital.

Muscle/war gods are impressive, ok. I wish one would meet me but I neither like muscles that much nor am physically fit enough for one to be impressed. Woe is I.

Marietta Negatives


Naive Marietta: Marietta‘s naivete ticks me off. You’d think she’d be a bit more on guard about her own privacy, even if it is with Belvant considering the era that they are supposed to be in, however she isn’t. SHe allows him to fondle her chest and lets him do virtually whatever he wants to her body, merely thinking that she loves him and that he’s so dreamy. I don’t like that about her at all. I’m not saying that it’s a really bad trait but she’s naive to the point of being stupid in my opinion. Even after she reads an adult book that describes the actions in bed she’s too naive to understand the book completely. It’s almost to the level of a silly child, perhaps no older than 10, or even younger, in the body of an 18+-year-old.

Yes, Princesses are immature, but surely she’d have someone back home tell her what to expect during marriage and get her prepared for the nightlife between couples.

Even with daily stuff, she’s naive. She was portrayed as being simple but somehow clever in the first chapter. Aware of her place as a pawn for diplomacy, even suspecting that her husband would be a general as there’s no prince acceptable for marriage (as that country only has an available 6-year-old prince). However, after that, we don’t really see any real mature thought and she’s treated as a pet. It’s just about how attractive the muscle general is, or how great the muscle general is or how cool the muscle general is or— you get the point. She just loses any flavor besides overly-fluffy female lead.


Dreamy: Word of the day. It’s said so much it loses flavor. I almost thought at one time its the only word in her vocabulary and the author who jokes mid story only added more dialogue so it’s not just the word dreamy. I mean, I get it. You like muscles, they are handsome, but if its the author’s choice or the translator’s choice I nearly lost my mind. I don’t need to see the word Dreamy like 100+ times in a story when its only 33 chapters long. I feel disgusting whenever I overuse words, I mean, I know I do… I know, but…. dreamy.


Smut: I kind of feel like the story would advance more and be a lot better if it wasn’t so lewd. I really do. It just feels like a cheap shot or even downright wrong considering how childish the female lead is. Yes, it’s incredibly cute and as I’m reading it, it’s pleasant, but after I digested the story and thought about it over again…. it just left a bad taste in my mouth. Of course, I still enjoyed it.

Personal Impression:

It was a good, sweet, sickening story to read. The first chapter made me interested in the story and the innocent female lead kept me, but as the story progressed my feelings wavered a bit. I really liked how they interacted together when Belvant and Marietta were together, though her interactions when faced with any mature scenes, was just… too pure. As I had written earlier after I read it, it hit me why sometimes those scenes felt a bit off. The kind of stupid immaturity just wasn’t right. It didn’t flow with how I consider those scenes to be.

There wasn’t too much that was complicated in the story so it was very straight forward. I didn’t entirely appreciate how a couple characters were introduced like once or twice and ignored, even as short as it was… but maybe when the rest of the extras are translated we’ll find out more.

I won’t look at my cat the same way again, for multiple reasons…. or nekomimi-catgirl’s the same way again either. Belvant, why. I mean you didn’t do that to her as a cat but… you did that when she was a nekomimi, you coulda stopped it. Sure it was the answer, but you coulda stopped it. Doesn’t suit your style man.


4 thoughts on “Roll that Review: Marietta-hime no Konrei”

  1. To be honest, I pretty much agree with your assessment. Props to the translators for finishing it, but it was hard to read the more I read it. It couldn’t really catch my interests at the end, and I practically had to force myself to finish. Nice premise, but eh.


    1. I mean I did like it, and it was leagues better than the other novel I’d started reading that was recommended to me earlier that day… but… yeah, it was… kinda???? I dunno. you don’t see that kind of density often where it’s unbroken by literally ANYTHING.


  2. I had hoped that Marietta would have matured more as the story progressed. Although it did required time to adjust to some of her actions in the novel it was fun to read.


    1. Yeah, I would have really liked that as well. While it was incredibly cute to read her denseness could rival the density of the sun 😓


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