Master Devil Don't Kiss Me! | 恶魔少爷别吻我

Master Devil Don’t Kiss Me Chapters 319 & 320

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Laoda, We’re Going to Jail

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by greenapple and anks

TL Notes:

Idiom: when pigs fly- means something so absurd, it would never happen.

“Han Qilu!!!” Basa Li exclaims in excitement. She immediately looks back. It is so dark, she can’t see in front of her. By virtue of feeling, she tightly grabs his wrist.

“Ah, are you okay?”, says the man. Despite sounding cold, for Basa Li it’s the sweetest sound, the warmest voice!

“Qilu… huhuhu, I’m afraid, really afraid, and you’ve come. You’ve come.” Basa Li cries in his arms. She knows Han Qilu is her hero!

Although Basa Li is someone who is oftentimes haughty, this time, she is like a frightened general who can’t take any more stimulation!

“Ah,” he answers. Basa Li wants to pull out of his arms, but at this time, she is afraid of him disappearing, and that she’d be back to facing those horrible things… .

She won’t!

“Basa Li, let go!” he says.

“No, I won’t!” Basa Li shakes her head and doesn’t let go.

She is helpless. [She can tell] He’s rolling his eyes; she knows she’s dead weight. He knows she can wrap people up [around her finger]. This effort is big. It doesn’t seem so long before… .Finally, he forces her away, and Basa Li pulls out of his arms.

“Han Qilu… .” She cries like a baby. She is about to rush into his arms when… .


The piercing voice resounds through the library again.

Basa Li can’t imagine how she thought of help. The thing she held earlier… turned out to be a skull dripping something red. It made her faint!

When she thought her nerves have reached the limit, when she thought she was saved, she began to relax slowly. But all this time, she has never been out of danger. She’d only collapse when pigs fly!


The sound of cold wind blowing fills her ears. At that moment, the library lights up. A circle of white light, albeit dim, continues to close in on her… .

“Ghosts!!!” Basa Li shouts. This time, her voice sounds completely dumb, just like a rooster shouting. She looks like Sadako, which makes Meng Xiaonan laugh uncontrollably.

Fortunately, Mo Xinwei is beside her and kicks her fiercely so she can recover.


Meng Xiaonan looks fiercely at Mo Xinwei, letting her know she’s not happy with the kick.

Mo Xinwei wants to ignore her, but she’s happy to see the beautiful little bitch being filled with resentment and hatred. It needs to be recorded.

An Chuxia is bone white, with a wig, covering her face. Her hand is near Basa Li… .

“Basa Li, to take life, take life… .” A different sound emerges from her throat. The sound is very hoarse and strange….

“Ah!” Basa Li looks at her close up, blast out a final scream, and finally, she loses consciousness.


Meng Xiaonan, who was watching from the side, cries out!!!

Laoda, we killed her. We’re going to jail. Finished. We need to go!!!” Meng Xiaonan jumps out of her spot, shouting.

As she roars, everyone’s lips start twitching again.




Hypocritical An Chuxia

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by greenapple

Note: I think someone’s head is getting big with Xiaonan’s accidental greeting!

An Chuxia ignores Meng Xiaonan. She reaches for the switches and turns all the lights on.

All of a sudden, the whole library is bright, and everything is exposed.

Several people are close to Basa Li  and witness her collapse to the floor. Her cherubic face is ghastly pale and scared. She’s breathing faintly… at least, that’s what they think.

“YES, success!” Mo Xinwei is excited, making a V gesture.

She has waited this long to get rid of this wretched woman. Ugh! Now she has to scramble to get Qilu? Go to hell!

Once they’ve confirmed Basa Li isn’t dead, Meng Xiaonan cheers and stays in place. In her excitement, she almost tossed the prop. But this is her favorite skull. She would like to keep it!

The skull, well, it’s a prop with blood. Well, it’s actually ketchup!

Meng Xiaonan feels bad about [wasting food] so she licks the head covered with ketchup. With a helpless tone, she says, “This is cheap. You can tell from the ketchup’s acidity it’s expired.”

Meng Xiaonan vents, and An Chuxia has long since calmed down. But Mo Xinwei and Taoqiu’s mouths are still distorted.

“An Chuxia, I never knew you’re so ruthless. You gave her hope, then dashed it away. You’re really ruthless,” Mo Xinwei says while holding on to the recorder.

They recorded Han Qilu’s voice, and the person Basa Li was holding on to, of course, is An Chuxia!

“I’m not one to be trifled with.” An Chuxia says calmly.

Others won’t mess with her. She isn’t one to naturally deal with people, but if others mess with her head, sorry. She will let that person know that she isn’t a wuss.

Meng Xiaonan hears An Chuxia and Mo Xinwei’s conversation, and it makes her laugh. Her boss is very clever, and that’s why she is elevated to an even higher pedestal in her mind.

Basa Li unknowingly provoked the wrong person.

“Let’s pack up this stuff and go,” An Chuxia says as she stands up. She suddenly feels light after taking care of Basa Li.

After some time, the library is back to normal and they part ways.

Basa Li still lays in the same spot… unconscious.

An Chuxia thought about calling Han Qilu, allowing him in.

But then, when An Chuxia reaches the school gates and was about to call him… .

“Boss, boss, boss… .” Meng Xiaonan stabs An Chuxia in the arm like a general.

At this point, An Chuxia takes out her mobile phone, rummages through her contact list, and calls Han Qilu so he can carry Basa Li home. She pretends to ignore Meng Xiaonan, but what she doesn’t realize is her friend has stopped pestering her.


“Hi, An Chuxia’s future husband!” Meng Xiaonan waves at Han Qilu as she approaches him.

It didn’t take long for him to hear such profound words. The statement, An Chuxia’s future husband, carries such destructive power!

An Chuxia’s hand stiffens as she hears Meng Xiaonan. She faces Han and says faintly, “Basa Li is in the library.”

Han Qilu knows she wanted to rectify the Basa Li issue. She didn’t hide anything.

Chuxia wonders: Will he be angry?

Since she admitted she likes him, An Chuxia is definitely a hypocrite. She says a lot of things freely as before, but now, it’s proving to be difficult!

“Ah, I know.” Han Qilu answers, his disposition is light like the wind and the sky.


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15 thoughts on “Master Devil Don’t Kiss Me Chapters 319 & 320”

  1. Qilu will definitely start to like MXN just because of how she calls him… LOL
    The seabass definitely barked at the wrong tree. Bullying Chuxia is like awaking a sleeping lion.
    Thanks for the chapters!

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  2. Thanks for the chapters💕
    I really thought It was HQL…really nice to know that was AC’X’s part of torturing BL.
    I really hope BL will really get sick and died so she will be out of the picture fast…LOL ( sorry! bad on my part ✌️)

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