Master Devil Don't Kiss Me! | 恶魔少爷别吻我

Master Devil Don’t Kiss Me Chapters 293 & 294

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Lost An Chuxia (Part III)

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

The girl shakes her head and says, “Nothing happened. I was in her class today, and she left her belongings behind. When she didn’t come back, I was told to bring her items over. Where does she sit?”

The girls in the classroom stare at each other, and the one closest to the entrance gets up and walks toward the girl. “Hand it over, and sorry for troubling you.”

After thanking the girl, the girls look through An Chuxia’s belongings on the table. Lixiya sighs. “Look, it’s true. An Chuxia-mei left after finishing the language exam.”

After listening to this, manhua girl suddenly feels unhappy. She says gravely, “You think I lied to you? That you won’t believe me? Forget it. I’m leaving. It probably isn’t anything. Maybe young master took her home.”

The girls take their school bags out of their drawers as they drag their feet towards the entrance of the classroom. Just then, Ling Hanyu appears. Surprise flashes on the girls’ faces. One girl tightens her hold on her book bag before smiling shyly. “Master Hanyu, you… you are here… is there… something we can help you with?”

There is something slightly off about Ling Hanyu’s face. His backpack is slung over his right shoulder. His hand, holding it securely. On his left hand is his Stein jacket. His chest rises and falls as he breathes. An observant person can tell he’s been running. He surveys the room before focusing on manhua girl. “Did you see An Chuxia?”

The sudden reprieve Fei Lixiya felt is now gone. Before manhua girl can talk to Ling Hanyu, she asks, “You haven’t seen An Chuxia-mei either, master Hanyu?”

The question immediately makes Ling Hanyu’s heart jump. He’s been waiting for her in the car in front of the school, but hasn’t seen her in ten minutes. He thought she was in the library. When he didn’t find her there, he asked the librarians if they’ve seen her. After hearing Lixiya’s statement, he knows An Chuxia’s gone missing.

“What do you mean?” He raises his eyebrows slightly. “Does… .”

Fei Lixiya starts from the beginning and recounts An Chuxia’s disappearance. After the confession, Ling Hanyu’s face turns cold and dark. Ling Hanyu’s face, which is known for its Zheng tai features, is infected with the coldness Han Qilu sports.

“She’s gone,” Ling Hanyu frowns. “Did anyone try and find her?”

The girls shake their heads.

“Would you spare me your time? Help me find her. I was waiting for her at the school gate, and I asked the security guard if he has seen her. He said he hasn’t. This tells me she’s still in the school. I’m worried something happened to her.” Ling Hanyu’s face gets darker and darker.


Ling Hanyu’s Despair

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

No one dares to disobey the orders of any of the three main masters of Stein. None of the girls dare not to refuse Ling Hanyu’s plea.

“We have time!” The girls with the cleaning materials throw their gear on the ground and run out with Ling Hanyu with much enthusiasm. For them, Ling Hanyu’s command can’t be broken; it’s considered an honor to work for him. They look for An Chuxia with fervor.

Only manhua girl looks confused. Ling Hanyu takes a look at her and sends her away. The girl is grateful, since she is signed up to get a newly released comic by her favorite illustrator. She’s waited a long time for this, and since she was fascinated by the manhua she was reading, she didn’t hear her alarm. Now the book signing is about to end and if she doesn’t leave now, she’ll be late. She doesn’t want to miss this opportunity.

Ling Hanyu points to her head as she shoots him a sincere look. He says it doesn’t matter if she leaves. As a comic book fan, he understands that comics are life. His favorite cartoonist is god, so he understands her completely.

After rounding up several people, Ling Hanyu rushes the left hallway. He is responsible for the area from the library to the student gym. However, at his hurried pace, he only takes a few moments to stop.

It takes him long enough to take his cell phone from his pocket. He doesn’t know why he didn’t want to contact Han Qilu. In his heart, he didn’t want to tell him An Chuxia has gone missing. He really doesn’t understand why, but he wanted to personally find her.

In fact, while he waited for An Chuxia by the school entrance, he met up with Han Qilu. What he saw was indifference. Basa Li followed him. She wasn’t wearing a school uniform, and she was coquettish. Glancing at her made him sick, but he didn’t say anything. Instead, he got into the car and read while waiting.

But as he passed by Han Qilu, he hears him whisper, “Take care of An Chuxia this time.”

Ling Hanyu was paralyzed by those words. Devoid of emotion, he shrugged his shoulders and continued walking until he and Basa Li got into the car and got driven away.

He scrolls through his contact list until he reaches Han Qilu’s name. His finger stiffens as he feels the phone’s coolness against skin. He takes a deep breath and grips the phone. Then, he shoves the device back into his pocket. He doesn’t call Han Qilu, but he decides to walk up the stairs.

The temperature dips as the sun sets. The night starts to emerge. The sun hasn’t completely disappeared, but the moon on the other side has risen mid-air.

He has been through the alley four or five times. He has looked carefully around each tree trunk. Alas, An Chuxia’s shadow is nowhere to be seen.

In the end, he’s exhausted. His white uniform shirt is tightly pressed against the flesh on his back, sweaty. He looks up at the sky, and the sun finally sets.

Even though the moon is bright, there aren’t many stars, and the cold is starting to make him feel desperate.

“Did you find her?” He asks, as he returns downstairs. The three shake their head in panic. He sits on the floor and rests.


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    1. Without a doubt in my mind, her chances to survive are getting pretty slim.
      Hanyu didn’t call Qilu …not just because he didn’t want Qilu to be angry. He wants to be Chuxia’s hero.

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