Master Devil Don't Kiss Me! | 恶魔少爷别吻我

Master Devil Don’t Kiss Me Chapters 267 & 268

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Not To Live Happy

Happy Hump Day! And Happy summer to all those who just got out of school. Hope you’re all enjoying some well-deserved break from studying.

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Now that announcements have been made, let’s see what’s in store for the Stein students.

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

TN: Fei Lixiya is exaggerating that a field trip is “wild”. Anything outdoorsy to her (or perceived as exercise) is torture. This is why her volunteering to run with An Chuxia when she arrived in school is considered the strong bond that binds her with Chuxia.

“What?” An Chuxia’s voice is slightly hoarse, exaggerating to scare Fei Lixiya. Did she say something she shouldn’t? Is this field trip also taboo?

But ah, the class teacher announced this!

Fei Lixiya shakes her head, pulling a napkin from the drawer to wipe off the sweat from her forehead. “This is torture. Look at my body. With this wild adventure, it’s simply irrational!”

A drop of sweat forms on An Chuxia’s forehead. Fei Lixiya looks around. She’s not what someone would call fat, but she really can’t be called slim.

Fei Lixiya knows she shouldn’t be afraid of the field trip but she’s afraid of exercising since she’s fat. An Chuxia shakes her head, lowers it, and says, “Fei Lixiya, but participating in this big adventure would be valuable. Like… it will help you lose weight. You may not be fat, but if you’re going to be lazy, sooner or later, you will actually become fat.”

Fei Lixiya shakes her head in indifference. “I don’t care whether I’m fat or not. It won’t comfort me. I know I’m fat, and I’ll stay this way whether I participate or not! By the way, An Chuxia, this activity is a waste of time. You might as well buy snacks, lie in bed, and watch cartoons.”

After listening to what she said, An Chuxia remains silent. After all, people are free to participate, or not. She doesn’t have the power to interfere.

But as she thinks about it, Fei Lixiya’s words are not entirely without reason. Regular schools won’t have the ability to do something like this. This is just an excuse for rich kids to have fun. She’s here to live, not to have fun and play. She needs to live her mother’s dream.

She might as well not go. Meng Xiaonan would probably want to go shopping, while she does homework. It can also be an opportunity to find a temporary job and earn extra money.

She listens to the class teacher while pondering her thoughts.

“The field trip will be attended by the middle school and high school students. Everyone should go, but if you don’t want to participate, you must get your parents to give us a call or sign you out from school as vacation time. You can also do self-study. Don’t stir up trouble at home. Do your homework.”

Fei Lixiya’s eyes light up, grinning happily. “Long live the teacher!”

Teacher Qing Ke asks, “I need to know how many individuals don’t want to attend the field trip.”

Fei Lixiya quickly raises her hand, followed by a few more people. As the teacher counts, An Chuxia raises her hand. Fei Lixiya is surprised, but she doesn’t ask.




Draw a Relationship

Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

 The students sitting to her right asks her why. An Chuxia winks and says, “I’m not sure why I raised my hand. Today isn’t the final count. I still have time to change my mind.”

She can kill two birds with one stone, but they won’t ask.

“A total of seven people. Go back to your parents and have them call me. My phone number is xxxxxxx. Don’t blame me if your parents say they weren’t told in advance.”

The school bell rings, and the teacher and the students leave the classroom. An Chuxia casually picks up her belongings before walking out of the classroom. Xiao Mingluo happens to be waiting for her at the door.

An Chuxia asks him, “Are we meeting with those two girls? I have something to do today. I have to eat lunch at the Hans. We have to move quickly.”

Xiao Mingluo casually drapes his arm over her shoulder and softly says, “Then you have to take me with you. Ah, rest assured, it won’t take more than ten minutes. My ability to dump girls is effective and effortless. Let’s go!”

They take the stairs together. She wants to throw off his hand, but since she’s posing as his girlfriend, she must resist.

Mingluo has chosen a rather secluded spot to meet with Ou Yang and her sister, but that means Xiao Mingluo has to take her closer to the school gate. At first, she didn’t notice, but as soon as they approach the entrance, her chest tightens in panic.

She moves her head slightly to look at Xiao Mingluo. Her lips tremble. “Xiao Mingluo, don’t tell me we are going to talk to them by the school gate.” It looks like she’ll definitely get killed!

He feigns innocence and replies, “Are you telling me, at the last minute, you won’t support me? I will die a miserable… .”

He pretends to be on the verge of tears. An Chuxia’s eyes jump, unable to refuse his request. However, she remains silent. Xiao Mingluo thought she would back out. He immediately says, “Don’t worry about the rumors. Many people already know you’re not the Han Group’s soulmate. Yes, it’s that Basa Li girl. So no one will say you are cheating!”

With those words. He unwittingly hurt An Chuxia’s heart. Her brow slightly furrows. The act may have been subtle, but Xiao Mingluo still caught it.

But it’s something she has to endure, despite not saying it. As the saying goes, there is a rainbow after the storm. Sure enough, An Chuxia looks at him firmly. “You’re mistaken. I didn’t mean I didn’t want to help you. Let’s go.”

Truly, she doesn’t have any relations with Han Qilu. Han Qilu can head home in time, and she will be able to call Jiang Yuan and let her know… that’s how she’ll mark her relationship with the Hans.

Today, she will break her word to Han, and repay it later.

As she thought, more and more people begin to notice her and Xiao Mingluo together. Chatter goes around the people heading towards the parked cars. An Chuxia being next to Xiao Mingluo, no doubt, has attracted everyone’s attention.


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15 thoughts on “Master Devil Don’t Kiss Me Chapters 267 & 268”

  1. 😂😂😂😂 can’t stop laughing by thinking what if Qilu happens to hear them when they are chasing away those girls??? Murder!!!! That’s the answer fellow readers! I don’t think Qilu will able to stand it! He is definitely gonna loose it! 😌😌

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  2. Since the field trip keeps being mentioned, I’m assuming Chuxia would end up going anyway? After all, the universe (and mostly HQL) keeps dragging her to do things she planned against. 😂

    “It looks like she’ll definitely get killed!” — lmao at Chuxia’s thoughts. HQL better be there, I’m prepared to watch a chaos unfold. prayer circle for XML and his brave soul

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    1. XML is one cat who has used more than his share of 9 lives. Let’s see if he can stand his reputation being called a player. Would Chuxia be able to take it especially with QL or Basa Li close by. 😈

      Oh, field trip. Let’s see what kind of wild adventure it actually brings! Should Chuxia go? 🤔🤔🤔

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      1. I…didn’t even consider the possibility of Basa Li being there dhfasdjfhg but now that you mentioned it, jsdfkajsdghf I don’t wanna know anymore! 😂 Should I wait like 10+ chapters so I could save myself from a Basa Li migraine?

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        1. As a fanfic writer, I always make sure the nemesis is always around in pivotal moments like this. With that being said, you can expect she’d be around to gloat.

          As for skipping chapters… yes, seabass is going to be present, but I suggest sitting down with a bucket of popcorn while reading. Just saying…. 😊😁😝

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        2. I’ve sat down through 200+ chapters of HQL and ACX taking leaps into their relationship only to take twice more leaps backwards. I think I’d be able to handle a little bit more seabass; a furiously jealous HQL would be enough motivation for me to go on. hahaha (I guess we’re in for a heck of a ride considering your suggestion of popcorn. Oh well, I’d pitch a tent too if I have to. XD)

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