Master Devil Don't Kiss Me! | 恶魔少爷别吻我

Master Devil Don’t Kiss Me Chapters 247 & 248

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Our Class Is Really Clever

Another roller coaster ride is in front of us. Hold on to your seats, MDDKM fans!

Translated by nightcache

Edited and proofread by greenapple and anks

As Meng Xiaonan’s father walks away, An Chuxia stares at her friend with displeasure. “I know you don’t have a good impression of your father, but don’t do that to him. He’s trying to be good to you. If I was your father, I would’ve slapped you for your attitude. Anyway, what kind of card did he give you? I mean, does it have a lot of money?”

Meng Xiaonan rarely looks sad, but her expression disappears quickly. She reacts to what her friend says. “Laoda, it’s not good to constantly think about money. It’s not good. I know you’re short on money, but don’t… . Let me treat you to lunch.”

Nodding thoughtfully, An Chuxia opens her phone and glances at the screen. “I’ve got 10 minutes before classes start, and today’s the city exam. I’m leaving first. Remember, I’m in Year 1, Class A. Come find me, okay?”

“Go! Oh wait! I’m going to class too!” Meng Xiaonan cunningly looks at her and lies. “Oh, how clever! I’m also in Class A!” She really isn’t, but she’ll get permission from the principal to be in the same class.

An Chuxia is stunned for a few seconds before her eyes light up. “This is great! You have to give me full test scores in three subjects, or you’re going to hell… .”

“No, no!” she screams down the walkway.

A few minutes later, An Chuxia walks into the classroom with Meng Xiaonan, laughing. What they see are heads down, engrossed in reviewing, or doing exercises. The sight is incredible.

Meng Xiaonan pauses. She feels the Royal College’s study atmosphere is great. She sees An Chuxia move toward the podium. Suddenly, she feels like the odd one out.

“Everyone, this is… .” An Chuxia’s eyes looks around the classroom.

The students immediately pipe down. An Chenchuan stands up and smiles at her. “We know this exam is very important to our class. It’s a rare opportunity for us to give the class a face-lift. We will work harder.”

“But…,” a girl whispers. “The exams have suddenly been moved up.We’re extremely worried that we might not test that well now. The time is too short, and we’re quite anxious about it…. .”

The other students nod, worried. An Chuxia smiles and says with a soothing voice, “Whatever the outcome, you have worked hard getting to this point. As long as you have worked hard, you won’t fail. Okay?”

“That’s right!” the class says in unison. The class bell rings, and the class teacher appears by the door. He pulls Meng Xiaonan onto the podium, while An Chuxia heads to her seat.

“Students, you have a new classmate. Please, introduce yourself.” The teacher smiles at her kindly.

Meng Xiaonan nods her head before looking at the class. “Hello everyone, my name is Jiangnan. But I prefer being called Xiaonan. The name isn’t cute but handsome. Isn’t it more meaningful?”

A burst of laughter erupts in class, followed by the sound of a fist hitting the table.

Compared to Xiaonan’s introduction, Year 2 Class A’s wasn’t as funny.

“Hello, everyone. I’m Basa Li. I’m from Switzerland, but my mother is Chinese. As you can see, I am… Han Qilu’s fiancee. So, girls, stay away from Han Qilu. Otherwise, I’ll be very angry.”




Strangle Her

Translated by nightcache

Edited and proofread by greenapple and anks

Year 2 Class A immediately falls into silence. Ling Hanyu looks indifferent, but at the same time, he closes the comic book when Xiao Mingluo says, “Today’s gonna be fun.”

Taking a big gulp, Xiao Mingluo, who knows nothing about any of this, suddenly reacts. He looks straight at Han Qilu. The party doesn’t show any intention to refute the meaning, but leans back against the backrest, looking blankly out the window.

“Hey, mentally handicapped, what’s going on?” Xiao Mingluo whispers to Ling Hanyu. “Why isn’t Han Qilu refuting this? Or going to that foreigner and strangling her!”

Ling Hanyu is indifferent. He stretches and softly yawns. “Because it’s true.”

Basa Li’s remarks pass over Year 2’s head. She pauses before lowering her head and walking to the back of the class.

“Well, Basa Li, go find yourself an empty seat,” The teacher says, pointing to the fourth row with vacant seats. Basa shows her dissatisfaction.

She reaches an empty seat next to Han Seoksung when she exclaims, “Teacher, there’s an empty seat in the second row. Also, I’m Han Qilu’s fiancee. Shouldn’t I sit next to him?”

The students hold their breaths, waiting for Han Qilu to be furious. However… there’s dead silence. Han Qilu silently looks out the window. It seems like something is about to happen.

The teacher breaks the tension. Basa Li proudly faces Han Qilu and sits next to him when he gets up from his seat. “I’m going to the toilet.”

As he finishes his statement, he glances at Basa Li and shoots her a warning glare instead of immediately grabbing her and shoving her away. Xiao Mingluo parrots Qilu. “Teacher, I also need to go to the toilet.”

As he says that, he yanks Ling Hanyu who is getting ready to sleep. “Why are you pulling me? I don’t need to go to the toilet. I don’t need to urinate!”

“You have to urinate!” Xiao Mingluo raises his head and smiles. “Don’t you, Hanyu student?”

Ling Hanyu glares at Xiao Mingluo before nodding and following him out.

The class teacher pushes his glasses on the bridge of his nose to hide his embarrassment. “Well, we should be receiving a SMS notification. The City Exam dates have been moved up. We came to know that someone had leaked the test.”

Once the teacher leaves, the class immediately begins to gossip enthusiastically. The topic is Basa Li, and her relationship with Han Qilu. Some people scoff at the idea. Some dismiss it. And some are jealous of it… .

Of course, there are other people… .

“Are you kidding me?” Mo Xinwei stopped applying her eyeliner midway to listen. It’s no wonder, Taoqiu burst into the classroom to tell her a foreigner wearing a Stein uniform had announced she’s Han Qilu’s fiancee. Anyone who hears it won’t believe it.

Taking advantage of the teacher’s absence in the classroom and the chaos erupting, Taoqiu looks around before lowering her voice again to whisper, “Not unless I heard wrong. If you don’t believe me, go to class A and see for yourself.”

Taking Taoqiu’s advice, Mo Xinwei slowly puts down the eyeliner. Her glare sharpens.


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  1. This Seabass Li, whrn will you stop torturing us author? Thanks for not breaking your laptop yet while trying to translate the chapter @newbienoona, or else without a closure on this crap I might forever get indigestion after dinner!

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    1. Oh my @riz, I have to walk away several times while translating. I also give @nightcache much kudos for translating a good portion of this. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have survived this ordeal.
      Hope you digest your food well. Unfortunately, seabass isn’t leaving soon enough.

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  2. [As he says that, he yanks Ling Hanyu who is getting ready to sleep. “Why are you pulling me? I don’t need to go to the toilet. I don’t need to urinate!”
    “You have to urinate!” Xiao Mingluo raises his head and smiles. “Don’t you, Hanyu student?”]

    ~ hahahahaha this here cracked me up.. who says it’s just girls who always go to the toilet in a flock.

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