When A Snail Falls in Love| 如果蜗牛有爱情

When a Snail Falls in Love Chapter 67.2

We are almost wrapping up this novel. We are looking at a couple  of options for our new project and libramuse has found the sequel of Love Me If You Dare. Anyone interested ?

Chapter 67.2- The Official Conclusion

When Ji Bai entered the lounge, he saw this gang of rascals raptly looking at Yao Meng outside the glass walls, engaged in a heated discussion.

On seeing Ji Bai, someone immediately asked: “Third Ji Young Master, who is she? Your sister-in-law?”

The truth wasn’t that they were unaccustomed to beauty. Every eye present had been ‘poisoned’ (by too much beauty), which beautiful woman had ever escaped their notice? However, it was precisely because of this that Yao Meng’s beauty was unique in their eyes: her heroic spirit shone through her bright beauty, yet there was a trace of devastation in her gentleness, which gave her a mysterious aura. Men were most tempted/fearful of mysterious women, the more inscrutable the mystery, the less they were able to resist its allure. Added to this was the setting of the situation, Yao Meng’s sudden appearance had been a nice surprise, and everyone had felt the disturbing impact.

Ji Bai glanced at Yao Meng. Since the conclusion of Lin Qingyan’s case six months ago, she had kept a very low profile. Thus he replied: “She is Xu Xu’s friend, don’t disturb her.”

Everyone burst into hearty laughter, and someone said: “Too late! Monkey’s already gone!”

Ji Bai frowned. Scanning the surroundings, he was unable to locate Monkey. (sentence not translated, see note) He definitely could not let him disturb Yao Meng. However, at this time, the guests were arriving in a steady stream, and Ji Bai had to be on hand to greet them. He thus waved his hand: “I’m not joking – someone go and stop him for me!”

Whatever task he assigned this little group, he was sure to have results. Immediately, several people stood up. Shuhang, who had been quietly sipping his tea, also got up: “I’ll go.”

Shuhang was reliable, so Ji Bai relaxed, nodded, and walked outside with him. They parted at the corridor, going in two different directions. Shuhang took two steps forward, then turned to ask: “How should I address the lady?”

Ji Bai was busy greeting several colleagues from the police station, and glanced sideways at him to reply: “Yao Meng.”


Shuhang was familiar with Monkey’s temperament. Monkey quickly moved towards Yao Meng. A few metres away from her, he found a waiter and took two glasses of wine in his hands.

“Ji Bai is looking for you, something urgent, go quickly.” Shuhang told him sternly.

Monkey looked dubious. He gave the wine glasses back to the waiter and followed him back. At the door of the lounge, Shuhang stopped while Monkey went straight ahead.

“I’ve caught him. You’re not allowed to go outside,” said Shuhang. The men inside laughed as Monkey returned to the table as Shuhang turned to go back outside. Someone asked, “Brother Shu, where are you going?”

Shuhang answered: “Ji Bai asked me to help.”

He walked briskly, returning to the pool and asked for two glasses of wine from the waiter. He took the two wine glasses to Yao Meng. Everyone in the lounge was stunned. After a while, they saw Yao Meng politely turn him down as she smiled and turned away. Shuhang strode faster, trying to keep up with her. A raffish smile hung in his face, “Hey, hey , don’t go …”


This baby’s Full Moon celebration went without a hitch. Whether it was their police colleagues, Ji Bai’s close childhood friends, or Xu Xu’s haughty classmate from the Police Academy, everyone was in high spirits. The fair, fat and pink baby only made a brief appearance, but brought an unconscious smile to everyone’s face and everybody cheered.

Ji Bai’s father and brothers had come as well and Ji Bai had arranged for them to sit in a separate room. Although Mrs Ji had not come, she had Ji Bai’s father bring a red envelope over, and also gave Xu Xu a set of jewelry.

Xu Xu also understood Ji Bai’s view and she realised that there was no need to be too eager and impatient to win over her mother-in-law. Together with Ji Bai, she called his mother. Their conversation was polite and peaceful. The rest they could only wait and see.

Time flies, in the twinkling of an eye it had already been two months since the baby’s birth.

Xu Jun had also been discharged from the hospital. Although he had lost a bit of weight, he was in high spirits/his spirit was full of vigour. Just behind the hairline, there was a dull, red scar. Every time Xu Xu brushed back his hair to see it, she would feel a dull heartache. Thus Xu Jun would try to comfort her. “I am blessed to survive, your brother had very good luck.”

It was a Saturday, and Ji Bai was still working overtime. Xu Xu was still on maternity leave, and was at home with with Xu Jun and the baby.

In fact, as long as it was a weekend, Xu Jun would spend his time here and take complete charge of the baby. Seeing Xu Jun liked his nephew so much, naturally Xu Xu allowed them to spend time together.

When Ji Bai came home from work, he saw Xu Xu with one hand in her pocket and the other hand holding a dirty diaper. She was standing to the side, smiling. Xu Jun was bending down, his handsome face solely focused on changing the diaper for the baby.

Ji Bai greeted Xu Jun, then pulled Xu Xu’s hand and took her to the bedroom. After giving birth, Xu Xu had put on a little weight and her skin seemed fairer. In Ji Bai’s eyes, she looked cuter than before. Whenever he saw her smiling, Ji Bai felt very … impulsively he kissed her.

As he pressed her against the door and kissed her, Xu Xu’s face turned crimson, “Elder brother is still outside.”

Ji Bai buried his face between her neck and shoulder, “He is busy.”


Although Xu Jun liked his nephew a lot, he was conscious of not appearing as a third wheel between husband and wife. Seeing that Ji Bai was back, he left soon after. He had also put the baby to sleep. He was really a filial brother and uncle.

The night was cool and quiet. Ji Bai finished his work in the study and came back to the bedroom. He saw Xu Xu sitting by the table, perusing a pile of files, her face serious.

The files were what he had promised to bring back from the police station at Xu Xu‘s request. Since the Ling Qingyan case, Xu Xu had not been exposed to any criminal case for more than half a year. In her own words, “It’s almost suffocating.”

She looked very focused as she didn’t even hear Ji Bai come into the room. Ji Bai looked at her and began to undress.

Soon, clad only in a pair of shorts, Ji Bai slowly walked over. Both of his arms hugged her from behind as he bowed forward and whispered in her ear, “Isn’t there anything else you want to do?”

Xu Xu looked up at him, startled.

The yellowish light created a halo around his head. His sharp-featured face was close to hers. Under the lamplight, his tall body looked slender and flexible. Every inch was muscular, and she felt a faint heat in her body

Xu Xu’s face turned slightly red. They did it rarely during her pregnancy. From late pregnancy to the present, they were both careful to maintain self-control.

Of course, it was now allowed.

Ji Bai saw that she had received the signal. Satisfied, he picked up a towel from the shelf. “I will go take a bath.”

He went into the bathroom. Xu Xu thought for a moment. Her mind was distracted from the files at hand. She opened the closet and began to look for her pajamas … … Well, there was a long drought before the rain and dry wood would catch fire instantly. There was a need to liven things up. She held up several sets for comparison. Suddenly, the sounds of the bath’s faucet in the bathroom stopped. Ji Bai’s voice came, “Wife, I forgot the towel.”

“Oh.” Xu Xu just wanted to get up to find him a towel when she suddenly remembered – he had just taken a towel into the bathroom.

Xu Xu could not help but laugh – his ploy was really too obvious. She looked down at the several sets of maternity pajamas strewn on the bed – which one should she wear? ——

When they moved in together, Ji Bai specifically had a large bath tub installed so that Xu Xu and he had enough space to bathe together. Listening carefully to the sounds Xu Xu was making, he continued to lean against the bathtub, his arms along the edge of the bathtub. He waited patiently.

After a while, he heard the light and familiar footsteps of Xu Xu approaching. After all, he had been patient for half a year. As he looked at the door, Ji Bai felt heat creep up his body and his throat becoming dry.

The door was pushed open and Xu Xu came in.

One glance and the anxious feeling in Ji Bai’s body became stronger and exploded.

From top to bottom, Xu Xu’s body was only covered by a bath towel. Her body looked whiter than the towel. With a blushing face, she came to him, “Here! Take the towel.”

A deep smile flashed in Ji Bai’s eyes. All of a sudden, he rose from the water, picked up Xu Xu and closed the bathroom door.

They tangled together in the bathroom.

By the time they were done, it was almost midnight. Perfectly content, Ji Bai continued to push down Xu Xu’s body and delicately kiss her all over.

After a while, recalling something, Xu Xu said, “Shuhang has been pursuing Yao Meng for a month.” Feeling slightly surprised, she asked, “Why didn’t he return to Beijing?”

“His company’s has a project in Lin City recently,” he said, adding that Shuhang had already been rejected ten times by Yao Meng.

Xu Xu nodded: “Ok.” She thought for a bit, sighed and asked, “Do you think they are right for each other?”

Ji Bai did not answer this question directly, but said: “Shuhang talks too much, but he thinks more deeply than anyone else I know. Whether they are appropriate or not is their problem.” He paused a bit and said, “ It may not be appropriate now, but Yao Meng can always move forward.”


Translated by: Miumiu, shl

Edited by: Libramuse

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    1. Yes we have a chapter 68 and I think seven short stories that we will translate before starting on the next project. And by the way, I am not the only translator. Shl is the other translator and libramuse is the editor who keeps us all sane 😁😁


  4. Thank you everyone for translating this wonderful novel. I read Love Me if You Dare, so I’m definitely interested in the sequel or anything Ding Mo.

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  5. Thanks Miumiu and Shl, as well as Libramuse, for your hard work. You give us the opportunity to enjoy great novels.
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  6. They have come so far! We have come so far! It’s a little sad to let them go, but all good things must come to an end… To think it all started with a pack of ‘dumplings’? 😉

    Love me if you Dare has already been translated by another site and it’s a complete translation with the side stories and everything, so I was wondering if you guys can consider You Dare Marry Me, I Dare Marry You by Xin Xin Xiang Rong? I really want to read it but no one has translated it yet… :/

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  10. Thank you so much for the translations!!! ^_^v

    I was really looking forward to a good conclusion from the previous case. But it somewhat feels like I was left hanging. What exactly happened to Lin Qinyang? Why did he become a psychopath? I wanted to know the exact reason as to why he became like that, though we have explanations in chapter 66, it was still vague. Then there’s Feng Ye as well… what happened to him? Was he released from being a suspect? It’s a plot hole I’d like to have a concrete resolution.

    I really hope your team translates the sequel for Love Me if You Dare. You guys give out wonderful translations, it’s a joy to read. Thanks again!!!

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