The Daily Record of Secretly Loving the Male Idol|男神暗恋日记

Male God Chapter 19.1

Minodayz : The Ruan siblings seem to be putting our group on the spot and relationships seem to move a little. It’s back to the sickbay for someone and feelings are getting nailed a little. Those 2 + 2 issues are increasing as competition brings out feelings we like expressed – well… we hope for it be expressed. Wink wink….

maripaz: Just a reminder that we are in the process of renumbering the chapters so that they match the chapters in the original novel. This post’s chapter 26 corresponds to the first part of chapter 19 in the novel. Enjoy~~

Chapter 19.1 : So it seems

Translated by Minodayz
Edited by maripaz, Librismuse & Miss Bookie

After lunch, the group walked back to class for afternoon lessons. Someone gave Ruan Nuonuo’s shoulder a tap. When she turned around, her eyes met with Ruan Mingxian’s, who just happened to be passing by. There was a look of happiness in Ruan Nuonuo’s eyes that could not be contained, and Ruan Mingxian gave a lopsided smile. Then he lazily walked past her group, ruffling Ruan Nuonuo’s carefully parted hair along the way.

Peng Zige was a tad confused. “Do you guys have some sort of secret code?”

Ruan Mingxian, who hadn’t walked too far off, heard his comment. He didn’t hesitate to turn back and spotted Li Erqin standing in the middle of her group of friends, quietly looking back at him.

He unconsciously curved his mouth even more and threw a wink her way.

With this action, Peng Zige no longer viewed it as some silent code. “Li Erqin, he’s dallying (toying) with you!”

Li Erqin: “Actually, I think he is dallying (toying) with you.”

At this time, Rong Si gently patted her head. “Let’s go.”

“Oh.” Her face suddenly felt hot, and her heart blossomed like a grove of flowers.

(Minodayz: Ahhh my dear LEQ – thou heart speakth but thou hearest not! lol)

The second period of the afternoon was with the form teacher. He announced with a pained expression, “Next week is the monthly exam. And what have you all been doing every day? Don’t you feel a sense of urgency? Once this monthly exam is over, the final exams are just one month away. What does the final exam mean? It determines just what kind of results you can show to your family and friends when you go home! When I came by at noon time, there wasn’t a single person in this class revising! Just where did you all go?”

His tirade was met with silence.

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Peng Zige replied without thinking, “Teacher, we were having lunch at the cafeteria.”

The form teacher’s face reflected his disbelief. It was unclear whether he didn’t believe that they were having lunch at the cafeteria or that Peng Zige would so flippantly reply to his rhetorical question.

However, wasn’t a question meant to be answered?

Li Erqin looked at the reddened face of the form teacher and seriously pondered this question.

(Minodayz: my word, you 2 are just too hilarious to boot!!! A day in class with you two would have me in non stop stitches or probably like ‘LEQ of the past’ be sent out of class! ROFL!!!)

“Peng Zige! The last exams, your results dropped. I haven’t had a chance to speak with you about it!”

At this point, Peng Zige was finally clued into his faux pas. He lowered his head and stuck out his tongue at Rong Si.

Meanwhile, Rong Si was lazily holding his chin. His mind was totally not in sync with the form teacher.

Peng Zige secretly observed the form teacher’s reaction and waited for him to turn his attention towards someone else before quietly jabbing Rong Si’s elbow, “Ah Si, what are you thinking?”

“Nothing much.”

Rong Si snapped back to attention. His eyes casually swept past the back of Li Erqin’s fair neck, and he paused momentarily before turning back to the crowded formula table/revision papers on his desk.

At the moment, there was this thing or person that presented a big question/problem to him. It was a question to which he had not yet found an answer, but he felt like he was getting closer to solving it.

Once again, the student’s most anticipated Tuesday, fourth period had arrived.  The weather was getting cooler, and students were no longer loitering outdoors after their required running sets.  Li Erqin’s group grabbed a set of Ludo, and they fooled about while walking towards Ruan Nuonuo’s class. They were getting ready to invite her to join them in a game of Ludo at the Broadcasting studio.

260px-Ludo-3 aka 飞行棋 (Ludo)

With the monthly exams looming, a lot of students chose to stay at their desks revising. A small number were at their desks whispering, with not much movement.

The cold wind was blowing through the corridor, and it was so cold that Li Erqin and Su Zi both hid behind the taller boys.  Li Erqin was hiding behind Peng Zige. She was playful and cheerful as she quietly stuck out her tongue at Su Zi.

© 2017 Meraki
tranzgeekDOTwordpressDOTcom ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. All translations on this blog are for non-commercial purposes. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material, except linking and excerpts with due credit to the translators and tranzgeekDOTwordpressDOTcom, is strictly prohibited.

Upon receiving her classmate’s message, Ruan Nuonuo lifted her head from her group of female classmates and spotted Li Erqin and company. Her eyes immediately lit up with delight. She was blushing as she headed out of the classroom, her footsteps light. If one didn’t look closely, it would have looked as if she was skipping or almost floating.

Peng Zige waved the Ludo piece in his hand. “Are you revising? Want to play a few rounds of Ludo?”

Ruan Nuonuo’s face slowly began to turn redder. “OK, I’ll let them know.”

Peng Zige nodded his head and watched Ruan Nuonuo walk back into her class. Then, sensing that something was off kilter, he looked back to see Li Erqin and Su Zi secretly using him to shelter from the cold wind. He was immediately unhappy. “You two! Enjoy the blessings together and endure the hardships together! Haven’t you learnt this saying?”

Li Erqin’s expression did not change: “NOPE.”

Peng Zige was so stunned that he began to laugh. “Illiterate!”

“Rong Si didn’t say anything.” Li Erqin drew attention to Rong Si by pointing at him.

The one being pointed to dipped his head and silently glanced at Li Erqin. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Ruan Nuonuo slowly drawing closer, and at the same time he also saw an unidentified flying object headed straight towards them.

By the time Rong Si registered the danger, it was too late.

However, someone else was quick enough to grab Ruan Nuonuo into his arms.

Originally, the trajectory of the object was heading towards the back of Ruan Nuonuo’s head, and when someone was able to pull Ruan Nuonuo to his side, the object encountered Li Erqin’s head instead.

Other than the buzzing sound in her head, Li Erqin didn’t feel anything else.

(Minodayz: Ouchy LEQ!!! – don’t know why I could just picture the object flying and can’t help laughing because I knew what was going to happen next! Even when I felt so sorry for her – I’m laughing!) – it’s like we could see that happening a mile away! lol)

Pain was the first thing her body registered when she regained consciousness. As she took a breath and regained full consciousness, she realised that she had already been stuffed into a chair at the back of Ruan Nuonuo’s classroom.

She very carefully rubbed the spot where the object had hit and asked the most pressing of questions, “What was it?”

“Oxford English Dictionary.” Ruan Nuonuo wrinkled her brows. “One of the boys at the back was borrowing another boy’s dictionary. When he threw it, it somehow went slightly askew.”

“That was completely off!” Li Erqin couldn’t help muttering.

A few chuckled (at her comment).


(Minodayz: ok – i had to add this photo – I mean – a head encounter with an Oxford dictionary is epic! ROFL!)

© 2017 Meraki
tranzgeekDOTwordpressDOTcom ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. All translations on this blog are for non-commercial purposes. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material, except linking and excerpts with due credit to the translators and tranzgeekDOTwordpressDOTcom, is strictly prohibited.

Rong Si squatted in front of her. “Are you OK now? Is it still very painful?”

Li Erqin clutched at her wounded head and nodded honestly. “It hurts.”

Rong Si gently took her wrist and checked. “I will accompany you to the sick bay so they can take a look.”

“It’s alright.”

“What do you mean it’s alright!” Su Zi was not pleased at all. “We were trying for ages (for what feels like half a day) to get you to respond. Did you want to scare us to death?”

Li Erqin endured the pain to make a face (literal translation: ghost face) at Su Zi but stopped with her refusals to go to sick bay.

Su Zi helped her to stand up, but she was unable to stand firm. The world seemed to tilt on its axis, and her face immediately paled.

Rong Si acted decisively and picked Li Erqin up, heading straight for the sick bay. Su Zi gave the troublemaking boys a vicious stare before hurrying along to catch up.

(Minodayz: Ahhhhh RS, my hero! We can never be missing a scene like this for any romance – lol – just scoop her up won’t you! If she doesn’t swoon, I will!!!)

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14 thoughts on “Male God Chapter 19.1”

  1. Liking Rong Si would be too obvious. Was it Peng Zige? Or Ruan Nuonuo simply enjoying the friendship offered by our group of four? Heh.
    LOL Sorry Li Erqin but I laughed at your misery too haha
    At the very least, we could see how Rong Si took effort to comfort her and of course, that swooping part ;D

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    1. Yes, I felt sorry for LEQ but I seriously still crack up laughing every time I picture that dictionary is motion! 😂 our boys are so lovely and adorable that it’s hard pick one but I suppose it depends on who liking whom! 😍 RNN is enjoying the group but I think she likes PZG- since he hugged her! 😜


  2. Our knight in shinning armor! I was surprised he didnt fling his body in front of the object! 😉 I guess this is more realistic. Plus now we get the obligatory swoop up and carry scene. Loving this story to pieces! Thanks!

    Oh and LEQ’s “I think he’s dallying with you”, reply to PZG was hilarious. She always has a smart retort for him!

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    1. IKR…when I first read it, I was anticipating RS or PZG jumping in but this set up proved a good comic and yet real sense. Yet the reaction of the group is rather fascinating too….🤔🤔🤔🤔😍

      Word plays has been LEQ strong suit against PZG – only RS can at most times match her. 😂


  3. I guess we learn a bit of hint that RS start pondering his feelings for our heroine. The existance of RMX has surely awaken RS hidden feelings.

    I am sure the RNN has a crush now for PZG esp now that he also saved her from the flying dictionary.

    Thank you for the translation. It made my day.

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  4. I’m sad though, now so many people will be hurt if puppy realizes his true feelings! I like Puppy and RNN but PGZ and Suzi is cute too! Ahh soo many good ships! so hard to decide!

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  5. That ending had me craving for more.. I’m always lurking for an update and I’ve read this chapter every time I get back here!!!
    EQ really has charm.. She has our heart and now caught the attention of three of the most wanted boys at school… We already knew that since last chapter… However he’s really spicing and speeding things up… RS is starting to be aware of his feelings.. I wonder who will get there further.. RS OR EQ lol..
    PZ on the other hand seems to have started shifting gears towards RN..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It sure is all slowly happening – I do like how RS is unconsciously stepping up over the last couple of chapters but those 2 might need a bigger rock to hit to get it -me thinks! 😂
      LEQ is just too adorable in that she draws them boys in without even being conscious of it & the boys are just as baffled! lol🤣

      PZG is working out his heart too 😍dear puppy!

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