The Daily Record of Secretly Loving the Male Idol|男神暗恋日记

Update: Renumbering Male God Chapters

We are going to starting syncing our post to be in line with MG’s chapters….REALLY!!!

So what does this mean & how will it affect our post…..dun dun dun! Lol

Well, the slightly ‘OCD’ members of the MG team (Minodayz: Ok, I confess, “Hi, my name is Minodayz and I’m one of those OCD members” lol)(maripaz: Me too! No shame!) have decided that  (Minodayz: we have so much time and nothing better to do – NOT! ROFL…jokes!) we need to sync it and procrastinating is an evil we need to conquer (Librismuse: the more chapters to change the longer we delay! Minodayz : SURELY NOT!!!) lol!

Currently our post chapters are a tad off kilter (maripaz: because some of the original chapters were split in two), so over the next few weeks we hope to slowly bring it back in sync with the story, so you’ll know where you are in the actual novel….(Minodayz: strange me sure like them to match! I can’t seem to remember which number is which when I translate and when I try to post! I get so lost, I’ll actually end up with 3 docs before I post!)

The story has 59 chapters plus 2 epilogues (I believe those are the finale epilogues!) so we are actually currently posting chapter 18 of the novel. So don’t panic when you see the numbering of chapters change (Minodayz : Sorry, that wasn’t some time warp but just us working out the techno world of blog to get it right! ~ I mean…it would have been easier if it was pencil and paper, I could just erase and change, but with IT there are now hoops and loops and links and what nots! – Do we really have to do this Librismuse, Maripaz….anyone….! Oh wait, I was one of those that wanted it done! )

Yikes, this was meant to be just a quick notice to give you the heads up, not a full page essay…well, thanks again for joining us as we share MG together.  We enjoy your support, comments and all. Do bear with us as we slowly initiate change…..



initiating at 0%……

Please do not shut down your computer……


(Minodayz: Hahahahaha….sorry, I’ve been sleep deprived and it seems my personality has split!)

Till the next chapter everyone….whatever it may be! wink wink wink!


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