When A Snail Falls in Love| 如果蜗牛有爱情

When a Snail Falls in Love Chapter 66.2

A bit more details about how the rescue went down…

Chapter 66.2- I love you, I really love you.

Half an hour earlier.

Xu Xu had successfully convinced Lin Qingyan. He was too conceited and did not anticipate that the police would find them so soon.

He tied Xu Xu to the tree, then dragged Yao Meng with him, staggering onwards in the snow. He did not plan to go to any particular place, he just wanted to find the most beautiful spot. Unfortunately, there was no moonlight tonight; to his utter regret.

Yao Meng was like a zombie, following him in a trance. He seemed to like this. Pulling at her bound hands, he quietly walked in the snow.

Suddenly, Feng Ye rushed out from the trees. Swinging a stick, he severely hit Lin Qingyan at the back of his head. Lin Qingyan only felt a burst of pain, then dizziness overcame him. Feeling hot and humid, he fell on the snow.

Yao Meng blankly watched the drastic event unfolding in front of her. She looked at the bearded face of Feng Ye standing in front of her, her black eyes staring dully at his eyes. That night, he had appeared like a dream, sowing a seed of doubt in the heart of Yao Meng. She had not told the police about his presence, but this was a completely subconscious reaction.

And when she realized that the suspicion was towards Lin Qingyan, it was too late. Lin Qingyan seemed to be acutely sensitive to the slightest changes in her emotions, and soon he was controlling her personal freedom.

She had not expected that Feng Ye would suddenly appear and save her at the
last moment.

Feng Ye looked anxiously at her. In a low, powerful voice, he said: “Do not be afraid, I will rescue you…” Then he took out a dagger and cut the ropes binding her wrists. When the cold blade touched her wrist, Yao Meng suddenly woke up from the daze induced by medication, shivered a little and then thinking of Lin Qingyan still behind them, she shouted, “He has a gun!

“Bang!” It was too late.

Yao Meng only saw an expression of surprise on Feng Ye’s face for a moment, then he looked down at his shoulder. There was a hole. The next moment, Yao Meng’s waist was hugged tightly. Lin Qingyan pulled her into his arms and both of them fell to the ground at the same time. Feng Ye struggled to climb the tree to escape temporarily.

When Feng Ye hit Lin Qingyan from behind with a stick, he blacked out only for a moment. When his face hit the cold snow, it sobered him up. Coupled with this, his heart still had several things he still wanted to finish. This drove him to fight the pain and confusion. He got up and shot Feng Ye.

When Ji Bai arrived at the scene, he saw the three of them stuck in a stalemate.


All three were at an impasse. Yao Meng was at the centre of the most painful dispute. The two men were quietly looking at each other. The look they gave each other was full of deep hatred and irony.

Lin Qingyan looked at her out of the corner of his eye, and said softly, “Wife, it doesn’t matter. Our situation has nothing to do with him.”

Feng Ye gasped, coldly he said, “Doesn’t it? Isn’t it because you took away everything that belonged to me that now you want to take away the woman I love?”

Yao Meng was startled. Lin Qingyan face turned cold. The blood on his head was still flowing, and his whole face was bloodied. But his eyes suddenly become cold. Ji Bai wanted to hear the two talk about the Hong Kong Angel Killer case. He concentrated on Lin Qingyan, and listened carefully. Once he had the information, he would immediately shoot to kill.

Lin Qingyan gently laughed, “Yours? Why is she yours? Obviously she is mine.”

Feng Ye looked at his bloody grim face, and thought of the past, momentarily forgetting the present.

He was also a good young man, the pride and joy of his deaf and dumb parents. At the age of eighteen, his parents told him that he was an abandoned baby, that they were his foster parents. His parents may have been from Hong Kong, because he was wrapped in blankets with a Hong Kong hospital logo.

After high school graduation, Yao Meng proposed to break up. This finally made him determined to go to his hometown. He went to Hong Kong alone for university and looked for work.

At that time, Lin Qingyan was a fellow company executive and also his personal friend. His life is calm, giving no clue of the things that would happen later.
Until one day, Ms Qin’s assistant handed the DNA test report to him: “You are the son of Ms Qin.”

Ms Qin was always behind Lin Qingyan, she was the semi-retired group chairman. To Feng Ye, the Qin group was a commercial giant. Feng Ye had heard of the legends regarding the rich woman, but he did not expect that she would turn out to be his own mother.

The assistant revealed that her subordinates had chanced upon Feng Ye’s profile and photos that were sent by mail to Ms Qin. She had been sick for over half a year at that time. As soon as she looked at one photo, she recognized the young boy. He looked exactly like his father at that age. A secret DNA test was arranged, and the assistant was tasked come forward, and explain the situation on her behalf.

And then all of it happened. As if a fog had suddenly come over his life, overnight his life turned. At that time, all kinds of evidence linked to the legendary Angel Killer case actually miraculously appeared in his apartment. Even Lin Qingyan’s fiancee had become one of the victims, there was irrefutable evidence … …

Later, three years after his escape, he heard of his mother’s death. He also heard that Lin Qingyan was the only beneficiary to her will, and had received all the properties of his mother … …

Yao Meng looked up at Lin Qingyan: “What he’s saying, is it true?”

Lin Qingyan suddenly laughed, “Yes , it is true.”

Yao Meng’s voice almost choked, “You still have not told me – why did you find me? You hate Feng Ye so much? You destroyed him, but also needed to ruin me?”

Lin Qingyan was quiet for moment, then softly answered. “Your relationship with him does not matter. You are so unique, I love you, I really love you.”

Yao Meng heart was numb. Staring at him, Feng Ye coldly said, “Yes, what was the relationship between you and my mother – did you not tell her that ?

Lin Qingyan and Yao Meng’s faces changed. Feng Ye’s face was livid. It seemed that he wanted to state this fact, but it also made him feel ashamed, “Later I learned that while he is her righteous son on paper, he was also her …”

“Shut up!” Lin Qingyan growled, his eyes hardened. Suddenly, he released Yao Meng and fired his gun at Feng Ye! Yao Meng reflexively hit his back, Lin Qingyan’s hand shook and the bullet fired upwards. The situation was critical, with no hesitation, Ji Bai shot accurately between Lin Qingyan eyebrows!

It was silent all around. In the darkness, no one knew when the snowfall started again. Ji Bai rushed out from behind the hillock. He took the gun from Lin Qingyan’s body and pulled Yao Meng in his arms. Yao Meng buried her face in her hands, her actions as stiff as a puppet and sobbed silently. And Feng Ye, after a long moan, could endure no more and lay back on the snow, watching the distant sky silently.


The strong wind caused by the helicopter rushed through the woods noisily. A few searchlights were switched on from all directions, the mountains were now as bright as day. The police ran back and forth, checking and collecting every piece of evidence. The body of Lin Qingyan was removed from the snow.

Feng Ye was still a wanted criminal. He was sent to the hospital by an ambulance wearing handcuffs. Before closing the door, Ji Bai went over and said to him, “I will tell my superiors and the Hong Kong police everything that I heard today.”

Feng Ye nodded. His lips curved in a bitter smile. He extended his hand towards Ji Bai and shook his hand with a tight grip.

Xu Xu and Yao Meng, although weak, only had superficial injuries. They were placed on stretchers and sent together on the same ambulance. Ji Bai and Da Hu sat by their side. Ji Bai held Xu Xu’s hand but did not speak. Xu Xu placed her hand on her stomach.

“Nothing will happen.” Ji Bai said quietly.

Xu Xu nodded: “Nothing will happen.”

Yao Meng was steadfastly staring at the ceiling. Xu Xu turned her head, and lightly grasped her hand. “Thank you, Yao Meng. You saved my baby and me.”

From the side, Da Hu said, “It’s all right, Yao Meng, everything is over.” Ji Bai also looked at her warmly.

Yao Meng was silent for a heartbeat, then big tears rolled down her face. She cried for a long time, holding tightly to Xu Xu’s hand, and nodding weakly at Ji Bai and Da Hu.


Translators: Shl, Miumiu

Editor: Librismuse

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26 thoughts on “When a Snail Falls in Love Chapter 66.2”

  1. He was also her lover? Or puppet? Or else… her submissive?

    So, it was Lin Qingyan since first indeed! He just wanted to take everything Feng Ye has. I’m so glad he’s gone now, and both Xu Xu and Yao Meng are safe, and even Feng Ye too!


    1. I think Qingyan had a sexual relationship with his “mother on paper”. Or foster mum.
      Because he wasn’t her biological son, but got everything, because he was her lover.

      Thank you for the translation! Great work 🙂


  2. My poor Yao Meng! First with her PTSD and exit from the police force and then with that effing killer!
    Thank you for the translation! Can’t believe it’s almost over! :/


  3. Thank you very much for your hard work translating the novel for us.
    So released that everyone made it out in one piece but poor Yao Meng…


  4. Thank you so much for all your work ❤
    This translation brought me so much joy!!
    This part made me so nervous. I’m so glad that Xu Xu is all right and child is safe!!
    But poor Yao Meng ;( Hope she’ll find love and happiness by Feng Ye side… he was protecting her for so long…


  5. I Knew it! He wasn’t the Hong Kong killer! Poor guy.. The way he had to live 😢 poor Yao Meng..
    On an happier not Ji Bai and Xuxu together again.. Hopefully we’ll witness him proposing next chapter 😆😅


  6. La novela me encanta estoy entrando todos estos días para ver el siguiente capítulo pero aun no se encuentra …..por favor se que hacen todo su esfuerzo para traducirlo a tiempo pero no nos dejen con esta incertidumbre de lo que pasará publiquen el siguiente capítulo, discúlpenme si los presionó es que deseo tanto leer lo que pasará ….gracias ante todo .

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