Siege in Fog | 迷雾围城

Siege in Fog Chapter 14.3*

Mini announcement: Due to some changes, translations of Siege in Fog will be “moving house” very very soon. I have a separate post coming up in a few days where I’ll go into a bit more detail about it so stay tuned for that! 😊

Announcement April 2018

Hello there, readers! With kind permission from Tranzgeek, I will be moving those chapters that I’ve translated over to my own blog. The chapters will follow the new chaptering so do expect some changes in terms of the chapter numbers (as talked about previously). To simplify the process, links here will point to the Contents Page at my blog.

Thank you for your likes, comments and support all this time and do drop by hiding in plain sight if you have time!

12 (translator and editor)

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15 thoughts on “Siege in Fog Chapter 14.3*”

  1. For now it seems like QS does care for YLK too who knew! Let’s hope Da Ge’s plan works out so they can stall for time and allow YLK to recover in peace. Moving house 12? Like to another site? Either way it’s fine I guess.


  2. Thank you 12 for this chapter !
    And another layer has been removed from our eyes : YLY even that he is enable to move he can be very useful but in the YI house we are always surprised so if he protects his younger brother then YLK could already know about it but are they that close ? And is it free ?
    QS isnt after all that cold towards him i loved this chapter because i see that she is perfect for being married to this family because she grasp the situation anf act fast


    1. Hi there, Gloomy Gloom!! Ha ha, your user name made me chuckle.

      Please see the remarks/teaser at the very top of this chapter where I talk about the translations being moved to a new blog. There’s a link to the farewell post there. From the farewell post you can also visit the new blog and find the latest chapters, schedule etc.


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