When A Snail Falls in Love| 如果蜗牛有爱情

When a Snail Falls in Love Chapter 64.1

Oh my, will he make a move?

…And that chapter title is pretty…ominous LOL

Chapter 64.1- Lin Qingyan leaned against the door, smiling at her.

Lin Qingyan was receiving treatment at a private hospital in the city that specializes in oncology. The environment was quiet and dignified. Normally, there were very few people there.

This morning, Da Hu, as usual, followed Lin Qingyan’s private car to the hospital. He watched as Lin Qingyan walked into the hospital, supported by two assistants. He was wearing a thick hat, and a black down jacket, and looked both tall and thin.

Da Hu waited for a while, then got out to follow him in. Private hospitals were very similar to clubs, if one was not a member, then it was impossible to enter. However, the front desk staff were familiar with him by now. He produced his police identity card, and strolled in.

Up to this time, Da Hu’s surveillance of Lin Qingyan was no longer a secret. After all, wherever Lin Qingyan went, he was accompanied by several high-level bodyguards. As Da Hu had to track him closely on every location, there was no way for him to evade notice. However, Da Hu had played his cards well. On one occasion, when he found his way blocked by a bodyguard, he had simply walked up to Lin Qingyan and said, “Mr. Lin, although the case involving Tan Liang has already been solved, we are worried that he may have accomplices, who may seek to harm Yao Meng and her family – that would be you. Thus, I have been ordered to protect you. I hope you will agree to work with us on this matter.”

Lin Qingyan only laughed and waved his hand, indicating that the bodyguards were not to mind Da Hu.

However, Da Hu was still unable to gain access to the private wards. Today, as per usual, he sat on a bench in the corridor. Recently, Lin Qingyan was always in the ward for a long time, and he would have to wait for him.


The ward was decorated in a homely manner, and was warm and peaceful. Lin Qingyan sat by the bed in a white shirt and black trousers. Although the doctor had told him that he had just three months to live, he still looked handsome and unruffled.

The doctor smiled in welcome, “Mr. Lin looks very good today.”

The doctor was very young. In reality, in this last stage of life, he was no more than a private, high-level companion – having reached this point, check-ups, treatment were all meaningless. After the routine check, the doctor sat down next to him and chatted with him.

After a while, Lin Qingyan’s handphone rang. He apologised and took the call, whispered a few words, then told the doctor, “Something came up at the company, I have to go back to deal with it. Is it possible to come back later for the rest of the physiotherapy?”

“No problem.” The doctor smiled as he got up, and was just about to open the door for him, when he waved his hand and said, “I’ll go this way.”

The neighbouring ward and this one had a connecting door. The doctor then realised that the neighbouring ward had been reserved by Lin Qingyan as well. However, knowing that the rich liked their peace and quiet, he felt this was not unusual.

“That guy at the door is doing his best to protect me, but I’m going to deal with some business issues, it’s not convenient for him to tag along.” Lin Qingyan smiled wryly.

The doctor had seen Lin Qingyan laugh and wave at Da Hu, so he nodded knowingly. “I understand. Please go ahead and tend to your business, Mr. Lin.”

After Lin Qingyan had exited from the neighbouring ward, his assistant entered, removed his coat and approached the doctor smilingly. “Mrs. Lin would like me to ask you again about her husband’s illness.”


Da Hu sat in the corridor for a while, then saw a nurse emerging from the ward. He called to her, “Hey, how’s it going inside?”

The nurse also recognised him, and her lips twitched. “Undergoing check-up, why do you ask everyday?”

Da Hu laughed. After a while, he got up and walked to the door, gently pushing it open a crack. Across the frosted glass screen in the ward, he could vaguely make out a man’s figure sitting at the back. From his figure and dressing, it looked like Lin Qingyan. The doctor was laughing as he chatted with him, the same as always.

Da Hu closed the door quietly, and sat down again.


Xu Xu was at the nearest maternity hospital from home for her check-up. Compared to public hospitals, there were naturally fewer patients, but it was not empty. Accompanied by her private nurse, Xiao Liu, Xu Xu waited outside the consultation room for a while, before it was her turn.

Xiao Liu did not go in with her, but waited just outside the door. The female doctor was very gentle. She asked Xu Xu to lie down on the examination table, closed the curtains. Listening to the foetal heart, she nodded, “The foetal heartbeat is strong, excellent.” She turned and searched her shelves, “I’m going downstairs to get a test kit, please wait for a while.”

Xu Xu nodded.

The doctor’s footsteps faded away into the distance. Xu Xu lay down, and looked out of the window at the blue sky, the roof tiles of the buildings opposite, and the thin layer of snow. While she was thus contemplating, she suddenly heard extremely soft footsteps coming from beyond the curtain.

These footsteps were not those of the doctor, or Xiao Liu. Xu Xu turned her head to look at the ground.

Under the curtain, a pair of man’s legs appeared, clad in shiny black leather shoes and black trousers. The light caused his tall, broad shadow to be cast on the white curtain, and he stood quietly without moving.

Xu Xu was startled, and immediately yelled, “Xiao Liu!”

“Hey!” Xiao Liu responded almost straightaway, and her footsteps could be heard thumping into the room. She swept aside the curtain with one gesture and looked at Xu Xu, “Is something wrong?”

Xu Xu did not answer. Her gaze moved past Xiao Liu, and she realised that the figure belonged to a young male doctor wearing a white coat who was standing in the room. At this time, the first female doctor walked in. The female doctor smiled as she passed him a stack of patient reports on the table, “Take them.”

The male doctor smiled as he left. Xu Xu heaved a sigh of relief – it was just a false alarm; she was a little on edge.


It was already afternoon by the time Xu Xu finished buying some things at the nearby shopping mall after the hospital check-up. Xiao Liu hummed as she drove, while Xu Xu sat at the back, holding the ultrasound picture and looking at the fuzzy, curled up little figure – when Ji Bai saw the picture, he would definitely be ecstatic. When Xu Jun saw the picture, he would naturally say that his nephew was handsome.

They reached the apartment complex very quickly. While Xiao Liu parked the car in the basement, Xu Xu waited for her in the garden by the elevators. Since she had time, she called her older brother, to give  her routine medical report.

Xu Jun sounded very light-hearted, “Where are you? I am in your apartment.”

Xu Xu looked up at her windows, “I’m downstairs.”

“Ok. Did the check-up go well?”

“Very well.” Xu Xu answered smilingly.

“That’s to be expected, since I’ve looked after you well. Come on up. I bought some fresh cherries, and rushed here after work to bring them for my nephew.”


Translator: shl

Proofreader: Librismuse

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  1. I hate to ask this but a few people from the Lost love in times forum suggested us to ask if one of you wonderful translator can translate the Drunken Exquisiteness/lost love in times novel. Sorry to ask but we were be so grateful. Please.


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