When A Snail Falls in Love| 如果蜗牛有爱情

When a Snail Falls in Love 62. 1

Operation…save Yao Meng?

Chapter 62.1: Only Xu Xu’s mind was severely shaken, and her inner being was in turmoil.

The mountain in front of their eyes towered silently above them. It was said to be the most dangerous and highest mountain in the area, such that even the locals very rarely go up there.

Several teams of troops surrounded the mountain from all directions. The advance guard had already rushed halfway up the mountain, and the bright light of their torchlights pierced through the dark night.

The criminal investigators had quickly tracked Yao Meng’s car to this location. However, from the time she had been kidnapped, almost 6 hours had passed.

Ji Bai was also leading his own small team, climbing up the dark mountain path. His face was tense and silent – when the news about Yao Meng had gone around, the entire criminal investigation team had felt the pain of bitter anguish.

After scrambling over a precipitous rocky crag, a deep and serene forest appeared. Several members of the special forces who had already reached the forest were combing it, when, suddenly, someone yelled: “Over here!”

Torchlights illuminated the forest in a confusion of light. In a slight depression in the earth, the shadow of a human figure lay prostrate and unmoving. She was only wearing a shirt which barely covered her thighs, and many red and purple marks could be seen. Her long hair flowed around her like a waterfall, revealing half of her beautiful face – if not Yao Meng, who else could it be?

The special forces surrounded her, all of them silent as Ji Bai knelt down beside Yao Meng and lifted her wrist. He jerked his head up abruptly: “She’s still alive!”


Xu Xu was waiting with the others at the foot of the mountain.

She was highly worried. Based on her judgement, the suspect was already showing signs of manic instability in his mental attitude. At this moment, there was no way out for him, and Yao Meng would most likely become his last ‘feast’.

After waiting for a while longer, she suddenly saw a group of people pounding down the mountain road in front of them. One of the group members was carrying someone. Xu Xu heart lifted in anticipation, and she ran forward with the others.

“Doctor!” “Doctor!” Several people were hollering.

Yao Meng was placed in the ambulance and wrapped tightly in blankets. The doctor on stand-by quickly examined her, and heaved a sigh of relief, “There’s nothing wrong, she has only fainted.”

It was then that Yao Meng groggily regained consciousness, and opened her eyes to look at the people around her. There was a flicker of panic in her gaze, and a shadow swept over her face, while the remains of pain and despair lingered in her eyes.

“Everything’s ok, you’re ok.” Xu Xu held her hand.

Yao Meng stared fixedly at the grey ceiling of the car, while big tears rolled down her cheeks. The police officers nearby observed the situation and silently walked away.

Xu Xu’s tears also fell silently. After a moment, she said softly, “Don’t think about anything, just rest. I will stay with you.”

Yao Meng held her gaze and was stilled for a heartbeat.

She had not escaped by herself.

Due to the after-effects of the drug, her head still felt heavy. Thus, what she remembered of the escape from the cave was vague and incoherent.

She remembered that when she woke up, there was a lighted candle in the cave. With one glance, she could see that there was a ranger in front of her, with his lower body hideously bare, lying on a small bed at the side. Her hands and feet were chained, and she was lying on a woollen blanket by the side of the bed. She was definitely in dire straits.

She was so terrified that she wanted to die, but there was no way to loosen her restraints; she wanted to kill him, but there was not an ounce of strength in her body.

It was at this time that she saw a tall, big figure entering the cave. She hazily watched him come closer. He wore a faded forestry department uniform and a cap which was pulled very low on his head, and had a full beard which made it difficult to make out his appearance. He picked up a bunch of keys from the table, walked over to her, and finally succeeded in unlocking her chains after a few attempts.

She immediately fell into his arms, and he held her with his strong arms, so tightly that she almost could not breathe. He held her up, and they walked out of the cave.

Outside the cave, he led her onwards, all the way until they could see the faint glimmer of torchlights in front of them. Then, he suddenly released her, and dodged into the edge of the forest. His back silhouette was unfamiliar, but, at the same time, it reminded her of someone she had known in the past. Where had she seen it before? To leave such a deep impression.

“Are you . . . “ she asked dumbly, ”You didn’t die . . . why . . .”

That person paused mid-step, then quickened his pace, and soon disappeared. She was only able to take a few steps before her strength gave out, and she collapsed onto the ground.


Yao Meng struggled to get up slowly, and Xu Xu quickly held her up. She pointed to the quiet mountain in front of them, and whispered: “He is in the cave. I can’t remember the direction very clearly . . . it should be in the forest on the western slope, near the mountain top.”


Xu Xu wanted to accompany the doctor in sending Yao Meng to the nearest hospital, but Yao Meng steadfastly declined.

“There’s no need.” Her face was expressionless, and there was a vacant look in her eyes. “I want to wait here. Xu Xu, I want to be alone.”

Without waiting for what Xu Xu might say, Yao Meng shut her eyes, and did not look at her again.


The forest grew colder in the deep of night. Under the moonlight, the shadows of the trees performed a ghostly dance.

Ji Bai led a team slowly towards the cave under the cliff.

The cave was quiet and deep, looking like a black hole. A faint light glimmered from the cave mouth, indicating the presence of someone inside.

An increasing number of police officers gathered outside the cave. Da Hu received news from the rear-guard, and walked to Ji Bai’s side to whisper: “Yao Meng has regained consciousness. The location she indicated is also in this direction. This cave should be it.”

Ji Bai lowered his head and waved his hand. Behind him, an officer carrying a search light abruptly trained its beam into the cave. Sure enough, someone was standing inside of the cave. Shocked by the sudden beam of light, he quickly turned around and hugged the rock wall. Behind him, they could vaguely make out a small bed, table and chair, a low cabinet, and several lengths of chain on the ground.

“Tan Liang, you are surrounded, put down your weapons and come out!” A voice shouted.

Translator: shl

TL Checker: Mel

Proofreader: libramuse

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8 thoughts on “When a Snail Falls in Love 62. 1”

  1. Thanks for the updates! 🙂
    I’m glad in cdrama, Yao Meng is a strong and lively person. 😀
    Yao Meng…. fighting! O:-)


  2. I’m glad YM is fine, but poor her….. 😭 Omg did her old boyfriend, that guy who was suspected of being the Angel Killer, save her? I’m glad he did…..but??? Why was he there…..

    Thank you 💖💖💖


  3. As I thought he isn’t dead.. Was he the Hong Kong killer? Poor YM hopefully she’ll stand strong after such ordeal! Thanks for the update


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