Siege in Fog | 迷雾围城

Siege in Fog Chapter 10.2

Announcement April 2018

Hello there, readers! With kind permission from Tranzgeek, I will be moving those chapters that I’ve translated over to my own blog. The chapters will follow the new chaptering so do expect some changes in terms of the chapter numbers (as talked about previously). To simplify the process, links here will point to the Contents Page at my blog.

Thank you for your likes, comments and support all this time and do drop by hiding in plain sight if you have time!

12 (translator and editor)

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18 thoughts on “Siege in Fog Chapter 10.2”

  1. thank you for this chpater 12!
    Such a delicate heart warming and a lovely love story this chapter I was quite emotional in her photo describe how delicate she was YLK mother we can now see why he is a womenazier and attached to QS because he search for warmth!


    1. Aww, glad you enjoyed it, Salma! 💛 It would be interesting to see their love story in the drama, even if it’s probably just a small part.


  2. To be honest, as much as I was starting to like YLK despite of everything he’s done he then gives me another reason to hate him back. Its been probably months since he’s been together with QS but to think that after all the drama he would still keep in touch with Min makes me blood boils. I was even starting to hate QS because she treats YLK so poorly and now I don’t blame her. I don’t even hate her for the fact she was thinking about PJC. In general, either YLK or PJC doesn’t deserve to be with QS. QS needs a new man, someone as manly as Murong Feng.


    1. sprinkles water💧💧 😂 All I can say is, the writer is known for her ‘stepmother’ reputation and none of her characters are entirely blameless. I’m still on the fence as to whether she’ll be able to slightly redeem Yi Liankai by the end of the novel.
      I was a bit surprised by the strength of Qin Sang’s reaction towards Pan Jianchi. Looks like she cares more than she thinks.
      No more warlords! 🙅 Better to be with some civilian, although normality was hard to come by in those times.


        1. Ehhh, I think both are implied although he only seems to have Min Hongyu so far. Just to point out that ‘playboy’ is a convenient term but I think there’s a suggestion he likes to enjoy himself in other ways, maybe drinking, gambling and whatever amusements they had in those days.


      1. Thank you so much for your time translating this novel. I grew up watching Chinese series and came across the trailer for Seige in Fog about 6 months ago. It looked interesting. I occasionally check to see if it’s out in English subtitles but still nothing. Lucky, I came across this website. I finished the first 10 chapters within a day. It’s my first time reading a Chinese Novel and very glad I came across this. Thank you again for your time and effort.

        Growing up watching Chinese drama I have my own thoughts as to why Miss Min and Yi Lin Kai are still associated with each other. If my prediction is correct it might not be as bad as people think, heroic even. Looking forward to see if my prediction is correct.


        1. Welcome, Ju Ju! So glad you found us and thanks for reading and commenting here 😍 I’m tickled by how similar our experiences are — like you, I only searched for SiF after stumbling across the trailer and it’s my first time reading a Republican-era novel. Haha!
          Not sure if you had time to read the comments in previous chapters but the telecast date is delayed for now due to a copyright lawsuit filed by the author. So it might be a long wait.
          Yep, lots of intrigue going on… Keep reading to see if your prediction holds 😉


        2. Oh wow that is a coincidence, 12. And no I didn’t get a chance to read the comment. Thanks for notifying me. I hope they hurry up with that lawsuit. 😆 Lol

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  3. Glad to to see your translation 😍…
    Thank you so much for this chapter..
    This chapter is awesome . love it 😍😍
    Every moment I enjoy in reading it …
    I get jeuloseI from Ms. Min 😬😬
    Why did she always appear in there moment … I hate her so much ….
    Poor Qs until when she suffer from him?
    Ylk please stop make our Qs angry …
    In the end I enjoy when they speak about ylk mother …. I love her …. She look gorgeous …
    If she was alive maybe she helped him and ordered him to the right way especially about his wife and feeling toward Qs 😢😢
    Thank you again 12 …
    You’re​ the best in translation 😍😍
    Love you 😊😊 & wish u luck


    1. 😆 Aww, thanks for the warm words, Shahad! Happy to see that you enjoyed everything about the chapter 😊
      Quite true, she might have some good advice for the couple if she were alive. Maybe things would be very different if she had lived.
      🤗 Until next Wednesday! Wishing you a successful week at work!


  4. Thank you for this instalment, 12! =) Somehow I suppose that Yi Lian Kai does not have romantic relationships with Ms.Min, but it is a kind of camouflage. Maybe they are cooperating because of political goals or something like that. At least I hope so =)


    1. Also possible, given the novel’s background! 😉 Keep speculating! I am trying to avoid spoilers so can’t say too much at times but it sure helps to have other readers’ impressions 😘


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