The Daily Record of Secretly Loving the Male Idol|男神暗恋日记

Male God Chapter 6

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Tranzgeek: Ahhh I totally feel for Li Erqin and physics hehe~ Meanwhile, Li Erqin is having her fun amidst all that “studying” xD

Minodayz66 Blurb: Oh, those days of passing notes between friends behind the teacher’s back! Well, our Li Erqin just makes it such an experience that you’ll wish you could be the one passing her a note just to see the expression on her face!

Plus the boys put in some ‘elbow grease’ and the beginning of LEQ blushing…..

LEQ humor goes up another notch as she plays a prank and Rong Si is starting to think…..

Chapter 6: Blushing

The first class in the afternoon was physics. If Li Erqin’s geography results were enough to shock Peng Zige, then Peng Zige might as well not lay eyes on her physics score.

The hot spell during summer had just returned before disappearing in the middle of October. Li Erqin tried hard to concentrate on the chalk sounds coming from the physics teacher writing on the blackboard, gradually finding that she could hardly keep her eyes open. Her vision, slowly blurred, focused, and blurred again, and the drone of the lecture seemed to slowly drift to a faraway place.

Just when she thought she was beginning to dream, Li Erqin sensed someone jab her back.

She cautiously turned back, as the lanky Peng Zige swiftly stuffed a piece of paper into her hands.

“Is this for me?”

Peng Zige shot her a “No kidding” look.

As this was the first time that she had ever received a note during class, Li Erqin was excited and anxious. She anxiously grasped the note, as a thin layer of perspiration formed on her back.

“What are you doing, Erqin?” Peng Zige couldn’t resist reminding her: “Don’t get caught by the teacher!”

Li Erqin spared him a backward glance, her eyes conveying “I can’t explain this in just a few words!”

Peng Zige developed goosebumps and began to sweat after seeing her expression.

This chapter was translated for Meraki (tranzgeekDOTwordpressDOTcom). Any reproduction in any way, shape or form is strictly prohibited. Thank you for your cooperation. To all readers, please read from tranzgeekDOTwordpressDOTcom and find out when latest updates come out! 🙂

After a long time, Peng Zige was finally able to extract the note from Li Erqin’s hand.

Li Erqin replied: This is my first time receiving a small note!!!

The sentence was punctuated with 3 exclamation marks.

Peng Zige took a deep breath. Then he quietly scrunched the note into a ball and put it into his drawer.

On the paper, Peng Zige had used blue pen to write a question: What song were you singing this afternoon? It sounded really nice!

Obviously, because of some strange reason, his question had been ignored. Peng Zige couldn’t even imagine what answer he would receive if he wrote: “What song were you singing this afternoon? It sounded really nice!” and sent it over again.

Thus, how warped could the circuits in Li Erqin’s brain be for her to turn out like this?

At long last, the class finally concluded and Peng Zige immediately stood up and tapped Li Erqin’s elbow, “What kind of answer was that to the note that I passed you during class?”

With all the commotion, this led Rong Si and Su Zi to look over, flabbergasted.

Li Erqin slowly turned around; obviously, she still hasn’t gotten over her excitement, “Peng Zige, this was my first time receiving a note, and EVEN DURING class time!”

“So did you notice the question that I asked?”


“What did I ask you?”

“What song I was singing this afternoon?”

Li Erqin replied so matter of factly, it made Peng Zige exasperated and utterly incoherent.

“Therefore,” he took another deep breath, “Since you saw the note, why didn’t you reply?”

Li Erqin paused for a short moment. Then she hesitantly asked, “Isn’t note passing a to and fro process?”


“I was waiting for you to send one back to me, before I could reply back to you.”

“And your main point was?”

Speaking of the main point again, Li Erqin became reenergized: “It’s my first time ever receiving a note!”

Peng Zige could not help but look up at the heavens and laugh three times before sitting: “Now I finally know why you’ve never received any notes in class before.”

Li Erqin looked expectantly at Peng Zige awaiting his reply, before finally realizing that none was forthcoming. With no other way, she turned her gaze towards Rong Si.

“What song were you singing this afternoon?” Rong Si asked.

“My friend gave me the song and requested that I record acapella for her.”

Rong Si nodded, then gave Peng Zige a “Got it?” look, before resuming what he had been doing earlier.

When the last class of the day finally concluded, Peng Zige patted Li Erqin’s shoulder and suggested: “Wanna go eat together?”

“I’m on class clean up duty.”

“Even a duty rep has to eat, right?!” Peng Zige frowned “We can wait till you’ve finished before we head to the cafeteria. There’s just some wiping left to do anyways!”

Li Erqin still hesitated. Thus Rong Si stood up and asked, “What are you responsible for today?”

“Wiping the blackboard and tidying up the podium.” She honestly responded.

Rong Si thought for a bit and headed to the blackboard: “Zige, you go get a bucket of water, Li Erqin, you go tidy up the podium desk.”

Li Erqin stood rooted where she was in confusion.

She heard Rong Si’s lovely husky voice say: “Get moving.”

She couldn’t comprehend why her face was suddenly flushed red, but remained rooted on the spot, her eyes facing forward.

Under the reddish glow of the sunset, Rong Si’s slender profile cast a lone figure, bathed in the waning light and cool colours. Li Erqin was unable to describe this feeling clearly, as she gazed upon Rong Si effortlessly cleaning the blackboard, the minute chalk particles trailing him as he moved under the sun rays. It was indeed a mesmerizing sight to behold.

Carrying the bucket of water whilst heading out the back door, Peng Zige bumped into her “Why are you blushing?”


“No need to feel bad, we work fast!”

“…..” Actually it wasn’t just because she felt indebted.

With their help, the tasks that would have taken Li Erqin 30 minutes to complete, were completed in just 10 minutes.

After washing their hands, the three of them headed towards the cafeteria.

“Erqin, your singing was really quite nice.” Peng Zige brought up the matter, “It really sounded similar to someone else.”

In response, Li Erqin gave the name of a celebrity.

Peng Zige immediately nodded in agreement “That’s it! That’s her! Don’t you think so too?”

Li Erqin, laughed, with a tad of seriousness, “She is my sister!”

“REALLY?” Peng Zige got all excited, “Can you get me her autograph?”

Li Erqin looked away: “You’re so dumb.”

Whether it was intentional or not, Rong Si happened to be in the direction she had turned her head towards. His usually nonchalant and expressionless face, slowly showed the beginnings of laughter in a moment, his eyes slanting as he faced Li Erqin.

At that moment, Li Erqin raised her head and both of them made eye contact.  One with mirth, and the other with the satisfaction, having played a successful prank.

Maybe some people are destined to be someone else’s nemesis, just like when Li Erqin encountered Rong Si.  For a second, all her thoughts went blank, and all her blood seemed to rush to her brain. She was crimson from her neck to the roots of her hair.

“Li Erqin, why is your face red again?” The slow Peng Zige suspiciously asked in a loud voice: “Did you just trick me?”

“I……I was only joking!”

“I can’t believe I fell for that!”

“That’s why I said you were a dummy!”


“I can’t believe you’re laughing Rong Si, don’t you have a conscience?”

“What does that have to do with me?”

Peng Zige purposely sat apart from them during the meal as Rong Si looked on suspiciously. Peng Zige pouted, “The two of you are in kahoots! I’m not going to befriend you guys. I don’t want to be friends anymore! I am going to tell Ma Ma that you’ve bullied me!”

“Pfft!”  Li Erqin, who had been drinking soup, hurriedly clutched at her mouth, looking for a tissue.

Rong Si kindly supplied her with one.

“Thank you!”

Peng Zige started yammering, “Look at your level of tacit understanding! I’m the only one who’s an outsider!”

When Li Erqin recovered her breath, she took her dinner tray and sat beside Peng Zige asking, “Have you heard of the term *‘baby-girl’?”
(TN: the english phrase “baby-girl” is used to denote the girlfriend in a relationship, one that has to be “spoiled like a baby”.)

“Yes, I have!” Peng Zige thought nothing of it. Seeing as Li Erqin had taken the initiative to sit next to him, his heart was soothed a little, “What about it?”

Rong Si who was eating away contentedly, suddenly broke out into laughter. Li Erqin, was startled for a moment upon hearing Peng Zige’s reply. She immediately lowered her head to eat.

“What are you two up to now?”

Rong Si and Li Erqin shook their heads simultaneously.

Due to his lack of insight, maybe it would be best to maintain an attitude of ignorance.

Later during the evening remedial class, as the school Prefect, Rong Si headed out for his patrol. Li Erqin bit her pencil as she pondered over her physics assignment, her arm had been bitten by mosquitoes, and the itch was making it almost impossible to concentrate.

Peng Zige was also having a difficult time as he worked his way through the English questions.

Suddenly his head popped up, a look of deep contemplation on his face, as he looked at Li Erqin scratching her shoulder.


“Yeah?” she automatically looked back.

“Were you talking about me?”

“What?” With her brain filled with thoughts relating to the assignment, Li Erqin totally missed what he was getting at.

“Baby-girl.” His face was serious.


Rong Si was walking down the stairs, when he happened to see Li Erqin staring blankly as she sat on the fence.

Li Erqin had probably returned to the hostel that evening and had showered before changing out of her day uniform into a floral dress.  Li Erqin’s complexion was very fair, and even in uniform, she was slimmer compared to others. Now in a dress, she looked even more like a small girl.  Rong Si had always felt that Li Erqin was very different from most girls. Watching her sit quietly on the fence, with her hair and dress billowing in the wind, he contemplated for a while, coming to the conclusion that their temperaments were probably quite different .

Rong Si didn’t even realise that his mind had wandered off until Li Erqin noticed him: “Rong Si?”

“Why aren’t you at the evening remedial lessons?”

“We were kicked out as punishment and sent to empty the trash.” Li Erqin pointed at Peng Zige, who was dumping the trash below. “Peng Zige is doing my share of the punishment.”

In regards to Li Erqin being kicked out of class, Rong Si had grown so accustomed to it that he was no longer surprised. “So what happened?”

“Umm,” Li Erqin still found it hilarious “Earlier, Peng Zige suddenly asked me if by Baby-girl, I was referring to him.”

Rong Si started laughing. “Let’s wait for him to return to class.”


Without Peng Zige around, the silence between Li Erqin and Rong Si became slightly awkward. She squeezed her sweaty palms, trying to find a topic to talk about. However, when she lifted her head to look at Rong Si, he was spaced out, leaving no indication of any awkwardness.

Li Erqin, finally came up with this statement after much thought:  “Rong Si, since Class 3’s classroom is by the toilets, do you think the students will constantly feel like people are farting all the time?” As such, she swallowed her words.

Fortunately, she was able to keep her mouth shut.

This chapter was translated for Meraki (tranzgeekDOTwordpressDOTcom). Any reproduction in any way, shape or form is strictly prohibited. Thank you for your cooperation. To all readers, please read from tranzgeekDOTwordpressDOTcom and find out when latest updates come out! 🙂

Peng Zige, carrying three waste paper baskets, noticed Rong Si and Li Erqin both staring at the night sky. He paused in his tracks. “What are you looking at? Is there a meteor shower?”

Rong Si’s eyes regained focus. “We’re waiting for you so that we can head back to class together.”

“You two are just too mean! Not explaining anything to me!” Peng Zige casually handed a basket to Rong Si. “In future, I won’t randomly ask Li Erqin any questions.”

“Why not?” Li Erqin simply continued.

Peng Zige snickered, “This lady’s laughter is triggered by the strangest of things and once it’s been triggered, it’s like a massive flood gate has been lifted! With absolutely no way of stopping it!”

Rong Si conveyed his agreement with silence. Piecing together Li Erqin and Peng Zige’s stories, he easily understood what had transpired.

“I haven’t even completed my assignment!” Peng Zige was not pleased at all. “Erqin, what about you?”

“I haven’t either.” She shook her head, “Physics is totally beyond my comprehension.”

“What about you, Rong Si?”

“I’m done.”

“For workaholics like you, you should be given more homework. Your homework load is so different from ours!” Peng Zige said, displeased.

Rong Si faced forward as he walked, “I’m concerned that in the future our conversations will become harder for you to follow.”

Peng Zige was puzzled as he turned to look at Li Erqin.

Li Erqin restrained her laughter as she caught up with Rong Si, “Maybe you’ll  understand tomorrow morning.”

This chapter was translated for Meraki (tranzgeekDOTwordpressDOTcom). Any reproduction in any way, shape or form is strictly prohibited. Thank you for your cooperation. To all readers, please read from tranzgeekDOTwordpressDOTcom and find out when latest updates come out! 🙂

Translated by : Minodayz

TLCed by : tranzgeek

Edited by : tranzgeek and Yun

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  1. Tbh, I have to admit I didn’t get one bit of the pranks RS and LEQ pulled PZ but I just loved watching them interact as well as the three of them as a whole. They’re such good friends and so casual with each other, I love it! Reading this feels like summer almost, lighthearted and fun! Thank you for the chapter~


    1. Hahaha honestly I should have coined ‘pulling his leg’ rather than prank! I’d like that she is gaining confidence herself and her relationship with the boys to pull it off. They make it fun – reminiscing school life. 😊

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  2. I think i have a similar sense of humor like Rong Si haha These two are so cute and weird together. I wish this was made into a drama cause Peng Zige is such an awesome character. So funny ~0~


    1. Lol! personally I think I’m more LEQ – friends always say I’m rather warped! 😂 Yah I love to watch this drama though I know some may say it’s too slow and placid but I love it! 😊

      Maybe we maybe able to do a Meraki casting for our 4 leads. 😜


    1. Same here…. I keep re-reading as if I’m part of the story too! 😝 They are like those good friends you make in high school that’ll just do life with you even after you leave!😊


    1. Honestly- I dunno as the text was in English – I was thinking maybe a singer with that name like Miss A or other because PZG said he knew Baby girl. 😅🙄😬


    2. Baby girl is a term used to refer to the girlfriend in a relationship. Behind the deeper meaning of why they call girlfriends baby girl is: “Girls are supposed to be spoiled so calling them baby girls is the best.”


  3. They’re both so cute, unwittingly teaming up and playing pranks on Peng Zige!
    Also, the ‘baby-girl’ reference…? As a non-native, non-Chinese speaker, it looked like they were teasing him about his kid-like temperament and actions… Am I correct? 🙂
    Thanks for the translation… I wonder when these two will officially get together 😛


    1. I know right….they just have this unspoken rapport that’s absolutely delightful much to PZG detriment! PZG is too cute too!

      Baby Girl – the author wrote that in English so I’m thinking it maybe a celebrity that LEQ uses to punk PZG!

      As for romance, it’ll come but before they discover that, they still have quite a bit to go with friendship, new characters & all those confessions and school life first! lol so hang in there…..😜 –

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  4. This chapter made me choke while riding the bus! Hilarious to say the least! And the descriptions as always are so vivid that we feel like travelling to the place they are as if we’re spectators! Yep he’s starting to find out that he has a znemesis! Come to think of it both boys have! Thanks for the update 😊


    1. She sure has a cheeky side! You can’t help being suck into their lives! I love how the boys are slowly developing their ties with LEQ….giving us all theses laughable moment and endearing them to us!!! Til the next update….


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