When A Snail Falls in Love| 如果蜗牛有爱情

When a Snail Falls in Love Chapter 55.2

Continuation of the exciting case!

Chapter 55.2: Their relationship was secret, pure, passionate, and he was in control of it all.

Then someone asked: “Leader, what do you think?”

This case felt really tricky. Everyone looked at Ji Bai, hoping he could find a breakthrough.

Ji Bai quietly looked around the room. “Apart from the body, the criminals did not leave any traces at the scene, it is difficult to deduce further for now.  However, the murderer also left us a few clues we can use to link back to him.

Everyone heard this and their spirits immediately lifted. They just listened as Ji Bai continued:

“First, potassium cyanide is a controlled drug. Purchases are subjected to strict approval, and buyers need to be registered. Xiao Zhao, you should go immediately to verify the purchase records. 

Second, there is the possibility of murder. Old Wu, you should lead the team to investigate into the deceased Bai AnAn’s daily interpersonal relationships. Focus the investigation on her emotional entanglements such as past boyfriends, suitors; each must be subjected to a detailed cross-examination.

Third, the murderer needed to transport the victim to the mountains. He must have a car, and an isolated house so that he could abduct the victim and imprison her without anyone being aware of it. You should be careful when screening.

Fourth, Big Hu, you are responsible for investigating all the violent sex offenders in the province. See if someone has been released from prison recently or if someone was suspected of committing a crime.

All of you should take the rest of the day off. In addition, all information regarding this case must be kept strictly confidential.”

Everyone nodded, one after another, and wrote down the details he mentioned as several groups of people were assigned to carry out specific tasks. At this time, Ji Bai saw Xu Xu sitting at the end of the table, nibbling at her pen and thinking deeply: “Xu Xu, do you have any suggestions?”

Xu Xu was an expert in criminal psychology and her current work/responsibilities in the police was intended so as to use psychology to enhance the traditional means of detection. As this case was a little unusual, thus everyone looked at her with curiosity.

Xu Xu nodded: “I have not reached a specific conclusion, but I am sure that the murderer had very strong feelings for the deceased.”

Everyone was stunned.

In order to help them understand the psychology of a criminal’s mind, Xu Xu said, “I will first explain some theories about violent sex offenders.”

“Why do men want to sexually assault women? At first glance, it seems like they cannot restrain their sexual desire. But why can’t they restrain their lust?  In the end, there are psychological reasons behind this.

According to foreign research, some men satisfy their craving for power by subduing women; and some use abuse to vent deep seated anger. There are also some people that, when they experience failures in life or in their relationships, raping someone can give them the sense of victory. This is also reflected in the crime data. In China’s population of incarcerated violent sex offenders, as in any other country, low-income and low education profiles account for the majority. Young people commit acts of sexual assaults mainly to satisfy their curiosity about sex.”

Everyone who heard this nodded in agreement.

Xu Xu then turned the direction of the topic: “But there is another type of criminal who is eager to establish a close relationship with the victim. Although it is unclear what the cause of this mentality is, I think the perpetrator of this case belongs to this type. He thinks of his relationship with the victim as private, pure, warm, and dominated by him. He did not impose any other physical abuse on the deceased, and even on the matter of the murder weapon, the choice will bring him a certain risk, but will not bring any pain to the dead – potassium cyanide.

My initial estimate is that the man should be in the 20-40 years age group. His financial situation is good, he has a neat appearance, is meticulous and patient by nature and displays no violent tendencies. He is in a psychologically unstable state. Given his strong desire for intimacy and sexual desire, he will most probably be single. It is likely that he tried to pursue, harass, and track the victim, but was unsuccessful. So, I agree with Ji Bai’s point of view – let’s focus on the people who had emotional entanglements with the deceased.”

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The workload was as heavy as a mountain. Three days later, Xu Xu was once again at home in the evening. Ji Bai was still at the police station, monitoring the overall situation.

At ten o’clock at night, Ji Bai came back. When he entered the room, Xu Xu was sitting on the sofa with her arms around her knees. She seemed to be in a daze as she looked at the murder scene photos.

Ji Bai was a little tired. He sat down and put his arms around her waist. He closed his eyes briefly as he leaned against the sofa.

Xu Xu turned around and looked at him: “Still no progress?”

Ji Bai nodded. Everyone was exhausted, so he had given them permission to leave for the night. Tomorrow morning, they would continue their stressful work.

He held her in his arms and bent down to kiss her. During this temporary respite from the tight work schedule, as he held her close to his body, her skin felt warm and his tensed body soon relaxed.
“You’re still looking at the photos?” he whispered as he embraced her from behind and his tongue lingered on her fair neck.
Xu nodded and frowned: “Well, I feel like I have seen this crime scene before.”

Ji Bai was stunned .

Even though Xu Xu wanted to think about it, she had no clue. Maybe she was too tired, and her head was also aching a little bit. She simply put down the photo, turned her head and kissed him, “Go and take a shower.”

As she heard the sound of the shower in the bathroom,  Xu Xu stared at the door for a while, then walked back to the bedroom, shut the door, and took out a pregnancy test kit from her bag.

She had bought this from the pharmacy downstairs when she came home from work. She read the instructions again and took it to the bathroom adjoining the master bedroom.

A few minutes later, Xu Xu, holding the stick with two bars on it, sat back down on the bed.

According to Baidu, there were many reasons for unplanned pregnancies – when the quality of the condom was not good and ruptured halfway, if the condom was affected by damp or cold, if there were premature secretions before putting on the condom, if the condom slipped because of the amount of force or angle of entry…

Xu Xu stared at it for a moment, then put it in her pocket.

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Being at home did not mean that the work will not continue. After his shower, Ji Bai brewed a cup of coffee and came into the bedroom holding a stack of documents.

Xu Xu was sitting on the bed, both her hands were on the pillow she was leaning her head against. Her dark eyes looked at him, bright and piercing. Her face was slightly flushed but her color seemed good. Ji Bai smiled, raised her chin with his hand and handed her the small stack of documents: “Did you see this part about Bai AnAn’s friends?”

They have always had a tacit understanding – they worked and discussed cases together at home; this way the work gets done more efficiently .

Xu Xu took the documents and looked at the wall clock. It was 11 o’clock. Perhaps it was purely psychological, but she actually felt a little ache in her stomach, as if someone was reminding her not to stay up late and work overtime.

After a moment of silence, she said: “I do not want to work today, I want to sleep.”

Usually if there was work to be done, she would plunge into it with all enthusiasm and without any reservations. Tonight’s reaction surprised Ji Bai a little bit. He reached out to caress her head, asking: “Tired?”


Ji Bai kissed her forehead and took back the papers: “Give it to me, you should go and sleep now.”

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The hour was getting late and the night grew quieter. Ji Bai was the only one sitting at the table, flipping the papers under the light of the table lamp. After a while, he subconsciously looked up. Xu Xu was curled up under the quilt, her little face like white jade. She was fast asleep.

When the sky had brightened, Ji Bai turned over in bed and realised his arms were empty. He immediately woke up to find that Xu Xu was not in bed.

He looked around and saw her standing next to the bed in thin pyjamas. She was looking down at the floor. The dark blue morning sky and the yellowish street lights from the window intermingled to form a subtle mosaic of light and shadow behind her. The little girl looked particularly lonely.

Was there something weighing on her mind?
Ji Bai had only managed to sleep for a few hours, so his head was still a little muddled. However, he still sat up immediately, leaned over and pulled her little hand: “What’s the matter?”

Xu Xu turned around and looked at him. She looked very calm, but her face seemed to be strangely flushed. She took his hand and threw a stick from her pocket towards him: “Here.”

All of a sudden, Ji Bai was jolted to complete wakefulness.

Most updated translations are from MerakiTranslations. Please don’t read from anywhere else!

Translated by miumiu, geefle

TL checked by Mel

Proofread by Libramuse

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