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Male God Chapter 3.1

Mmm since some of us were confused in the last mass release about military school and such here’s a clarification, I found from the web. Credits go to the person who posted this. (I lost the link… xD)

In China, millions of young people must undergo short stints of military training — once in the first year of high school and again as college freshmen.

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Chapter 3.1: Dizziness

On the day of the military parade ceremony training, everything was monotonous and dull. One could even say that the hardship was indescribable with words. The continuous high temperatures had no intention of dropping, and each day was hotter than the next. Li Erqin would occasionally “march”, “stand at ease” intermittently, feeling as if the cicadas and bugs by the roadside had all been burned to death. Because the atmosphere was so quiet, only the high temperatures roasted the floor, and the pitiful [students] on it.

But as they had not been permitted to speak, they were also quiet.

Only the steady rise and fall of their motions made up the sounds at that time.

Occasionally, Li Erqin would also feel that this scene was very spectacular. If they could overlook the scene from the sky, it probably would look like rows of bean curds, as they transformed and moved around, like a computer command, which also did not have any errors (in data transmission).

In the high temperature training day after day, the one time Li Erqin felt the most comfortable was probably the military practice theory and knowledge lectures that they gave at night. Despite the tediousness and dullness of the theories and whatnot, the lecture hall had air conditioning and one could even drink iced mineral spring water at any time. What could be better than enjoying the air conditioning as one drank cold water at the same time.

Li Erqin felt she couldn’t think of anything better.

She didn’t know if the school had arranged it, or if it was a coincidence, but Li Erqin found a seat in the lecture hall, only to find Peng Zige and Rong Si walk in from the other end. Rong Si was always so tall and so hot, as his skin was so white that one couldn’t tell that he had been in the sun at all. But Li Erqin felt what attracted her more strongly was the temperament that he gave off. He was tranquil and unhurried, bringing with it a bit of estrangement, which made Li Erqin feel like she could never stand beside him.

“Hey, Li Erqin!”

Peng Zige was the first to say hello, and then at twice his original speed, he came and sat down next to her.  Li Erqin’s attention was however on Rong Si. After he calmly sat down next to Peng Zige she said: “Good skills.”

Rong Si turned slightly to the side and smiled at her.

Peng Zige after looking around for a long time, asked: “Where are the girls in our class?

Li Erqin looked at him,  “I am in this row, they are in the front row.”

“Oh, eh, you see, our class girls are really good.”

When  Peng Zige finished speaking  Li Erqin heard Rong Si just gently say “Oh!” Then she heard him chuckle. She could not gauge his feelings, but she could feel her face heat up.

Li Erqin felt that she would like to talk with Rong Si , but she did not know what to say. Annoyed at herself, she pulled at her camouflage clothes. No one noticed her little actions, so no one spoke. She was somewhat unhappy and thought that normally Peng Zige would talk so much, why was he so silent today.

As if he could hear her blame him in her mind, Peng Zige hit her arm, “This row is for  the boys in our class, this one and the one behind.”

Li Erqin glanced around; when Rong Si’s face came in her line of sight she unconsciously paused for three seconds, then remarked, “Oh.”

There were many students who were coming back orderly in the rows behind. They were very noisy. There were sounds of laughter interspersed with twittering voices.

Bored, Li Erqin squeezed the mineral water bottle in her hands.


Peng Zige poked her arm, “Li Erqin, you still did not tan ah.”

“Well,” she did not know how to respond.

Then she heard Rong Si say, “Fair.”

She and Peng Zige almost turned at the same time to see Rong Si. He seemed embarrassed and touched his nose: “I think Li Erqin seems quite fair.”

“Light … maybe the reason is the light.” She didn’t know why she was stuttering slightly .

Rong Si chuckled, he was indifferent to her reaction.

“I am black like carbon, almost like a reflective surface,” Peng Zige said with some annoyance.

Hearing this, Li Erqin put her hand in her pocket and handed something to Peng Zige: “Here, take this.”

“What is this?”


Peng Zige blushed: “Oh, I just did not pay attention.”

“It’s very easy to use and it can repair skin.” She carefully checked parts of Peng Zige’s nose: “Your sunburn is so serious that this may be the remedy you need.”

Peng Zige habitually found it difficult to accept things. He clenched his fist and said, “Is it really bad?”

“Take it.” Li Erqin’s tone was normal, “I have a lot.”

Peng Zige was still hesitant.

“Take it!” Li Erqin urged. She suddenly thought of what it was like for him, and said, “When you apply sunburn ointment, it is not like you will lose face.”

Rong Si was quietly listening to the dialogue between the two. Now he laughed. Li Erqin did not understand why he was laughing and looked at him.

“What?” Even Peng Zige did not understand his reason.

“It is really strange for boys to use sunscreen, but you are sunburned.”

This time Peng Zige was completely defeated: “I do not think there is any shame in boys using sunscreen.”

Li Erqin had an unexpected expression: “What, are you shy?”

Peng Zige obediently took the sunscreen bottle.

Li Erqin said: “In the morning, apply a generous layer on your skin.”

Peng Zige nodded: “Thank you.”

Li Erqin ignored him, with an expressionless face she looked to the front.

In the evening, after sleeping through two classes, Li Erqin bid farewell dazedly to Peng Zige and Rong Si. She had just left the lecture hall when she was surrounded by some girls.

“What is the name of the handsome guy who spoke to you?” The handsome guy they referred to was Rong Si.

“Oh, oh, Peng Zige.” Li Erqin pretended to misunderstand .

“So handsome! Our class?”

Li Erqin nodded, though she did not agree with the girls. She thought Peng Zige was indeed a bit handsome, but obviously Rong Si was more dazzling.

“How do you know them?”

Li Erqin: “When I went to the infirmary, I met them.”

“So handsome!”

Li Erqin shook her head, she disagreed with the opinion of the majority. Then she slowly returned to the dorms.

Unexpectedly, when Li Erqin went back to the dorms she had to still endure everyone’s torture.

“Two people! Who was the handsome guy around Peng Zige?”

“Rong Si.”

“Does he belong to our class?”

“Yes. ”

“Oh, he is the boy I saw that night at the supermarket. Turns out he belongs to our class, how lucky!”

Li Erqin was in a good enough mood to laugh, the roommate’s sense of beauty was satisfied. She didn’t know why she felt a sense of pride.

Rong Si sure was good looking.

Day after day of monotonous training was finally about to end. Halfway through the training, Li Erqin caught sight of Peng Zige and Rong Si, the two were still standing together. Probably because of sunscreen, Peng Zige seemed to be a bit fairer. Unexpectedly, he caught sight of her in the crowd. She silently mouthed “Hello”. In response, he laughed brightly, revealing big white teeth.

Peng Zige’s action attracted the attention of Rong Si, and then his eyes moved over from Peng Zige to Li Erqin and after a slight pause, he smiled.

The world was suddenly quiet.

Rong Si still did not move.

Even across the crowd, Li Erqin could still see Rong Si’s bright eyes, like the stars in the sky.

She could hear her heart thumping. She felt too dizzy to turn, even her brain had become blank.

That afternoon, Li Erqin stood in the military posture, very tall and straight, staring towards the concrete floor. Then the next moment, blood rushed down from her head.

Translated by : miumiu and tranzgeek 🙂

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  1. Oh dear. Is she on her back to the infirmary?

    She’s like the cat that walks alone. Does what she wants, sits where she likes, and doesn’t even realize (or care) there’s a demarcation.

    Yang yang definitely has the visuals for Rong Si, but he’s so wooden! Maybe Chen Xiang? For Li Erqin, what about Guan Xiao Tong?

    Thanks for the chapter.


    1. XD I’m just basing it off of his performance as xiao nai in love o2o. Chen Xiang tho def has that look. I feel like Li Er Qin is more difficult to cast xD. Guan Xiao Tong tho would probs a great Li Er Qin. Lol I’ve only seen her in novoland. Li Er Qin on the other hand is a pretty special female lead hehe!


  2. They are both quiet and shy! He mught be more straight forward but knows she’s a scared kitten and will take it easy! That ending though .. Will she faint? Will he carry her in his arms to the infirmary 😌

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  3. Omg LEQ is so……cute? I like how she’s sort of absentminded, and I actually don’t think she’s shy or has low self-esteem, she just has trouble connecting to people….idk she’s just really different and I like it! Also Rong Si seems really cute, I love how LEQ felt proud that everyone agreed he was handsome lmao. Thank you for the chapter!!!!

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