When A Snail Falls in Love| 如果蜗牛有爱情

When a Snail falls in love Chapter 48.2

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Chapter 48.2- The faint light from the window reflected gently off his handsome face, while his black eyes were limpid and clear, giving him a very magnanimous look.

That evening’s feast was held at a restaurant near the police station. Apart from the detectives, there were people from the administrative departments with strong ties to Ji Bai. They were all his good buddies and surrounded Ji Bai and Xu Xu. Everyone was talking animatedly about the Myanmar case.
Zhao Han, seated on the outside, was ordering the drinks. Suddenly, he thought about Xu Xu and asked: “What does sister-in-law drink?”

Xu Xu didn’t realise he was talking about her, and thus didn’t reply. She heard Ji Bai, at her side, saying: “She drinks fruit juice.”

Xu Xu was startled at this, and had to collect herself. The others did not have any reaction, so it seemed as if she had already officially been given this title.
Although Xu Xu’s cheeks were slightly hot, she maintained an indifferent appearance, and continued to listen to the conversation.
When the wine arrived, the atmosphere became really heated up. The detectives became more rowdy and clamoured to propose toasts to Ji Bai and Xu Xu. Ji Bai held up his hand to stop them, and moved all the wine cups they had placed before Xu Xu to in front of him: “She doesn’t drink (wine).”
Thus, everyone seized the opportunity to attack Ji Bai.

As the saying goes, you can tell a person’s character by their drinking habits. Ji Bai would not drink to excess, and neither could he be forced to drink too much. However, he would down what he was obliged to drink without missing a single cup. Before long, with his slightly flushed face, and his hand resting on the back of Xu Xu’s chair, he gave the appearance of one who was at ease and satisfied with the world, while his dark pupils increasingly shone with a penetrating light.

Xu Xu was calmly eating, when someone asked: “Sister-in-law, shouldn’t you be concerned about Chief Ji? Look at how many cups he’s drank! It’s outrageous!”
The minute the words were spoken, everyone focused on them. Ji Bai also narrowed his eyes, inclining his head towards her with a faint smile on his face.  

Xu Xu glanced at him, and shook her head: “I don’t need to concern myself about him.”
Her reasoning was that Ji Bai knew when to advance and when to retreat, and his self-control was very strong. This type of personality would generally not drink to excess.
However, when everyone heard her, they were first startled, then laughed uproariously. Some even signed in mock envy: “Sister-in-law, you are blatantly allowing him to run amok! Chief Ji, you indeed really have good fortune!”
Surrounded by the banter and easy laughter of the crowd, Ji Bai looked at her smilingly.
He knew what she was thinking. Between the two of them, there was no need for this type of unnecessary mutual restraint**.

  • superfluous mutual restraint (this is the direct translation of the words, I am not sure what is meant.think it means there’s no need to control each other’s actions-both are aware of their limits  No need for flattery?).

However, Xu Xu’s straightforward answer had unexpectedly fruitful results**.

  • 无心插柳柳成阴 – idiom that means ‘poke a stick in the mud and it grows into a tree to shade you’ i.e. ‘unintentional actions may bring unexpected success’). To the outsider, it was as if she was giving face to her man/ bolstering her man’s reputation.

Beautiful in both appearance and character  – they were right, being her man was certainly good fortune.
Although Ji Bai had managed to help Xu Xu avoid drinking at the dinner, the department head was also hosting some out-of-town colleagues from the special investigations unit at the same restaurant. Soon, Sun Ting brought two detectives over to drink with them.
Sun Ting was especially elated when he saw Ji Bai and Xu Xu: “Who would have thought that, on our trip to Myanmar, we would not only catch the criminals, but create the happy fate that brings two detectives together! Come, let me pay my respects to you!”

Ji Bai was just about to pick up Xu Xu’s cup of wine, but Sun Ting lifted his hand to stop him: “Aish! You are a detective. Even if you are female, can’t you drink this? Ji Bai, you step aside.”  
Ji Bai glanced at Xu Xu, and quietly exhorted her: “Just drink whatever you can.” This caused the onlookers to burst out in a chorus of hooting.  

Xu Xu nodded, and drank the wine without fuss.

After drinking 2 cups of wine, her duty was done. She was also slightly dizzy, and thus went outside for some fresh air. Ji Bai chatted with the others for a while, but kept looking towards the door when he realised she had not yet returned. At this time, Da Hu came back from the toasts in the next room, and sat down loudly (noisily? heavily?) next to Ji Bai: “Chief, Xu Xu is in the corridor.”
At Ji Bai’s look, Da Hu continued: “I saw her retching several times – Chief, is she pregnant? Heh heh . . . how time flies.”

Ji Bai could not help laughing: “Get lost.” He stood up and stepped out of the private room.


Xu Xu retched a few times, but felt better after obtaining a class of warm water from the waiter. Outside the window, the lights of the city gleamed like gems through the thick darkness. She stood at the window enjoying the faint breeze, reluctant to re-enter the noisy room.
“Anything wrong?” Ji Bai’s low, throaty voice sounded at her side.
Xu Xu shook her head.
People came and went in the corridor. Ji Bai stood by her side as they looked at the night together.
“Do you have any plans after dinner?” He asked.
“Nope.” Xu Xu replied.
Ji Bai turned and looked at her: “Come to my place? Tomorrow is Saturday, we can watch a movie at night and chit-chat, just relax.”
His face was very still. The faint light from without reflected gently off his handsome face, and his black eyes were limpid and clear, giving him a very benevolent look.

Xu Xu” “ . . . Ok.”
When Ji Bai looked at her crimson cheeks, he did not know whether it was because she was tipsy, or shy, and his heart skipped a beat. He drew closer to her, placed his hand on her shoulder, looked into her eyes, and whispered: “Your pajamas from your previous visit are still at my place. I’ve washed them, so you can wear them straightaway. Let’s leave as soon as the dinner ends.”


Both of them returned to the room and sat down. Drinks were still being passed around, the lights shone brightly, and the atmosphere was still lively.

After a while, Ji Bai looked at his watch: “Already 8:30, we’ve drunk quite a bit. Let’s go.”

Who knew, as soon as he finished talking, Da Hu immediately raised his drink: “How can that be? Drink some more.” Ji Bai glared at him, but he was unmoved.
After a while more, a group of people left in high spirits for the neighbouring room to make toasts. Only a few detective squad members were left in the room, and they were winding down. Ji Bai held Xu Xu’s hand tightly under the table as he slowly sipped some hot tea.

Suddenly, Da Hu cleared his throat, and asked the detective sitting next to him: “Do you have any plans after dinner?”

That young detective was also quick on the uptake**. He replied with a large grin: “Nope.”

  •  quick on the uptake/ quick to catch the joke/ quick to catch on? (literal: ‘wily old bird, old campaigner’)

Da Hu: “Come to my place? Watch a movie and relax?”
Xu Xu stiffened slightly, while Ji Bai stared at the two of them.
Da Hu’s expression was solemn: “Your pajamas are still at my place. I’ve washed them already, and even hand washed them . . .”
Xu Xu was utterly mortified, and her face felt as if it was on fire. Under the table, she violently squeezed Ji Bai’s hand. Ji Bai held her hand tightly, and said smilingly: “Shut up!”
The whole room rocked with laughter.
Obviously, when Ji Bai and Xu Xu were deep in conversation, a few detectives with extraordinary skills in tracking and eavesdropping had been listening from around the corner.
In the end, after the dinner had ended, Ji Bai was still unable to leave with Xu Xu. Upon receiving the bill, the department head and the special investigative team leader sent someone to invite Ji Bai for a chat. He would also have to accompany the team leader back to his hotel.

Their other colleagues left first. As they stood at the door of the restaurant, they looked at each other, and laughed.

Ji Bai escorted Xu Xu to a taxi: “We will probably end very late. I’ll call you tomorrow.”
Xu Xu didn’t mind much, and nodded: “Ok. I’ll go and bring my luggage home from my Dad’s place.”


The car headed for the highway, leaving the restaurant behind. Xu Xu sat near the window enjoying the breeze. Because of Ji Bai’s invitation, Xu Xu once again thought of their encounter in Myanmar, the soft and lingering memory of that quiet night, which almost ignited a fire of passion** . She thought of his bare, broad back at the edge of the bed, his distinctive low, gentle voice: “I don’t want you to have memories of your first time in such a terrible place . .”

  • (literal: to shoot accidentally while polishing a gun; figurative: a minor incident that sparks a war)

Xu Xu quietly pondered for a while, then lifted her head and spoke to the driver: “Sir, I’d like to go to another address.”
She still had Ji Bai’s house keys. His apartment, just like before, was clean and chilly. Her pajamas were indeed neatly folded and placed on the bedside table, with a faint whiff of detergent. Xu Xu’s heart, which had originally been in turmoil, now seemed to calm down. She switched on the television and slipped in a movie disc.
However, even after she had watched the movie, Ji Bai was not home yet. Xu Xu realised it was already 11 p.m.. It was so late, yet he was still drinking, and perhaps even had to stay with the special investigative team leader at the hotel. Xu Xu decided to go home.
When she entered her neighbourhood, it was already 11:30. The street lamps were few and far in between, and the shadows of the trees were indistinct. Xu Xu was no longer tipsy, but she still went up the staircase slowly and leisurely.
Upon reaching her floor and opening the staircase door, she saw a figure standing next to the wall by her darkened entryway, cupping a small red light between his fingers.

Xu Xu coughed lightly, triggering the lights.
Ji Bai stood under the lights, his tall, imposing form looking like a sculpture. His eyes were quiet and still: “I thought you weren’t coming home. I’ve been waiting for more than an hour.”
Xu Xu’s heart once again leapt in her chest, and her heartbeat suddenly quickened.
So, he had also been waiting for her.
She walked over and was immediately caught in his embrace, as his lips, faintly scented with alcohol, deeply and passionately kissed her.
While Ji Bai was at the department head’s dinner, he kept thinking about her. After he had sent the special investigative team leader to the hotel, without a moment’s rest, he had driven to her apartment. Remembering that she had said she was going to retrieve her luggage from her father’s place, he didn’t think it was right to call in the middle of the night, and so had waited, and waited. Because of his frame of mind, he found it neither senseless nor difficult to wait.
Right now, kissing her, made the night even more sweet and pleasant.
He kissed her for a long time before releasing her, and fixed his eyes on her, wordlessly. WIth a flushed face, Xu Xu opened her apartment door, not knowing what to say. Suddenly, she remembered he had been smoking, and asked carelessly: “Why did you smoke again?”
In actual fact, Ji Bai now seldom smoked, and did not crave it, either. It’s just that, the department head had lit a cigarette just now, and he had felt rather drowsy while waiting for Xu Xu. Thus, he decided to smoke a cigarette to refresh himself.
When he didn’t say anything, Xu Xu paid little heed, and opened the door to walk in. She then heard him, behind her, reply in a leisurely tone: “I was smoking to boost my courage.”

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