When A Snail Falls in Love| 如果蜗牛有爱情

When A Snail Falls in Love Chapter 48.1

Back from the exciting action, we get a look at Xu Xu’s personal life~~


Mel’s TLN: I used US police ranks rather than China’s to differentiate the levels – going from top to bottom – Commissioner (Govt/National/Federal) -> Chief of Police (Province/State) -> Captain/Team Leader (which is what Ji Bai is). Please correct me if I’m wrong 🙂

Chapter 48- The faint light from the window reflected gently off his handsome face, while his black eyes were limpid and clear, giving him a very magnanimous look.

By the time the plane landed at Lin City, it was already evening. Dusk settled over the land, causing beams from the distant lighthouse to shine like pearls and jewels in the gloom.

A group of people, who didn’t seem to be small in stature, stood on the airport’s parking apron to wait for their arrival. Ji Bai and Sun Ting, who were in the forefront, were welcomed. The municipal leaders extended cordial greetings, while the light from reporters’ cameras continuously flashed around them.

Ji Bai noticed a young man standing by the side of the provincial leaders. He was not surprised, and smiled slightly: “Secretary Hua.”

Secretary Hua laughed: “Your brother could not stop worrying, so he allowed me to come and meet you. Did everything go smoothly?”

Ji Bai nodded: “It went smoothly”

A provincial leader who was standing at one side laughed: “Ji Bai is my exemplary role model for our province’s public security team. When he sets off to hunt for criminals, not one can escape. Please reassure Commissioner Ji.”

Xu Xu was the last to walk out of the the plane and was immediately surrounded by Da Hu, Zhao Han and several other Lin City police officers. As they were only distant onlookers to the encounters occurring at the front, they focused on Xu Xu and asked her with great concern: “Are you alright? We heard you were taken hostage? Did you get hurt?”

When Xu Xu saw them, her heart was filled with an indescribable warmth, as she answered their questions one by one. They chatted for a while, while looking at Ji Bai and the others at the front.

It was already late. According to the plan, Xu Xu and Ji Bai needed to report to the provincial office the next morning to attend a commendation ceremony, and they had made no plans for tonight. On seeing that the people in front were still talking, not moving forward, Xu Xu took her leave from Da Hu and the others: “Then, I’ll go home first. See you tomorrow.”

Everyone nodded.

At this point in time, a familiar figure emerged from the crowd in front, walked towards them.

It was Ji Bai.

His tall, muscular body was even more prominent in the dim light. His slight smile heightened the angular planes and liveliness of his face; making his face seem brighter. He greeted Da Hu and the others first, who happily bombarded him with questions. Xu Xu also looked at him with a small grin.

Suddenly, he lifted his eyes to look at her. He turned around and walked straight into her direction.

Those who knew about their relationship grinned widely, while those who were in the dark became aware that something odd was going on as they looked on with curiosity. Xu Xu looked at his gentle and smiling demeanour, naturally and calmly greeted him: “Master.”

Ji Bai naturally placed his hand on her shoulder. His eyes were deep and still, gazing at her as if there were no one else present: “I can’t get away at the moment. How will you get home?”

Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, Xu Xu felt her face slowly heating up. His hand on her shoulder was causing the skin there to feel as though it was burning. She stared blankly at his shirt: “My brother is coming to pick me up.”

“Good, I’ll see you tomorrow.” He stared at her with a smile in his eyes: “Rest well.”

“En.” Xu Xu kept her head down.

He removed his hand from her shoulder and turned around to say his goodbyes to Da Hu and the others. He then walked with big strides to the people in front.

Some of the officials in front were looking over at them with interest. Secretary Hua understood with perfect clarity the scene before him, and smiled quietly without saying a word.

Ji Bai obviously felt not the slightest hint of embarrassment. After showing concern for his girlfriend in front of the crowd, he boarded the special car with the officials and left. It was Xu Xu who had to suffer, as she had to take the airport shuttle bus with everyone else, and walk to the gate. During the en route, there were definitely people smilingly sizing up the situation. A middle-aged lady from the logistics department asked Xu Xu  straightforwardly: “Little Xu, are you in a relationship with Captain (Team Leader) Ji?”

Several others looked at her. Xu Xu could only reply: “Yes.”


When Xu Xu reached the exit, she saw Xu Yao, dressed in a white shirt and trousers. He had a figure that was both eye-catchingly clean-cut and handsome, yet carelessly laid-back.
Upon seeing his little sister, Xu Yao beamed, took her luggage, and ruffled her hair up. He noticed that she was visibly darker, and that her chin had become sharper. He could not help but frown: “Next time, don’t go to such a terrible place.”

Xu Xu could not help but laugh.

The siblings headed home. Xu Yao entered the kitchen and personally cooked a whole table of delicious food.

By nature, Professor Xu was gentle and reserved. Thus, during dinner, it was Xu Yao who was asking most of the questions about her time spent in Myanmar. Xu Xu was like her father in nature, and her answers were simple, concise, and somewhat uninteresting. After a while, Xu Yao figured he might as well stop asking. He simply urged Xu Xu to lose her tan, and bring her weight back to what it was previously before her trip to Myanmar.

After dinner, Xu Yao voluntarily washed up while their father went to his study to practice calligraphy. Xu Xu sat in the living room for a while before following him into the study. Few words was exchanged between them as she simply sat by him quietly grinding the ink stone.

No one can understand a daughter’s heart better than their own fathers. Her father smiled slightly as he noticed his little daughter was at a loss as to what to do, and was quietly sticking close to him. After writing for awhile, he asked abruptly: “Did you encounter any danger this time?”

Xu Xu replied: “There were some alarming times but it was not dangerous.”**

  • **有惊无险 is a Chinese idiom that means ‘to be more scared than hurt’ or to get through a daunting situation without any mishaps

Her father nodded, and did not pursue the matter. He looked at her, and a warm smile lit up his eyes: “Xu Yao says you have a boyfriend?”

Xu Xu face reddened slightly: “Yeah. It started not long ago.”

“You’ve settled on someone**, dad can rest assured. I’m sure he’s a dependable, steady young man.” He continued: “When you think it’s the right time, bring him home so that I can meet him.”

  • (literal translation of ‘看中’ – taken a fancy to, settled on)

When their father had fallen asleep, Xu Xu walked to Xu Yao’s room. He was sitting on the bed with a cigarette in one hand and on his laptop, working overtime, looking through some documents his subordinates had just emailed him.

Xu Xu sat beside him, and after a while said: “This time, I almost died.”

Xu Yao, who had originally been staring at the screen, immediately turned his head to look at her.

Xu Xu smiled: “At that moment, I was afraid of dying. I really thought I’d never see you or dad again.”

Xu Yao did not say a word. He stretched out his hand and pulled her tightly into his embrace.

This was how Xu Xu treated her family.

Perhaps, the reason was because she had been raised by two men. She was normally quiet and reserved, and rarely displayed the demure dependence possessed by most girls. However, in critical moments, she has her own ways of expressing her feelings, even if she 100% resembled a girl, and sought solace from her older brother. It was only with her aged father that she maintained some reservations, and did not say a word about her difficulties and grievances.

After leaving Xu Yao’s room, Xu Xu felt much better. She took a bath and lay comfortably on her bed, before taking out her handphone to send Ji Bai a short message: “I’m going to sleep, good night.”

Ji Bai immediately called her.

At dinner that night, most of the time had been spent chatting, and he had not eaten much. Now that he had returned to his neighbourhood, he was at the supermarket downstairs buying supper. At this hour, the night was profoundly dark and still. There were only a few workers in the brightly-lit supermarket apart from himself. He stood at the cashier’s counter to make his payment.

“I thought you would have been asleep already.” He chuckled softly.

“Nope. I was just chatting with Xu Yao.” Xu Xu also laughed. “What are you doing?”

While paying, Ji Bai glanced at the prettily decorated small boxes on the shelf nearby. After a moment’s hesitation, he took the most expensive box of condoms and tossed it into his shopping basket, and replied: “Buying dumplings. I didn’t eat much for dinner.”

The next day at work, both of them were busy with their own responsibilities, and did not manage to say a single word to each other.

By the time Ji Bai had dealt with the most pressing issues, it was close to noon. Right at the bottom of the document tray was Yao Meng’s resignation letter.

Lao Wu had already mentioned the issue earlier. He hesitated for a while, before calling the Chief of Police.
The Chief of Police’s position on the issue was clear: “I’ve talked with her. She has other ideas, and we can’t force her to change her mind. Just sign the form, and her resignation procedure will be complete.”

Ji Bai did not immediately sign the form, and instead asked Yao Meng to enter his office, and closed the door.

Even after meeting Ji Bai for a month, Yao Meng was still a little uncomfortable, but she was now able to face him very calmly: “Captain (Team Leader), you’re looking for me. Is there something you need me for?”
Ji Bai went straight to the point: “My advice is to not resign. You have a very comprehensive talent and your talent is hard to come by. The police force values your talent highly.”
His words shook Yao Meng. She forced a smile and said: “Thank you. However, I . . .”  

“If you do not wish to remain in the criminal department . . . “ Ji Bai looked straight at her and spoke calmly and evenly, “I can give you a recommendation to any department you’d like to transfer to. With your qualifications, there shouldn’t be a problem. I can also put you in touch with the provincial government department.”

Yao Meng quietly for a moment looked at him with luminous eyes.

“Thank you sir. I am very grateful.” She said softly, “During this period of time, I’ve learnt so much from you. Previously, regarding the matter with Brother Lu, it was also you who spoke up on my behalf. I am really fortunate to be able to meet a leader like you after graduating. However, there are no other push factors driving me to leave the police force.”

She said brightly: “I have something else I’d rather do. A friend of mine has asked me to help him manage a magazine film. I figured out this job would be pretty challenging, and I’m interested in doing it. That’s why I’ve resigned.”

Ji Bai nodded, and laughed: “I understand. Then, I’ll wish you smooth sailing. Also, if you want to return to the police force one day, as long as you haven’t thrown away your specialisation, we will always welcome you back any time.”
Yao Meng’s eyes were a little moist, but she silently held back, and nodded vigorously at Ji Bai.
Ji Bai stood up and shook her hand: “Tonight our team is having dinner together. If you have time, join us.”
Yao Meng shook her head smilingly: “I’ve got an appointment tonight, so I won’t go. I’ll be there next week when the department has its celebration banquet, and i will officially say farewell to everyone then.”


Translators: Shl, Midasz

TL Checkers: Mel (done)

Proofreaders: Libramuse


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      1. If I remeber it, than she stayes police officer and marries Zhao Han. And she wasn’t so much into Ji Bai as in the book, she stayed Xu Xu’s good/best friend.

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  2. Her brother understands and respects her. Their relationship is really good. When her brother had an affair or rather relationship and the woman died, xx was there for him…it was one of the cases they solved from the beginning of the novel and how her brother got surprised and protective during the first time JB kissed her intimately in his car❤❤. If I am Yao Meng, I will resign too, she really did pursued JB aggressively way back and how JB told her straight he’s not interested right on her face. I guess she was hit hard and fall for him. Thank you team, you guys make our Monday bearable lol

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  3. HaHa Ji Bai and him ‘Buying dumplings’ 😀 he is very naughty. My first reaction was “What a cad!” Thanks for the chapter! Can’t wait for more romance, now that we said goodbye to Brother Lu and Myanmar.

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  6. Thank you very much for your hard work ! You have made my day much better ! Its my second chinese novel I read and I must say I am impressed .
    I have seen the cdrama but the novel it
    s the best (even that the main actors from cdrama have done a very good job and they have been well chosen for these roles!!!). Unfortunately the cdrama is in lack of the intimate scenes and these small (but very pleaseant) details of their personality during this scenes ( pity because the actors are very good and I am sure they would have been able to enchant us with their performance)
    My only regret it`s that I dont know the chinese language to read the novel by my self 🙂


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