When A Snail Falls in Love| 如果蜗牛有爱情

When A Snail Falls In Love Chapter 47.2

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Chapter 47.2 Lost and recovered, his heart’s pearl

Xu Xu knew the situation was very difficult. Soon the other armed forces would arrive after hearing the recent gunshot. At that time, Po might have been driven into a desperate action. In his uncertainty and turmoil, the end result could just as well be her blood on the ground.

They were all very tense. It was time to employ a psychological attack by evading the major issue and dwelling on the minor issues.

After a little thought, she had an idea.

Ji Bai, looking at her intensely, was going to speak, but her soft, low voice rang out first.

“Po, both sides have guns, no one is dominant – if you kill me, Ji Bai will kill Brother Lu.” Xu Xu continues, “If I die, Ji Bai would only have lost one subordinate. She is the only woman you love, are you willing to lose her?”

The moment she spoke, Ji Bai quickly trained his gun on Brother Lu. Po’s face tightened, the dark red scars on his face seemed to have become more twisted. Brother Lu’s expression also changed slightly.

Xu Xu continued: “You do not want her to die, I do not want to die – it’s a stalemate. Right now, Ji Bai is safeguarding my life, but when the other officers come, the situation will become chaotic. Chinese forces, Myanmar forces, who is going to care about the life of one insignificant police officer? Within your country, aren’t there people who want you dead? How can you let this opportunity slip away? If people start shooting wildly, the three of us are dead. Therefore, I propose – a life for a life. You release me, and escape with Brother Lu immediately. You and Ji Bai are both sharpshooters; both of you have scruples, both of you will not shoot. This is your only chance.”

This translation belongs to MerakiTranslations & tranzgeek.wordpress.com.

Xu Xu’s words had addressed the concerns of Po’s heart, he lifted his eyes and looked at Ji Bai.

At this time, from the side, Brother Lu coldly said: “This cannot be.”

All three people looked at her. Brother Lu smiled sarcastically. She then looked at the mountains behind Ji Bai, where the faintly visible shadows could be discerned. She seemed to have already heard scattered footsteps. A large number of people was quickly outflanking them.

She looked deeply into Po’s eyes, and said: “Do not believe her.  I did not think it through carefully before. She must have had something to do with this time- when we were discovered and exposed. If this is the case, there is sure to be a trap awaiting us in Laos. Even if we could escape there, it’s still certain death. She is lying to you.”

Ji Bai and Xu Xu both kept silent.

Brother Lu said: “Do not release her, take her to Laos! She will be your shield. My hands and legs** are injured, I can’t walk, I will not become a burden to you. Go! I will cover your retreat!” She then pulled out a knife and stood in front of Ji Bai, blocking him.

  • 我的手和脚都受了伤: When Brother Lu speaks, she literally says her hands and feet have been wounded. Even though her hands and feet have not literally been wounded, she uses this phrase to imply that her whole body (in general) has been fatally wounded and thus, she will be unable to continue on with Po.

Po fell silent, his eyes relentlessly looking at her. He nodded. Then, he dragged Xu Xu step by step backwards towards the water, as he said: “Lu, you must survive!”

The situation had shifted abruptly, Xu Xu had no idea what to do, and could only look at Ji Bai. However, Ji Bai was not looking at her at all. His gun was surreptitiously aimed at Po, his finger slowly pulling the trigger, intense black eyes full of steely determination . . .

Brother Lu’s eyes were sharp and she brandished a knife to stab at Ji Bai’s heart.

“Stop . . .” Her voice suddenly ceased, a little bullet hole appeared on her back over her heart – the hidden sniper, sensing the crisis, had shot her in the heart.

At the sudden gunshot, Po, in the process of retreating, immediately lifted his head and looked at her, the sharp lines in his face tightening: “Lu . . . “

Xu Xu heart jumped. Ji Bai naturally saw a fleeting opportunity present itself – he fired, precisely hitting Po’s right wrist!

Po’s entire body shook, his hand . . . dropped the gun. Xu Xu abruptly dashed forward; Ji Bai had already advanced with big steps, with one swift action he pulled her up from the water.

Behind them sounded the clatter of approaching footsteps, the SWAT team began to emerge from the forest; seeing the situation, they rushed forward to surround Po. He was forced to to ground, his body rigid with tension like a wild animal, his arms twisted behind his back, his eyes crimson. Brother Lu, on the verge of death, looked at him as her lips moved soundlessly.

This translation belongs to MerakiTranslations & tranzgeek.wordpress.com.

Ji Bai finally lowered his gun arm and looked down at Xu Xu in his arms. Xu Xu, still badly shaken, looked up at him. The sound of his steady yet obviously rapid heartbeat sounded in her ears and his face in the sunlight was handsome and still.

“Third Brother . . .” Xu Xu breathed. It’s as if, by calling his name, her own heart could find comfort.

Ji Bai gazed intently at her, a trace of a smile slowly emerging from his dark eyes.

Xu Xu also laughed, and buried her head in his chest. Ji Bai closed his arms around her fiercely, so that her entire person was held firmly in his embrace.

This translation belongs to MerakiTranslations & tranzgeek.wordpress.com.

On the airplane flying to Lin City.

Brother Lu and Po had already been separately escorted to the China and Myanmar prisons, where the two countries’ severe punishment awaited them.

After many days of hard work, near misses, and finally a successful conclusion, the task force was both tired and joyful, each person leaned against his or her seat, from time to time chatting briefly, their voices reflecting their satisfaction and happiness.

Xu Xu and Ji Bai were sitting in the last row, Ji Bai glanced sideways at her fair, quiet little face.

Lost and recovered, his heart’s pearl.   

Ever since the crisis had ended, both of them were experiencing surging emotions. But after Po and Brother Lu had been captured, they had been busy with follow-up work, and had not exchanged even a word. Now they were surrounded by police officers from both countries, it was not convenient. They could only hold hands tightly below their seats, quietly looking at each other.

After a while, Ji Bai looked at her, speaking softly: “You’re so brave, as you disregard your own life, while using Brother Lu’s life to threaten Po?”

Xu Xu was completely calm, as she unhurriedly replied: “It is of no concern. He cares most about Brother Lu’s life.”

After a while, she turned her head to look at him.

“Then, what were you planning to do at that time? Did you have the same idea as I did?” She remembered that he had also been about to speak at that time.

Ji Bai glanced at her: “You analysed Po with your usual standards, but you forgot to analyse me.”

If Po was unwilling to endanger the love of his life, then why would I be willing to?

The two were extremely evil villains, any error could have caused you to be hurt. So how could I, risk infuriating them when your life was on the line, while also using Brother Lu’s life to threaten Po? This kind of thing- only you could have done it.

The fact is, the first thought that came rushing into his mind had been . . .

Give myself in exchange for her.

He would think of ways to convince them. For example, Brother Lu’s injured hands and feet would render her unable to move freely and Xu Xu was frail, Po would find it hard to flee successfully with her. However, if the hostage was him instead, he could help Po carry Brother Lu. Plus, an Interpol captain, a grandson of the Ji family, would be much more valuable than an ordinary police officer…

His words surprised Xu Xu for a moment – she had forgotten to analyse him? Ji Bai smiled faintly and did not say any more.  He leaned back in his seat and closed his eyes.

Xu Xu looked at his handsome face, peaceful in sleep. After a while, she suddenly had a thought – had he intended to…

She was silent for a moment, and moved closer to kiss him.

Who knew, the moment her lips touched his face, he was aware of the sensation. He immediately opened his dark eyes and pulled her with one swift motion into his embrace. Uncaring of those around them, he dipped his head and kissed her deeply.

Outside the window, clouds glowed with the brilliant sunlight, the warm golden light illuminated the lofty blue skies. On the distant ground, crawled the mountain ranges, the green smudges of the fields. Lin City was nearing, in front of them.

This translation belongs to MerakiTranslations & tranzgeek.wordpress.com.


Translator: shl
TL Checkers: Mel, Tranzgeek
Proofreaders: Libramuse, Midasz


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