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Siege in Fog Chapter 2.2

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Also, while I’m liking the book and its detail, I do have a question to all of you super excited people out there! Just out of pure curiosity, why do you love the book so much and why is it so appealing (especially the themes of abuse and love)? I do understand why the book is lovable but I suppose I don’t understand where your avid enthusiasm comes from. Lol.

TL Note: I looked up Adjutant, and it is equivalent to “Aide-de-camp” but I will still be using Adjutant since it’s short and sweet 🙂 Just know, that the word has a slightly different meaning though!

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Chapter 2.2

Adjutant Song was startled when he realized he was speaking to Qin Sang. No sound came from within. It was rare for Yi Lian Kai not to be impatient. He sat there, not moving and hummed two more lines. At this moment, the door moved, and Qin Sang walked out. She had already finished dressing and changed into a Spring Water Begonia qipao matched with a pair of jade autumn leaf earrings, like an elegant and supple woman. But she said: “You aren’t even willing to get up, but the moment you get up, you become so anxious and keep urging people to hurry.”

Yi Lian Kai didn’t reply, but turned his head and asked Adjutant Song: “Is the car ready?”

Adjutant Song could not help but stand upright, and said: “It is ready.”

“Then let us go.” Yi Lian Kai then stood up. Even though he was ignorant, he had been in Western schools for many years before coming back to China, so he usually paid the most attention to acting like a gentleman. So the moment he stood up, he first helped Qin Sang carry her bags. Adjutant Song slightly bowed to Qin Sang, and then first went downstairs to prepare the car.

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After Yi Lian Kai and Qin Sang went downstairs, the car was already waiting under the rain. Han ma carried a Japanese-style meal basket and sat with Adjutant Song in another car.

Qin Sang sat in the car, looking outside the window. This day was fine, hard to come by. The atmosphere in the mountains was extremely fine, the sky was like a developed [photo], the white clouds seemed as if they were practicing. The far and near mountains were like eye-liner. This path that led to the hilltop was an asphalt road. It was said that they were here to climb a mountain, but in reality, all the people here were on summer vacation. The vast majority all rode cars to the top. Plus, even though this mountain was tall, the hilltops were were almost flat, distantly showing a wide expanse of land, spreading crushed rocks, and filling the parking lot. After a moment, they got off the car and walked up for 100 steps, when they reached the highest point at Duo Cui Pavilion.

The mountains were great, the wind was strong. Qin Sang originally wore a serge cloak, but when the wind blowed, it flipped over, revealing the blue lotus inside, as she seemed timid, yet extremely lovely. It was rare for Yi Lian Kai’s emotions to be so great. He called for people to clean the Pavilion, and heard the footmen busily spreading a cushion on the stone chair. Then, they arranged some dishes on the stone table. Only then did Yi Lian Kai say to Qin Sang: “How is it? Having a picnic here, doesn’t it seem like a Scandinavian landscape?”

In the beginning when Qin Sang married over, Yi Lian Kai had once strongly advocated for a Nordic honeymoon, but in truth, he was finding an excuse to go out of the country and play around. Then, when Qin Sang got sick, only then did he give up. Today, Qin Sang was particularly easy-going. She sat down and accompanied him to drink half a cupful of white wine, and ate some cake-like dessert. She originally wasn’t going to drink, and as of now, her face was red. Yi Lian Kai could not help but laugh at her: “You’re almost like a child. After drinking a bit of wine and eating some desserts, you get drunk.”

Qin Sang tilted her face to look at the landscape. This was the highest place of Zoysia pungens Mountain. Qin Sang gazed out into the distance at the overlooking expanse. She took in the whole scene all at once- a wide expanse of a river that was dark green like light silk, smooth and at ease. As for the distant silvery Tibetan country, it outlined the river precisely. The river water snaked as it entered the free and unimpeded lake. Overlapping and complicated, as it went south, flowing out smoothly. At an extreme distance, one could make out a thin piece of a dusky city. That city was the Jiangzuo strategic town of Chang Ye. A myriad of thoughts arose in her heart. Now, at this moment, she couldn’t help but sigh.

At first, her sigh wasn’t audible, she only sensed that her face felt cold. But it was Yi Lian Kai who pinched her earring and lightly asked: “Why are you sighing?”

The footmen were all outside the Pavilion, and there were only the two of them on the Pavilion. But Qin Sang still blocked his hand and said: “I’ll shout and people will catch sight of you.”

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Yi Lian Kai’s mood was particularly good, and he didn’t bother about it. The only thing he cared about was twisting her face. He said: “Then, tell me what your heart is thinking about.”

Qin Sang said: “What can my heart be thinking about? If you can be more amiable, then I’ll help you conceal the truth in front of your father, and that’s all.”

Even though Yi Lian Kai feared nothing in the heavens and the earth, he was a little afraid of Yi Ji Pei, but at this moment, the mountains were high and the emperor was far away. His father was in the Manor, at a distant, so he didn’t need to be concerned about it. Thus, he only smiled to her: “All year round, we only return one time to comply with the 2nd solar month. I see it has made you worry about accomplishing it like that!”

Qin Sang said: “I want to discuss this with you. This time when we return, we should still buy some gifts for Big Brother and Sister-in-law as well as Second Brother and Second-Sister-in-Law for propriety.”

Yi Lian Kai was still very disapproving. He said: “We can forget about Big Brother, and as for Second Brother, what does he not have? On what basis can he have everything under the world? Let us stop worrying about these things okay?”

Qin Sang said: “Our residence is outside their territory. We can’t go back with empty hands, can we?”

Yi Lian Kai laughed: “I know, it turns out you were worrying about money. Don’t worry, I’ll think of a way for you for the sum of money. Don’t worry about it.”

Qin Sang knew he didn’t have anything that wasn’t up to standards. But Yi Ji Pei just had to spoil his little sons. Every year he would give him some money in private. As for Gao Pei De, he curried favor with Yi Lian Kai so a lot of Yi Lian Kai’s foreign bank firm funds had all dried up. When Gao Pei De spent money, he naturally spent extravagantly. Qin Sang involuntarily scratched the tall crystal glass in her hands, but her mouth said: “Do you think I came to you for money?”

Yi Lian Kai replied: “I know you did not come to me for money.” He got closer to her earlobe and laughed: “You missed me, right?”

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Originally Qin Sang’s cheeks were both red. At this moment, her gaze swept over him and he said: “Can you just be a little bit serious?”

Yi Lian Kai said: “I am very serious right now. It’s you whose heart is not serious, so you feel I am not serious.”

Qin Sang knew he usually spoke in this type of an accent. If they continued to bicker, then there would be no end. Thus, she said: “Then let me talk to you about some official matters. My uncle has a distantly related nephew. I don’t know who he wronged, but he was framed by the revolusionary party. Even though I have never met this cousin, I know that he is innocent. I hope you could find someone and speak up for him. If they can assert that they made a mistake when capturing him, then he might be let go.”

Yi Lian Kai shook his head instead. He said: “I cannot do these things. Last time, for Old Wang’s sister’s son, I bailed him out. But I don’t know how 2nd brother caught wind of these matters. In front of father, he told on me, and said I was meddling with military affairs. Thus, I won’t do these types of things again, as to prevent fear of the consequences.”

Qin Sang knew that the brothers seemed like they were independent, especially Yi Lian Kai who left, born of a concubine. Thus, the sons of the first wife, the oldest brother, and the 2nd oldest brother were inharmonious with him. The good part was that besides sensual pleasures, Yi Lian Kai wasn’t interested in anything else. Yi Ji Pei saw that he was worthless and only let him arrange his wedding before dispatching him to Chang Ye, to avoid keeping him in front of his eyes as he would get angry. Thus, Yi Lian Kai naturally also longed for this arrangement, and left his father’s eyes. It was easier to run amok this way.

Qin Sang put down her wine cup and slowly laughed towards him: “Since you feel conflicted, then even if I ask older brother’s wife, it’ll be the same thing.”

The daughter in law of the Head of the Yi Family had obviously been matchmade into the Yi Family. Plus, she had close relations with the Yi Family ever since childhood. After Yi Lian Yi was confined to the bed, the Yi Family had mentioned getting rid of the betrothal, but in the end, this young lady of the house refused it with a word. Thus, such a conventional woman who could only memorize “The Female Commandments” and “Feminine Teachings” adhered strictly to the rules, that said that a woman’s virtue was to have no talent. Ten years after she married, and as of now, she wore a Chinese gown every day. She had never even worn a Western dress. She had also never strode out of the doors at all. And the more she was like this, the more Yi Lian Yi thought highly of her. He repeatedly told her philosophies, and he respected her for keeping her word after marriage. After Yi Ji Pei’s former match passed away, she became the head of the household. Whenever Yi Lian Kai thought of that woman with bound feet, alone and helpless, he could not restrain a smile. Thus he said: “Kudos to you for thinking of her. Will she have a way?”

“The head of the household is like a mother. If you don’t care about these matters then who will I go to? I can only go ask sister-in-law, and ask her to think of a way.”

Yi Lian Kai’s face became gloomy as expected. He placed the wine cup on the table, and practically made a “Hmph”. When Qin Sang saw that he looked unhappy, she laughed: “Forget it. Pretend I never mentioned it before.”

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  1. thanks for another chapter. answering your question- from my perspective it is difficult to find something that would convey pure passion and huge emotions- so if I think that I found sth like that I can’t contain my enthusiasm. Raw emotions are what I am looking for. and here it seems that the male protagonist is filled with them but he hides them which makes it even better – things that are left for our imagination because they are between the lines and not stated clearly.

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    1. Ahh thanks for the wonderful insights Maria! I think I understand a lot more now hehe. Raw emotions and passion are pretty powerful and Yi Lian Kai definitely does a lot with that! Thanks for sharing! I hope you enjoy the rest of the translation hehe!


  2. OMG! Do I just love their chemistry! There’s just something about LYK that drives you madly in love. Even though he’s a arrogant butt hole his gentlemen -ness shines thru. Also the fact that QS is seriously his driving source- the fact that he is so acquainted with.

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  3. All I can say after seeing the trailer and coming to find this…thank you, I think the trailer really pushed me to read as the drama won’t be aired for a while (from what I’ve read)


  4. Thanks for translating the chapter! I really like reading the book, also how you and your team translated the story so smoothly 🙂
    I like the drama trailer, can’t wait for the drama on air.

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  5. Yay! Thank you for the new update!! BTW, How do I rate? Also, to answer your question, I start liking the book because I saw the trailer and fell in love with Elvis and Sun Yi together lol…and I love how LYK deeply loves QS without showing it and she came to realize it later on 🙂


    1. Go to the hyperlink provided in the text “NovelUpdates”, make an account with NovelUpdates if you haven’t done so already and then you can rate books whenever.

      That aspect of the story is pretty sweet!


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