When A Snail Falls in Love| 如果蜗牛有爱情

When A Snail Falls in Love Chapter 42.1


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Chapter 42.1- His Every Footstep, Treaded in her Heart

The situation was in a state of emergency; Tisza drove the military truck in haste with Xu Xu and more than 20 soldiers to the site of the explosion.

The sky was bright already and the streets were lit up by the dazzling morning sun. A shadow full of smoke could be seen from somewhere far away. Along the streets, residents’ heads were sticking out of their windows.  

Upon arriving at the front of the supermarket, the fire had already been almost extinguished. The supermarket that was once spacious and clean, was now covered in soot and a thick cloud of smoke. Goods and pieces of glass were seen scattered all over the floor.

— —

The cell phones still had no reception. Prior to the explosion, the bomb was initiated using a cellular signal remote control. However, after the initial explosion, the army immediately cut off network communications to avoid another explosion. No one knew when the signals will be restored.

The other Interpol officers did not show up– Today, they were assigned duties to keep a close eye on the suspects and they could not leave their location at this time, which may have prevented them from acting blindly without thinking. Moreover, with the communications down, it would have taken some time to contact each side.

Xu Xu and Tisza can only rely on themselves now.

Tisza ordered a team of soldiers, whispered a few instructions to them, and patted each person’s shoulder. The soldiers nodded. One by one they turned around and immediately entered the supermarket. Spectators gathered around and talked excitedly about the arrival of the soldiers.

Xu Xu stood in the middle of the road alone. Located 10 meters in front of her was the supermarket that was turned upside down. Behind her were the noisy masses. Cars were moving about in the intersection just beside her…all the complex images and sounds poured into her head at the same time.

The first thing she noticed was the car that was parked opposite the supermarket. It was Ji Bai’s car. This made her heart jump. Immediately she took a deep breath to calm herself before continuing to search for clues.

There were no traces of bloodstains or suspicious vestiges around the supermarket. Xu Xu quietly walked around the back alley. She was startled to find the back door of the supermarket slightly open; the ground and the wall were covered with mottled blood stains. A fight had taken place here.

Xu Xu returned back to the roadside. The soldiers had thoroughly investigated the entire supermarket. Inside the supermarket, there was no one inside, no dead bodies or any wounded people. This made Xu Xu and Tisza relieved, however, they were still very tense.

The soldiers began questioning passers-by to see if they could find any witnesses.

— —

The supermarket was located in a densely populated area, and they were able to find clues quickly.

When the explosion occurred, it just so happened that a cleaner was cleaning near the back of the supermarket. He said: “I saw people fighting in the alley. Seven or eight men were holding an iron bar and hitting the two men.”

This confirmed Xu Xu’s speculations. She took out her cell phone from her bag, and showed him a picture of Ji Bai and Zhou Cheng Bo.

“Yes, they were the ones being beaten. They were apparently injured. I was afraid to get into trouble, so I went across the street to sweep instead. A moment later, I heard the explosion. I turned back to see the men dragging two bloodied bodies into a van with iron bars.”

— —

The cleaner remembered the license plate number of the van. The soldiers quickly and immediately discovered that the van was parked in the back alley of a Casino, two streets away.

Tisza and Xu Xu sat in a small car parked by the roadside. Through their binoculars, they saw two tall and burly men guarding the back door. The door of the van and the ground had remains of bloodstains.

This casino was also one of Brother Lu’s gang’s main bases of operations.

Tisza looked at Xu Xu: “My men aren’t allowed to enter; we can only wait for your reinforcements to come.”

In Mai Zha City, the gambling business was legal. Initially, in order to maximise their investments, and to eliminate investors’ concerns, the commander of the chamber of commerce promised thus: Unless on duty, Kachin soldiers will not be allowed to set foot into the casino. With no official arrest warrant issued, Tisza and his men were not allowed to enter the casino.

The sun was already high in the sky, and wisps of steam could be seen coming off the grey concrete floor. Xu Xu looked at the entrance of the casino, where a lot of people were rushing in and out. In broad daylight, the noisy music and flashing neon lights added to the impetuous and bustling environment.

“We can’t wait any longer. I will enter and find him”

We really cannot wait any longer.

The cleaner wasn’t able to see the two faces that were being towed away. It may have been Ji Bai, but at the same time it may not have been him.

Xu Xu was almost certain that Ji Bai had avoided the bomb, and that the seven to eight thugs were not his opponents.

However, today, Zhou Cheng Bo was next to him, and Ji Bai needed to protect him. In addition, he did not carry a gun with him since he wasn’t in mainland China. Here, almost everyone in the gang owned a gun.

If the person who showed up today was Brother Lu, Xu Xu would not have gone in because Brother Lu would not personally handle a police officer.

Nevertheless, out of all men that appeared, it just had to be those men. They were arrogant and egoistic, intellectually immature, and they were more likely to have committed stupid crimes.

She might only have to wait ten minutes for the reinforcements to arrive, but the price of waiting could cause Ji Bai to suffer more; or to even lose his life. How could she allow something like this to happen to him?

Tisza and the soldiers were dumbfounded when Xu Xu pulled out a hat and a pair of sunglasses to wear from her bag. She swallowed her saliva and opened the car door to get out. Without turning back, she walked towards the guarded entrance of the casino.

— —


Translator: midasz

Editors: Tranzgeek, Mel

Proofreaders: Libramuse, Meiflower

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  1. Thank you so much for picking up the translation! It made my day to see that someone had picked it up where Tiffy left off. =D

    Things are getting intense! Can’t wait to see how they manage to catch Brother Lu. I love seeing how Xu Xu reacts to Ji Bai’s advances too. She’s so logical about her next moves. lol!

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  2. thank you to the entire team for the translations! ❤ i just recently finished the drama but it’s nice being able to read about ji bai and xuxu again, since they’re so different in the novel 🙂


  3. I appreciate your hard work! I just finished the drama today as much as I wanted to wait for the translation my dark Kermit 🐸 wanted to watch it and they took soooo many liberties! I’m really looking forward to the differences and what the ending really holds. You’ve worked hard! 💕


    1. The adaptation difference and the novel difference will probably be huuge like another one of China’s adaptation productions. T_T It would have been nice to see a drama that was more in tune with the book but…I guess we can only blame the screenwriter! Lol.


  4. Dearest Transgeek and team,
    Thank you so much for continuing the story. After watching the drama, listening to audio Mandarin story telling version, I just love reading the story. Keep up the good work and love you people.

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    1. Ahh I’ve heard about the romantic interactions between Xubai. Uber slow and quick patch ups at the end. Sounds like the crime part was brought out more (which is a little surprising) at least for me since the novel tends to focus on both equally (at least imo). I should find time to watch the drama though so I can see for myself! ^-^

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  5. Thank you for translating this novel.

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  7. Thank u so much for translating this amazing novel and r up where tiffy left off. It’s much appreciated by people like me who can’t read chinese


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